HOC – Register of Members’ Financial Interests

Time for a look at the current declarations to be found in, The Register of Members’ Financial Interests: Part 1 As at 28th July 2014

Kevin Barron

Sarah Champion

John Healey

We will return for another look, once the summer recess is accounted for.

12 thoughts on “HOC – Register of Members’ Financial Interests

  1. Doing at “quick” tot up, in Sept 13 John Healey spent a total of around 40 Hrs (one week) doing work for someone else, and spent around 4 days in the middle East.
    And there I was thinking that our MP s were in Westminster, looking after our Interests.
    Tut Tut Ms Champion, pocketing all that money for filling in “surveys”, at least Sir Kev gave his to Charity ( Bluebell could do with a few bob). and as for traveling to Barcelona for some fangdangled conference on ” community”, just pop on the train “opp North” and walk around the area you represent, I am sure they will be able to tell you everything you need to know about community. I wonder how many people in her area have ever had a “holiday” in Spain.


    • Nigel Farage does not claim to represent the tax paying public of Rotherham. The relevance here is these three claim to work in the interest of those who elected them.


  2. Why not include Clegg and Miliband as well?
    The OP is concerned with MP’s expenses not those of Party Leaders.
    ‘Tis a valid question but wrong thread IMHO.


  3. Dear Anon,

    Five points Anon:

    1 – Farage’s UKIP party has his eye on Rotherham as the number 1 target – and are going to throw big money donated by the beats of Meadowhall this way in the campaign – so it is relevant.
    2 – elected members represent all constituents not just current tax payers.
    3- we can question other parties on here despite the sites leanings a times..
    4 – you have stirred my imagination.What about Jane Collin’s expenses? Let’s have them.
    5 – come on Anon I bet you wouldn’t have complained if Farage was Labour.


    Colin I agree all party leaders should be included in any examination.


  4. must be a racist. rotherham labour party terminology for a racist is anybody who believes lawbreakers should be prosecuted whatever race or creed on said:

    sally ann taylor that elected members represent all constituents,when I approached my local councillor over a issue ,response was you do not vote for me, so obviously certain labour councillors do not share your view


  5. I find it strange that Kevin Barron declares that he has an office in Dinnington and flat in Hellaby, but no mention of his residence in Peak district or London. No mention of any property at all from Sarah Champion, does she live in a tent.


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