Said Omar Mohammed, Dr Nayyar Afroz Mullins

‘a crazed woman hating loner, bully, stalker and pervert’ would appear to be spot on!

dogs bollocks

Lets begin with who is Said Omar Mohammed, also known by his previous name Stephen Mullins.

From what I have researched Said Omar Mohammed is a lonesome individual who is a Muslim Revert.
He has a criminal record for attacking and bullying his ex wife, the mother of his teenage child. From the people i have spoke to i have realised Said Omar Mohammed to have serious issues, he is a perverted individual who has been questioned on suspicion of CSE.
His child has witnessed the mother attacked and beaten over a number of years by the crazed madman and would not like any contact with him due to this. Police were called on several occasions and eventually Mr Omar Mohammed has an injunction out against him as the pair are afraid for their safety and personal well being.

Said Omar Mohammed had to move from Devon to Bradford West…

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18 thoughts on “Said Omar Mohammed, Dr Nayyar Afroz Mullins

  1. Is there a connection between this odious individual and current and former Rotherham Labour politicians?

    Does he contribute to the scab blog?


    • You would be right on both counts! Scab blogs plural might be more correct however.
      He is reportedly working for Mahroof and Jahangir, two pretty miserable specimens both.


  2. So Jahngir Akhtar was behind thats not a suprise they have alot in common.
    This is same sick person who was handpicked by Mahroof Hussain to attend the recent meeting Gaza Meeting in town hall.
    His the one with the sun glasses.
    His learnt from Mahroof Hussain and photo opportunities.

    When Sarah got jahngir, Mahroof and Stephen/omar in her camp she will have difficulty of winning.
    I have noticed that Jahngir is having a go at Dennis McShane and Tony Blair when they where on power he was so up there bum bum that he didnt know what time of day it was,
    His doing same to Sarah Champion MP as her agent.
    Leopard never changes his spots.


  3. So our replacement for MacShame Ms Champion is willing to be associated with this individual, Ukip must be looking forward to 2015.

    What on earth are the Labour Party doing to stop their MP from being associated with some very odd individuals, a Rotherham Cllr with his own well hidden agenda (by the way its not Gaza) and a former Cllr with a conviction?

    Wake up the CLP you are being used for a hidden agenda that has no relevance to Rotherham!

    You are being used and abused.


  4. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Ukip become the majority party and stop the town hall being used by the likes of these individuals with their Kashmiri political interests.


    • Omg, I am shocked I have come across this. This man is very scary. Was evicted from flat in Bradford bd9. Lived upstairs flat with Asian lady. Always fighting, shouting, screaming, arguing. Police coming everyday. Seen lady with bruises and black eye. Has mental health problems which need addressing. Possible psychosis


      • I seen him in Rotherham town centre taking pics of family’s enjoying a day out. Is he a sex offender? If so, he needs reporting


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