Akhtar and the scene of the crime

The case of Jessica was one of those Rotherham Child Sex Abuse cases reported by Andrew Norfolk in the Times. Jessica claims that when she was abducted from a Children’s Services foster home her abductor and sexual abuser was allowed to go free, un-prosecuted. She further alleged that his freedom resulted from a deal done by former Councillor Jahangir Akhtar to secure a non-prosecution deal in return for her release.

The perpetrator, Ash Hussain, was a close family friend of Akhtars, so close that once when in hospital he named Akhtars address as his home.

She stated that when she was handed over to Police Akhtar was stood nearby and that is was probably Akhtar who arranged for her abuser to be taken home.

Publicly Akhtar focused on the Police assessing whether or not he had done anything illegal despite it never being suggested by the Times that he hsd donr. The allegation was culpability not illegality.

In his version his only involvement was giving the telephone number of the abusers mother of to the Police.

This does beg a few questions;

1. – Which Policeman contacted Akhtar and how did he know of his relationship with the abuser?

2. – Did Akhtar just pass over the mother’s number without questioning what it was about?

3. – Did he discuss it with the mother or Hussain afterwards?

4. – Why do others finger Akhtar as being there?

There doesn’t seem to be any argument about the girl being handed over in a service station. Something in itself that is quite bizarre and a little dramatic; normally a hot potato would be handed over quickly, dropped in town, or outside a police station.

So unusual is the hand over and the failure to prosecute it suggests that a deal was done and more questions need to be asked.

5. – At what level in SYP was the decision to not arrest and prosecute made?

This last question is very important. A policeman or woman, maybe more than one, made a decision to pardon the perpetrator of a clearly committed offence . More questions:

6. Was there a process to decide when and when not to prosecute in these types or case and was it applied?

7. – Was the police officer /s authorised to make that decision?

8. – Was the case referred to the CPS?

It is frankly hard to believe that some deal wasn’t done, and difficult to believe that someone with Akhtars ego would leave it to the perpetrators mum.

AS important is that Akhtar never used or advised the Council of his personal knowledge and experience when later he became a Councillor….

When the Police found that Akhtar had not broken the law on this occasion they did not give an alternative view of the event.

Of course if the Police themselves were breaking the law, Akhtar would anyway have had the defence of simply doing what he was asked. He shelters behinds the Polices own guilt.

The fact is that the Police should never have investigated themselves.


46 thoughts on “Akhtar and the scene of the crime

  1. Can anybody confirm that Jo Burton was second to Shawn Wright in 2007/2008 or was that a different part of the children and young peoples organisation.?


  2. Jo Burton was vice chair of the scrutiny panel which failed to scrutinise, when questioned on this at Anston parish council meeting she said she knew nothing. It is worth re-stating the line in the report,”nobody could say they did not know”. She and the rest should be kicked out of office and kicked out of the Labour party.
    Dave Smith


    • Are you saying that Shawn Wright was the chair of the same panel, if so Burton should go with him. The government refuse to action my petition to ask Therisa May to sack him.


  3. Taken from RMBC website. Find your councillors. Click on further information and it will tell you what they have been paid to oversee by we the people. This is from the meetings and agenda section;

    Wednesday, 23rd January, 2008 9.45 a.m., Joint Meeting of Cabinet Members for Children and Young People’s Services and Lifelong Learning, Culture and Leisure

    Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham.

    Contact: Susan Green (Ext. 2052)
    Email: susan.green@rotherham.gov.uk

    Wednesday, 23rd January, 2008 9.45 a.m.,

    Meeting attendance

    Councillor Colin Barron Guest
    Councillor Josephine Burton Member
    Councillor John Doyle Guest
    Councillor Jacquie Falvey Member
    Councillor Jane Havenhand Member
    Councillor Hilda Jack Guest
    Councillor Maurice Kirk Guest
    Councillor Reg Littleboy Member
    Councillor Amy Rushforth Member
    Councillor Gwendoline Ann Russell Guest
    Councillor Glyn Whelbourn Member
    Councillor Shaun Wright Chairman

    Can these people really say they didn’t know?


  4. Of course they knew. What we are seeing now is commonly known as ‘covering your backside’.
    This storm of excrement that has engulfed Rotherham has given all forms of media and the reporters enough material and ammunition to keep our town in the spotlight for years and we are also witnessing the start of the blame game so we should be prepared for some of the mud to stick. Unfortunately it might stick to the wrong people.
    It is my considered opinion that it is going to be a long time before every fact and every person involved-whether directly or indirectly-is known. Up to the present time RMBC Leaders and Labour councillors have not shown the moral courage nor leadership we should expect when our town is in crisis/chaos.
    ‘Crisis,what crisis?’


  5. Jo Burton was Vice Chair of the Safeguarding Children Board – On being challenged at APC Meetings she has repeatedly denied all knowledge of CSE in Rotherham “Oh I didn’t know anything about it” When re-challenged, just sitting there looking blank and ignoring questioners. Do we believe her – NO. Another one safeguarding her position at the expense of these poor children.
    She is a complete disgrace, as ever. Wright and Burton disgusting, let us be rid of these two, the rest to follow.


  6. ‘Further stark evidence came in 2002,2003 and 2006 with three reports known to the Police and the Council, which could not have been clearer in their description of the situation in Rotherham. The first of these reports was effectively suppressed because some senior officers disbelieved the
    data it contained. This had led to suggestions of cover-up. The other two reports set out the links between child sexual exploitation and drugs,guns and criminality in the Borough.These reports were ignored and no action was taken to deal with the issues that were identified in them.’

    No further evidence is needed that Wright,Burton and Akhtar knew about these vile crimes.


  7. I have today asked cllr Terry Sharman vice chair of the police and crime panel to convene a single agenda emergency meeting in the absence of the chairman who is on holiday
    Within seconds he had passed this legal services for the request to be given to chairman on his return
    So their will be no urgent meeting to demand that Wright stands down from the panel
    It is also fact that the panel have no power to remove him only if he gets a2 year jail sentence
    So he is in their for the duration eaten if the Labour throw him out of the party he will be a independent until 2016 and laughing all the way to the bank
    The man is a total disgrace and morally corrupt he should be charged with perverting the course of justice along with the rest


    • One of the victim has just been on ITV NEWS 10.00 tonight she will only consider an apology until the following three resign.
      1) Jahngir Akhtar
      2) Shaun wright
      3) Joyce Thacker

      Its time Labour party revoked membership of the above with immediate effect.


      • Why is Councillor Mahroof Hussain giving interview on TV HE was in middle of cover up for CSE, also his nephews are all over TV both of the nephews Mubeen Hussain and Vakas Hussain giving interviews.
        Even Mahroof Hussain relative was part of if grooming gang in Rotherham.
        How can these speak on behalf of the community they only represent themselfs.
        I also saw Sajid Bostans brother Mohammed Arfan who is related to Mahroof Hussain on TV.
        Talk about “Hussain will fix it”.


  8. If I understand your post correctly Cavan is it the case that although Wright was ‘democratically’ elected he cannot be removed from office until and unless he loses the next election as PCC? (except being jailed for 2 years or more) Even if any evidence comes to light that he knew about and was part of the group who suppressed the reports?
    If the Police and Crime Panel do not have powers to dismiss him we are stuck with him. The Home Secretary is reported as saying ” it is not my job to hire and fire police and crime commissioners”
    (Perhaps she should make an exception in this instance?)


    • If he was charged, and convicted of misconduct in public office, which carries a maximum sentence of life, that may be the only way to get rid of him. John Mann MP says he has complained to the HS that Wright may have committed this offence! The Police and Crime panel whilst not being able to remove him from office could at the very least pass a motion of no confidence in him, and that would add to the opprobrium he is having to bear from all sides. But of course the £85K per annum salary is some consolation for the open contempt directed at him!


  9. My article is an update and re-write of one I wrote back in 2013.

    At the time I wrote it I was very conscious and wary of making allegations and criticisms of the Police that I could not stand up…hence I couched it in terms of questions for them and Akhtar to answer, the bits where their account did not not make sense.

    i was a bit cowardly. I kind of knew the answers, because they were logical conclusions based upon the evidence. But like a lot of people I was desperately wanting to believe that the Police are the good guys.

    It has taken a personal journey and some rather sombre messages from the Alexis Jay report to make me more confident and bold in my assertions (Alexis I said thanks when coincidentally your camera crew slowed my journey home, but I repeat you are always welcome to a cup of tea at number 12….you are my hero). In a non sexist, fraternal kind of way please accept a xx on each cheek. Please believe me, in Rotherham we of all races aren’t necessarily thuggish, sexist misogynists.

    What happened to Jessica was typical of both the behaviour of the perpetrators and the response of social services and the Police.

    Jahangir Akhter and an associate in the Police force conspired to get his clan relative, Ash off a criminal prosecution, in return for the return of Jessica.

    In this whole conspiracy Akhtars’ concern was the freedom of his perpetrator relative Ash Hussain, not the rape and abduction of Jessica. In fact, back in those days Akhtar openly bragged about getting Ash off a prosecution, because it illustrated his power and machismo to the Mirpuri community.

    When Andrew Norfolk’s article about this was published Akhtar wet himself, believing that his political career was over After a few weeks he could not believe his luck.

    When he had feared the Labour Party would kick him out he discovered that they actually did NOTHING.

    He returned to old tried and tested responses…..It was Andrew Norfolk being racist. It was the Murdoch press trying to undermine Labour, and on, and on. In this he was aided and abetted by newspapers such as the Guardian and the Independent who wanted to believe that Andrews approach was that of a covert racist…I’m big in liking these newspapers, but on this occasion they failed in their duty of journalistic objectivity.

    We were also failed by the Tiser. Let’s be frank, they had on their doorstep one of the biggest UK stories of 2014, and really they failed to spot its significance. These days they are happiest with beautiful baby competitions and free submissions from local correspondents, but no longer have the journalistic skill or desire to pursue major local corruption stories. The Editor should ask his wife to resign as Sarah Champions PA.

    Hopefully the forthcoming weeks some heads will roll’ But most important of these has to be the four Pakistani/Mirpuri Councillors who have so let down the white and Pakistani/Mirpuri communities of Rotherham.

    It has to be said that proportionally as many Pakistan young girls were abused, as were white girls. The common denominator was not race, it was the abuse of impoverished and powerless children by men. No one in the town should assume that these Councillors did not know what was happening. They did, and their motivations for remaining silent has to be investigated to determine whether it was simply to protect the image of the Mirpuri community, or something more self serving.



  10. “It has to be said that proportionally as many Pakistan young girls were abused, as were white girls. The common denominator was not race…”



  11. I think this is a massive UK Government Failure & No other country exists globally with this kind of failure. With this UK became Number one Globally in Child Sex Grooming.These kind of criminal activities can only happen with a massive well organized gangs to break the social fabric of the society. I like to say that this is in an angle an intelligence failure as well. Because when something of this nature where 1400++ numbers are involved in a single location and the count increases with other locations like Derby, oxford and London, I am sure there must be a well laid plan to break the social fabric of the society at large.
    Because breaking a Girl child confidence is breaking a spine of the society.


  12. Colin you understand my post correctly he can only be removed if he is sentenced to a 2 year prison sentence not eaten by the Home Secretary
    He can now sit there in his office until 2016 laughing all the way to the bank
    But what is very worrying now for me is as a member of the crime panel tasked with holding Wright to account now knowing he can sit there with big grin on his face knowing we can do nothing
    What’s the point of having such a panel how can we work and trust a man who is so complacent and arrogant
    I have only attended one meeting of this panel and was very green on its full roll
    Now I must look at its full roll and it’s purpose and terms of reference then decide the next steps


  13. How do the people remove their councillors who allowed 1400 girls to be abused in this way. Burton and Wright both need to have pressure placed on them to stand down.


    • “How do the people remove their councillors ……………………….”
      By making the effort to visit a polling station and voting for another candidate.
      I hope the people who voted for Jo Burton to stay as a Labour councillor reread all the information that was published about her involvement in this affair prior to the May elections.


  14. Under-pressure Shaun Wright has resigned from the Labour Party but has insisted he will remain police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire.
    In a statement, Mr Wright said he had “formally” tendered his resignation from the Labour Party.
    But Mr Wright insisted he was the most appropriate person to hold the office of commissioner (PCC).
    “I remain committed to, and intend to remain in, my role as an Independent Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire,” he said.

    A despicable stunt by a despicable man.


  15. From a national paper:

    Equally horrifying is the suggestion that certain Pakistani councillors asked social workers to reveal the addresses of the shelters where some of the abused girls were hiding. The former deputy leader of the council, Jahangir Akhtar, is accused of “ignoring a politically inconvenient truth” by insisting there was not a deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. The inquiry was told that influential Pakistani councillors acted as “barriers to communication” on grooming issues.

    There mus be an investigation into what these councillors did


  16. MacShane is all over the papers saying that he had a row with a fellow Rotherham area MP about the grooming of children in Rotherham, anyone know who this other MP is?


  17. @Anston resident.
    Burton has to stand for re-election next year as a borough councillor. She was re-elected as a parish councillor in May but there is still time for her to resign.
    The UKIP candidate used a template leaflet and without firm evidence it is difficult to slate your opponents without falling foul of several laws.
    The biggest problem is that 99% of voters will not get off their backsides to go to a parish council meeting.and, particularly in Anston, see their elected ‘representatives’ double dealing,dodging and derailing democratic processes.

    Burton can protest all she likes but the evidence is clear, she is part of the problem.
    Ineffectual and inept.


    • A little factual correction. Jo Burton was re-elected to RMBC in May 2014 and faces the voters should she seek re-election, it will the parish council elections next May.
      Hope that clarifies the situation.


      • Colin. If she was vice chair of the childrens services in 2007/2008 then she was one of a number who let 1400 girls down, this is fact. She will do far more damage as a borough councillor than she can as a Parish councillor, she isn’t fit for office.


    • Speaking to ITV, he said “People did not act because they thought these young vulnerable girls weren’t worth saving….” – Is this a classic case of condemning yourself out of your own mouth?


  18. Was Akhtar the Pakistani Cllr who put pressure on officers?

    All four Pakistani Cllrs must be investigated, was it all of them, two of them, three of them or just the most high profile one who used his/her position to find out where victims of domestic abuse where?

    I thought domestic abuse; child abuse was a crime, so interfering with a potential criminal investigation could result in prosecution, that is unless you are from a minority community and live in Rotherham.

    Investigate all four as it may have been a collective effort, apologies for using the RMBC mantra of the guilty!

    This man and I use the term man loosely is a disgrace a total disgrace.


  19. All very interesting. However, as usual the main issue is getting masked. There are three issues :
    A corrupt council with incompetent and/or uncaring employees who are moral degenerates and unfit to occupy their posts.

    A South Asian ( Kashmiri ) muslim community, physically in Britain but mentally still in the Mirapur villages, who are bigots and racists and consider everyone outside their non-muslim cultural sphere as inferior. They operate the politics of the Biraderi, with no allegiance to democratic principles, but use their community influence to obtain power and hence line their pockets.
    They consider white girls, brought up with freedom and a liberal outlook as whores.

    A left-wing multicultural pro-ethnic ideology of the local Labour Party with mentally dense members which have allowed and encouraged ethnic groups to play the Race Card and use the Race Laws to intimidate and continue with illegal practices.

    Will any of these issues ever be addressed ? Of course not..
    There is not a single person in any position of authority in this country that will face the unpleasant truth and realise that they have imported into this country a totally non-integrateable culture that needs to be put in its place as backward and inferior, and to realise that they have imported with it attitudes and practices that are at total odds with our liberal values.
    The positive discrimination policies and the need to be seen to adopt a “culturally sensitive” attitude to be considered for promotion in any occupation means that only idiots get appointed to management positions. That is WHY Rotherham and many other councils , social services and the police are full to the brim with idiots. Yes – the lunatics have taken over the asylum , and there are so many of them it will take a revolution to get them out.


    • Tom Roberts: well said I agree with every word. I have made some of these points myself only to be called a Nazi thug for doing so. Some of these third world primitives have no place in this country and on being found guilty of a serious crime it should be mandatory for the judge to deport them!


    • Tom Roberts: Absolutely right in every detail. Are we racist? Perhaps we are BUT proud to be British and no, I am not a member of any right wing organisation, I am old enough to know that my father and many members of their generation fought to keep this country free from scum like this taking over our Country. Let’s fight to keep it that way we have been gagged for far too long.


  20. Alexis Jay’s report makes it very clear “Seminars for elected members and senior officers in 2004-05 presented the abuse in the most explicit terms. After these events, nobody could say ‘we didn’t know’.
    In 2005, the present Council Leader chaired a group to take forward the issues, but there is no record of its meetings or conclusions, apart from one minute.

    Wright. Akhtar. Burton. Guilty as charged M’Lud.


  21. On page two of today’s Advertiser their is a copy of a ‘Report For Information’ dated 5th April 2005. Included in the names of councillors who attended the seminar: Ellis, Havenhand, St.John and Thirlwall.
    St.John was later elected Mayor of Rotherham; furthermore he (sometimes) attends APC meetings and has the gall to bang on about Standing Orders and procedures while forgetting his non adherence to these when he was a Borough councillor and was bound by the Code of Conduct. He has remained silent about his knowledge of what was happening and reported in 2005.
    It is worth mentioning St.John was the first councillor to leave the parish meeting on a phony pretext when filming was first allowed at APC. Now we have two named councillors as part of Anston Labour group, Burton and St.John who are both implicated in the cover up of CSE in Rotherham.
    Believe me, this will run and run.


    • If 3 asian councillors can control the staff and rest of the 60 councillors let’s get rid if the 60 councillors who are waiting for their monthly thousand pound and doing nothing ukip are on the way not long left


  22. Emma Hoddinot is tweeting daily about the terrible events….why has she found her voice now! Wasn’t she the one who ordered fellow Labour members to stay silent on this subject? Hypocrisy, lies and bare faced non acceptance of their own role. I am so angry with these people! Whoever coined the phrase scum Labour called it exactly right!


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