If you are victim too?

Rotherham Politics has always been on the side of the victims. Now that we have discovered there are 1,400 potential victims we would urge them to come forward and seek some justice now that they will be believed.

I republish this to provide contact information that may be useful to victims and their families:

No one, listening to ‘Jessica’s’ story on BBC Radio 5Live, could fail to have been moved by her experiences.

Jessica, it transpires from her own testimony, didn’t realise she had been the victim of grooming and sexual exploitation until quite recently and is determined to secure some justice by entering litigation, backed by a sympathetic team, headed up by David Greenwood of Switalskis solicitors.

Are you a victim or a victim’s parent who would like to contact David? They are close at hand, ring 01709 890400 and you will be sure of a sympathetic and an understanding reception, please contact them. If you prefer email, david.greenwood@switalskis.com

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7 thoughts on “If you are victim too?

  1. There is one good thing in the report and that is that the criminals have been given length jail sentences and we hope they come out better people. What is worrying, that those that were jailed were not responsible for the circa 1400 + girls. We need to find those ‘other’ people and bring them to justice. And I hope this time around personal relationships with MP’s would not effect judgements and those responsible would be dealt by the law and fairly.

    We could only hope. But I do wish all the victims to come forward and at the very least talk to the police.


  2. I would like to appeal to all the perpetrators to come forward and give themselves up with full confessions and witness statements concerning other perpetrators they know about. This, firstly, will save the authorities (and taxpayers) a lot of money, time and bother. ABOVE ALL it will save the victims the pain of reliving their experiences in the courtroom and contribute in some way to the healing they need. Thirdly it will give a better hope of beginning healing for the diverse communities of Rotherham. Those concerned with community cohesion have made a huge strategic blunder: by trying to cover up (or play down) the actions of a few they have only served to stoke the fire of suspicion and division to the detriment of all parts of the community. They have actively contributed to community breakdown. Yes, there are child abusers in other communities who are white. The redeeming consequence of this, at least, is that all communities have to face the issue together in a spirit of non-judgemental support. But we can only do so if we own and face our own particular responsibilities…


    • Hi Rev, It may help to spell out what you mean ‘none-judgemental’ support. It can be confusing . “Don’t be judgemental ” is a common and misused phrase I believe in our day….. There is a distinction between right and wrong judgement. Right judgement of situations and peoples actions are vital for keeping ourselves safe. I am sure that your meaning in this blog means that the children must be able to seek hope and help without feeling like they are trash. This I wholeheartedly agree.
      I find a good way of knowing the difference between right and wrong judgement is to first take the plank out of my own eye before poking around with other peoples speck…. so to speak.


  3. For a number of years I know a Asian woman with a learning disability who is being groomed for sex by Asian men and not just from Rotherham …. I have sat in a safeguarding meeting and they keep saying this person has capacity .this is a vulnerable woman living in Rotherham and numerous times I hv alerted the social worker who can’t careless..about this woman safety … If we are not protecting children then it’s obvious to me we are not protecting the disabled young women with disabilities… Socisl workers and safeguarding meeting have all been a waste of time . This woman is crying out for help but just because she is Asian and the perpetrators are all Asian men no one is bothered .this is a warning for this vulnerable woman .. Endlessly I have tried to get support but no one is bothered… Am worried that the next headline will be about this woman .. Why did we not keep her safe??? Why her cry for help is being ignored … Heartbreaking to see this poor woman getting targeted ..pimped out from area to area.. Even the police have turned a blind eye…wake up you unproffesional people if you can’t protect the most vulnerable then piss of out of the way and let decent people in to safeguard the most vulnerable because it’s clear that you are incompetent … Incapable ….and lowest species of the human race..you have failed all the vulnerable people and children …. If we did another report on disabled women then I guarantee it would be damning !!!!!!


    • Thanks for this blog…. Thank you for your concern for this woman. There are people who can help but as you say those who should help either won’t or can’t. There are some very able people who have a heart to rescue any woman who needs a new life and a safe house. I will do some research and mail it on this blog. Keep looking and don’t give up until you get the help you need for your friend. The slime that prey on this woman are hoping we all give up……Surprise them…..


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