Sarah Champion – Gaza in the Star

Looks like Sarah Champion is making better use for this story than Mahroof and his hand-picked audience?

Click on image to read the Star article in full:

Star 21_08_2014

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38 thoughts on “Sarah Champion – Gaza in the Star

  1. Ms. Champion is obviously prepared to bend the truth in order to secure the Muslim vote. “A disproportionate response by Israel to a ‘perceived’ threat from Gaza”? Thousands of rockets intended to indiscriminately kill innocent civilians in addition to tunnels intended to kidnap and kill the same civilians is a ‘perceived’ threat?

    Hiding behind children for PR purposes is about as beastial as it gets. Hamas shares the same goal as ISIS and that is nothing to do with stolen land, its about killing every Jew on the planet.

    Ms. Champion is shameless in her pursuit of office.


    • Absolutely right Daniel. It is the Palestinians who have broken every cease-fire agreement and they have always, in my opinion, been the aggressors in this conflict. Their cowardly actions should NEVER be supported by this Country and absolutely no British money should go to help them.
      George Osborn’s recent comment about Bradford is typical of the Islamic response to this situation which is, “We can do and say anything we want to people we do not like, namely the Jews, but if they retaliate, we scream they are racist, anti-Islam and we are the victims”.
      It’s about time the Islamic supporters in this Country decided which side of the fence they sit. It’s very noticeable that no family members or friends of that despicable animal who beheaded the American are keeping very quiet and not coming forward to help the Security Services. If and when they are found, EVERY family member including children, aunts uncles etc. MUST be kicked out, never to return, even if they were born here!


    • I think we would all be interested to know the evidence for your assertion that ‘Hamas shares the same goal as ISIS’.
      ISIS is committing genocide.
      Hamas’ practice of firing rockets from civilian areas is obscene.
      Israel’s recent actions in Gaza have, at best, been disgracefully negligent to the point where it is difficult to believe other than that war crimes have been committed.


      • Janet, are you saying that Israel shouldn’t defend themselves? The cowardly Hamas fighters carefully place their rocket launchers close to where all the civilians and particularly children are located, purely, in my opinion, so that people such as you will believe that it is Israel who are committing war crimes. Hamas don’t give a damn about the people of Palestine, they are completely evil.
        Have you seen what they intended to do if they had been able to make full use of the tunnels they dug to gain access into Israel. Kidnap, rape, blowing up of schools etc. they are completely barbaric and should be stopped at ALL cost.


    • I recognise a few – To start us off, Sarah Champion with Mahroof Hussain and Said Omar Mohammed on the left as pictured and Muhbeen Hussain immediately behind Sarah Champion. More info please, leave as a comment.


  2. ISIS is committing genocide just like Zionist Israel have been committing genocide for many decades. Israel is a rogue state. The real Jews are against it existence too. We have seen them demonstrate against this Zionist state in New. York, London and others Cities.
    They (Israelis forces) have killed children, infirm people, old people , civilians and build hundreds of illegal settlements on Palistinians lands. I am now convinced that this Zionist state and ISIS should be wiped off the world map. Both should be destroyed at any cost as they both are inhuman and evil


  3. Please can anybody tell me why it has been acceptable for the Jewish people to steal 50% of the land that the United Nations set aside for the people of Palestine in 1948. The United Nations agreement favoured the Jewish people, giving them 55% of the land which they called Israel, even this agreement was unfair to the people of Palestine, who out numbered the Jewish people. Prior to 1948 the Jewish people were committing terrorist attacks against the British army who were peace keepers, my Granddad being one of them. About 5 million Palistenians have been made into refugees in other countries. There is no way the Jewish people will give the land back to the Palestinians, Hamas is their own way of fighting for fair play. It appears to me that the Jewish people are hiding behind the atrocities committed against them during the 2nd world war. People need to understand history before commenting. I feel a lot more sorry for the Palestinian people.


    • I agree with most of your comments. Please NOT all Jews are bad. It the Zionists that call them self Jews are the evil people supported by the west, America and British governments as they control all finances and commerce. Hence the real Jews are against this rogue state of Israel. We have seen many real Jews demonstrate against the recent bombing of Gaza by this evil Zionists Israel. Also there is a campaign by the real Jews to dismantle this rouge, apartheid state as per their holy book of Torah .
      So I do not think that all Jews are committing these atrocities it is only the Zionist element who want to control the world.


    • @Tim, To understand the history you have to go back to the time of Lawrence of Arabia – 1915 or so, long before UN existed.


      • Abdul. I agree there are good jews and bad jews. But I think it was a mistake to create Israel, they should have looked at getting the Arabs and Jews to live together peacefully in Palestine. I believe the west are to blame for the creation of the extreme Islamic state and growth of extreme Islam in the UK, due to the regime changes in Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya. I don’t want to see Isreal wiped of the map with bombs, but I think it was a bad mistake to create Israel and then allow them to steal more land.


  4. I am usually polite- but this I will just say it as I see it.

    I would question the quote ‘The Real Jews’. As I would a quote ‘The Real Muslims / Christians etc. You cannot judge someone’s grade of religion (or political leanings) simply by whether they agree with you or not. That’s what extremist do. They say you are not a real ‘insert phrase’ because you are not like me. Though I accept Mr Razaq is not an extremist – he’s just started talking like one a lately.
    I for one oppose Israel’s actions of mass murder as I do Hamas’ actions of mass murder via terrorism – and their disgraceful slaughter of so called collaborators. (Now we know how they would maintain control)

    As for Ms Champions’ efforts to try and discuss and open up debate I welcome that – as I do all constructive efforts. Although it seems many on here are prepared to put personal politics before any chance of peace. (Sadly that doesn’t surprise me)

    As for dismantling Israel or wiping it off the world map. Get real – it ain’t going to happen. And it shouldn’t happen. What do people who say this want? An actual World War Three? The situation as it stands is Israel is an accepted state.I support that – as I would an independent Palestine. I get the feeling some are actually loving this war – shame on them.

    Any one that thinks the state of Israel should not exist is, in my opinion, living in cloud cuckoo land. And as for Zionist wanting to rule the world (Zionist is such a easy word to misuse) we have heard that before from the Nazis – its way off mark and is more like EDL / BNP rhetoric than reality. Next – the Zionist landed on the moon and sank the Titanic ? Conspiracy theorist abound it seems.

    Personally my view is the conflict will go on and on and on until Hamas stop wanting the conflict and therefore enabling the war mongers in Israel to justify their actions through this stance. The solution – there isn’t one if the post on here are anything to go by.

    As for Tim saying people need to understand history before commenting Sorry Tim I do and believe it or not we don’t hide behind the history of the holocaust – we remember it. And always will.


    PS; as for you wanting to know who is on the pic – I know a few but I won’t tell you . .Bullies the lot of you. Grow up!


    • “we remember it. And always will” …. Do you really remember it ? Or are just saying that ? I don’t think your old enough.


    • SKT are you real impartial in your comments? Are you suggesting that it is ok to bulldoze other peoples property and build your on their land and tell them to go away and that they have right to retaliate.
      ‘ Israel is accepted state’ who accepted them the land belongs to Palistians, not Europeans or USA. the Zionists have forced the Palistians and took and are still take more of the Palistians land and building thier illegal settlements.
      Hamas is properly elected unlike the Israelis. Hamas has sanctions to buy arms and other commodities whilst Israel is being provided with nukes and other weapons.
      No real person wants or live wars, but your pushed in corner you have not no choice
      This apartheid and terrorists state of Israel have inflicted all kind of atrocities on Palistians children, women , disabled and old people.
      Please get real or if you wish to side with evil ,terrorists and apartheid Israel then do so without prentending to be impartial.


      • Whether Sally is impartial or not, it’s clear that you certainly aren’t. Whatever the rights and wrongs, slinging insults like apartheid at one side without recognising that the other side practices a more severe form of the same is about as partial as it’s possible to be.


    • Sal,
      I’ve been away, but coming back and seeing most of the comments on here regarding the middle east conflicts, I’ve got to agree with you when you write “The solution – there isn’t one if the post on here are anything to go by.”
      With all the shouty voices around, Rothpol is not a place to discuss the conflict.


      • Got to agree with you RR. Now perhaps we know why the Star article does not allow comments! Rothpol will be taking the Stars position on the Gaza issue itself, this isn’t the place for such a wide ranging and controversial subject.

        When this post was made, it was to expose this Gaza meeting as fraudulent. A hand-picked audience of Mahroof’s own supporters and collaborators, with his own TV channel, AK News Mirpur, conveniently present. Now there’s a surprise!

        Our esteemed MP, Sarah Champion’s inexperience, is demonstrated in full with her participation in this meeting, which was most unwise to say the least, but then, she has got pretty adept at being a self publicist herself, remind you of anyone?

        Where are the other 50% of the population? Don’t they count? Hardly a random group of Sarah Champion’s constituents then! Outrageous that Sarah Champion did not protest at this, or does she already realise she has been ‘taken prisoner’?


      • My interpretation of the meeting is that Ms Champion had no idea what she was walking into. She was set-up. … and yes you can blame it on her inexperience. (I don’t go along with the line that she is a self-publicist though.)

        The Star article is obviously based on a press-release put out by someone, but …
        Who created the press release. (There is a section of Ms Champion’s website where you can find all her press releases – and iI didn’t find it there.)
        Who took, themselves used, and then supplied the Star with the photograph?
        Who came up with the line that “More than 300 people have backed the MP’s call…”.
        – It is so amateurishly written that any Neo-Zionists reading it they would interpret it as “less that 400 people have backed the MP’s call…”.
        Which given the population of Rotherham doesn’t count for very many.


      • Rothpol,
        I’ve no idea if the “300” figure was just plucked out of thin air. But to the fairly competent statistician in me it will be a meaningless number until someone tells me where it came from. Ms Champion has a good professional team working for her, I would be very surprised if they put out the statement that the Star have used… and again who owns that picture???
        And … has Ms Champion ever drawn attention to the Star article in any way – maybe via her tweets etc – not that I can see.


    • SKT. Who was talking about you personally, this was about the state of Israel and how they have started persecuting the Palestinians. When collectively a group of people have been bullied, they then become the bully and this is exactly how Israel is behaving. Are you going to say anything about the Jewish terrorist attacks on the British Army in Palestine before the 1948 agreement and the way the Jewish state has since stolen 50% of the Palestinian land.


  5. Excuse me for butting in on this conversation but I’d like to explain a few points.
    SKT: I agree with most of your comments,I am not old enough either to remember the atrocities committed by the Nazis but as a serious student of WW2 I think we should remember and commemorate the Holocaust.

    @Annonymous. Your comment about SKT being a Zionist is unworthy and untrue and FWIW your comment could construed as harassment and a racially aggravated remark.

    Abdul Razaq. If you took the time to research and read the history of Palestine and Israel you might be better informed. I can suggest this:

    Comments such as ‘ This apartheid and terrorists state of Israel have inflicted all kind of atrocities on Palistians children, women , disabled and old people.’ is pure garbage. You are beginning to sound like a spokesperson for the PLO,Hezbollah and Hamas. There are no innocents in this conflict nor is there a worldwide conspiracy by “Zionists” to rule the world.
    Am I a ‘Zionist’ as well for disagreeing with your blinkered attacks on other contributors and on Israel?


    • Colin
      I think even the “Zionists” would consider the PLO/ Fatah to be the good Palestinian guys, what with them being a largely secular organisation and only to happy to accept a two-state solution.


      • ‘PLO/ Fatah to be the good Palestinian guys’
        You must be joking. The PLO under Arafat was even more corrupt than Mugabe.
        Arafat, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and President Bill Clinton signed the Oslo accords in September 1993 and both Clinton and Rabin chose to ignore Arafat’s syphoning off of millions of dollars intended as aid money. Rather than build a viable state, Arafat sought only to amass wealth and power.

        One glaring question stands out in this debate IMHO. Immigrants to Israel find a home and if needed find a job. Why then do immigrants to Palestine end up in refugee camps? The cynic in me says it is because this state of affairs suits Hamas’ efforts to portray its citizens as ‘victims’ in the current conflict.


      • Colin
        You paint a rather one-sided picture of Arafat – but he has been dead for 10 years and the PLO was never just Arafat. But yes, even 40 years ago, I was getting hints that he might be a little bit greedy, but I never had any problems with the Fatah people that I met at the time.
        I accept that, in part, Hamas was voted in, because of frustration with the PLO.

        [I thought I had dealt with your fantasy regarding Mugabe when I wrote in reply to “Comrade Mugabe for example has billions stuffed away in Swiss banks ”
        “More reliable estimates of his net worth are of the order of $10million; much of that will be the value of the land + businesses he has grabbed in Zim, and what’s off-shored is more likely in Mauritius (see than Switzerland, which is a relatively clean banking centre today (as clean as Luxembourg or the Channel Islands). ”
        (see )]
        The point I was making was that the PLO was something that the Israelis could and did negotiate with. “Getting to yes” is far more important than liking the guy on the other side of the table.

        I have little understanding of what the cynic in you wrote.
        Who are the Palestinian immigrants, where are they coming from? Do you mean the Palestinians who were dispossessed in the 1948 and/or the 1967 war?
        While the Beta Israeli may be having a better life in Israel than they did in Ethiopia, it is hardly what they hoped for.
        Disturbingly the Jewish immigration rates into the illegal settlements is significantly greater than into Israel. (The only two “settlers” that I’ve ever met both came from the Tottenham area of North London).
        The cynic in me sees Israeli manipulation of situations in many things; including the removal of Alastair Crooke – a man who was superb at “getting to yes”.


  6. Any sign that Ms Champion and Cllr Hussain will make a statement condemning the atrocities carried out by IS?

    Will any Rotherham community leader be making a statement about the slaughter of the innocents by IS?

    Don`t hold your breath folks.


    • … Same old, same old what-about-ism.
      I personally neither want nor wish for any statement by any “community leader” (- your words, certainly not mine), on any international issue, only on local issues and sometimes national ones.
      A more appropriate question is to ask why Cllr Hussain needed to set-up his own little meeting on Gaza. Sure he has been there bringing aid supplies, but so have a lot of other people, and, need I say it, not all of them are Muslim.


  7. Thank Colin and RR – you said it better than I can.

    Mr Razaq, you know full well I don’t want anyone to die. And you know full well I don’t agree with any form of oppression or slaughter. And you know full well my wish is for peace and jaw jaw not war war. But if if you want to accuse me of being a ‘real Zionist’ simply because I have an alternative view ( which actually isn’t that different at all) then that is your prerogative. However, you (and others) accusing me of being a Zionist (like I said – a term too easily banded about) probably underlines my statement – there is no solution . while entrenched views on all extremities remain in place. People have to put entrenched views to one side. Otherwise it’s permanent war forever: something I do actually believe a minority want. .(I saw this first hand in Ulster where the leaders of the various factions became nothing more than leaders of rival criminal profit led gangs and ended up targeting ‘their own people’ in the end)

    To ANON. If you feel I have revealed,as you claim,I am A Zionist, then I am afraid you are wrong and miss the point; or maybe just want to. . As on previous post of mine on this subject, I see the evil on both extremes, I am not blinkered by loyalties to either Israel or Hamas. Both extremes (And they are the minority in both cases) use the intimidation of fear to control their population and I feel therefore the conflict. It’s the political version of non nuclear MAD – and both fear that without it they wouldn’t exist or hold any power over their population at all.. The shameful thing is it is the innocents on both sides of the borders and divides that suffer. And sadly it will go on until both sides of the extremes realize that it is by learning from history, not perpetuating its hatred, that movement forward is possible.

    Tim – my Dad knew well of the conflict in Palestine before the agreement. He also knew well of the war in 39 – 45 with the Nazis. . He saw a great deal of horror first hand. But the one thing that remained in his thoughts until his dying day was, even though he saw war at its most frightening and raw first hand, he always said,”I did what I had to- but I don’t hold on to horror . I have never hated anyone, or went to war against the people of any land, I have no quarrel with any human soul. I just wish Governments felt the same” I understand exactly what he meant – I just wish more could. In short people tried to kill him – but still he didn’t hate them. He just hated the wars and what he had to do.

    To 1st Timer User: No I wasn’t around at the time of the Holocaust.The chances are if I had been alive in 39 – 45 I wouldn’t be on here at all. Reason – many of my ancestors didn’t survive simply because a political evil wrongly branded them (quite literally) Zionist too.. I was actually born just 12 years after the end of WW2 – but believe me the memories and shared experiences were all around me on a daily basis – even in the relative new post war safety of my home City of Sheffield. And I’m not just talking about the remains of the burned out building that still littered my City. (You can still see them if you know where to look). I am talking about the actual experiences and mental scars left within the minds of family, neighbours, friends and even the former foes that settled here after 1945 and I lived among.

    1st Time User for your information I wasn’t around at the time of the Massacre of Amritsar, The Crusades, The First World War, The Norfolk Street Riots, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Easter Rising, The Peterloo Massacre ad infinatum either, but that doesn’t stop me or anyone from understanding what went on or needing to remember the lessons that should be learned from each about what is right or wrong or how they should be recalled. . Remember, learn, build and move on together is how I see how history should be used.. Never hold on to hate and division – it destroys all – including self.

    Finally,I say there is no hope of a solution – but if there is to be any tiny fragment of hope it should be remembered that there are more than a million Palestinians living in Israel. Some of them are representatives in the Israeli Parliament, there are also Palestinian judges in Israeli courts, the Israel Supreme Court even has Palestinians sitting on its Benches. Then there are Palestinian’s getting Ph.D’s with Israeli universities, also Palestinian professors teaching at Israeli colleges. I would argue there should be more. However, whatever the numbers these are not ‘Zionist’ or ‘Zionist collaborators’.as some may wish to brand them. They are ordinary people going about their daily life in peace. Hopefully one day the reverse may happen in Palestine and hopefully others will realize its the only way forward, whatever borders some may wish to create or destroy.You can’t have either Israel or Palestine – it has to be some form of both; and both .have a right to coexist in peace. We should support all the people who want this to happen – I feel the majority- and not be encouraging the war mongers of all ‘sides’,.



  8. I apologise as I didn’t mean to start a conversation on the wider Hamas/Israel issue. I was merely pointing out that being a typical politician Ms. Champion is bending to truth in an effort to secure the Muslim vote. Thousands of rockets deliberately fired into Israeli civilian areas by an organization dedicated to killing every Jew on the planet is more than a ‘perceived’ threat.
    All the people who have commented on the wider issue should read the Hamas Charter in its entirety then think again. Pay particular attention to articles 7 and 8.


    • British diplomat and former British ambassador to the United Nations Sir Jeremy Greenstock stated in early 2009 that the Hamas charter was “drawn up by a Hamas-linked imam some [twenty] years ago and has never been adopted since Hamas was elected as the Palestinian government in 2006”.[92] Mohammed Nimer of American University comments on the Charter, “It’s a tract meant to mobilize support and it should be amended…. It projects anger, not vision.”[93] Ahmed Yousef, an adviser to Ismail Haniyeh, has questioned the use of the charter by Israel and its supporters to brand Hamas as a fundamentalist, terrorist, racist, anti-Semitic organization and claims that they have taken parts of the charter out of context for propaganda purposes. He claims that they dwell on the charter and ignore that Hamas has changed its views with time.[94]
      and see:


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