Wil Ewart – says thank you!

An important post, suddenly popular once again!

Rotherham Politics

Thank you to Keith Vaz, the Home Affairs Committee, Ann Cryer, Andrew Norfolk and the many others who are doing their best to expose and reduce the sexual abuse of children through grooming in Rotherham and other British towns.

And then of course there is the Rotherham political roll call of shame. Roger Stone, Shaun Wright and Paul Lakin all of whom were in positions of power, who should have been able to help the young victims. Were they so totally out of touch, and if so why do we pay them? Then there are the fools, courtesans and self deceivers.

The Rotherham Council Labour Group members who refused to scrutinise and hold their leaders to account, the ones who voted against a proposal to call for a national enquiry and the men who in private called the victims ‘slappers’ and denigrated those who proposed the motion.

Of course there…

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