Who is Said Omar Muhammad ?

The Jimmy Greenwood connection!


Welcome to the very first blog on Bradford Politics which became all the more interesting following the win of George Galloway in the Bradford West by-election in March 2012. Described by Galloway as the Bradford Spring, it has been a difficult few months for the Respect Party of recent but more about that in later postings.

I hope to keep this blog as non-partisan as possible and I welcome criticism if I slip up in this regard. I look forward to written material from all of you, whether it be left wing, right wing, Lib Dem, Anarchist or Green as long as it does not offend and I am happy to post such blogs without alteration even if I disagree with the views, please email me at  bradfordpolitics@hotmail.co.uk.

As a Bradfordian, having been born, educated and worked here all my life I have watched with keen interest the activities online…

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1 thought on “Who is Said Omar Muhammad ?

  1. He is a evil man.
    This guy needs exposing.
    What was he doing in Gaza debate in Rotherham town hall.
    People need to ask what he represents and what his association with Pakistan politics and middle east politics.
    As we hear he has associates in mosul clan in Egypt.


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