Where are we now?

Roger has jumped ship
The country wants Mr Wrights neck
The council is without a Leader
The usual suspects I hear you say
Lakin of Valley and Ellis of Wickersley
Neither says logic
Lakin although being deputy
Is up-to his neck with the Rotherham scandal
Too much water under that bridge
Ellis incapable to do so
Currently being investigated by Regional Labour party for bullying
This would prevent her from taking the role
According to the rules
Who does that leave
One thing is certain
Labour seem to be tarnished in Rotherham
Not only will we see UKIP councillors next year
But MPs too

Phantom of the Town Hall

15 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. “Ellis incapable to do so
    Currently being investigated by Regional Labour party for bullying
    This would prevent her from taking the role”

    Interesting…………………………………We had a Deputy Leader with both a criminal conviction and an ASBO did we not?
    Bullying, Child Snatching and Child Abuse are not bars to advancememt in RMBC. If they were our esteemed Legal Officer would speak out and take appropriate actions.
    Would’nt she?


  2. Our Glorious Dep Leader Cllr Lakin, dropped a clanger whilst being interviewed, he actually admitted he was aware of the child abuse, then when the reporter pressed him further, he tried then to play the “collective responsibility” card. This man has now admitted his part and should go, and there is no way he can step into Rodger the Dodgers post.
    Off you go Mr Larkin,


  3. People must not lose sight.
    wright must go but all the cllrs at the 2005 meeting who were informed were part of the coverup if criminal wrong doing and must resign.

    Collective responsibility. So resign collectively.

    the mps must have been informed by the cops and council. They have conveniently gone awol. Surprize!

    Why did they not warn their constituents to protect their kids from this wanton abuse and rapes.

    Muroof and akhtar are claiming no knowledge. We may as well believe in tooth fairies with these serial liars.


    • As I said in another post:

      I saw the picture of the seminar document in the Advertiser with the list of names of Cllrs that attended, and I think that each and everyone of those should be asking themselves some very searching questions. Those who still hold elected office should also be seriously considering their position on the Council.

      I thought it was interesting that UKIP has called on all serving councillors who attended the seminar to resign. Presumably this includes Cllr John Turner (ex Tory) who was recently elected for UKIP. I assume Cllr Turner will be handing his resignation in on Monday.

      I also note that the saviour of Rotherham, Peter Thirwall, was at the same seminar. What did he do on this issue? Presumably he won’t be seeking re-election.


  4. The shame falls on Dinnington we had two councillors at the seminar, this is the one that the report states that anyone who attended could not say they did not know. One is now just a Dinnington town councillor the other is still a borough and town councillor. The shame for Dinnington is that the borough/town councillor is involved with Safe at Last a charity that was set up to protect children who have run away from home. I am sure when questioned they will try to say they did not know, they should both resign with immediate effect.
    Dave Smith


    • Wait a minute. Dinnington is involved with Safe at Last? Somebody needs to investigate this charity to see if it is a contributing factor. Apparently, nobody can be trusted.


  5. Sorry to comment again so soon but I can’t seem to wrap my arms around this situation. Is there some fundamental absence of decency in the psyche of British citizens? Because in the States when we heard about the institutionalized victimization of children, we were outraged. Collectively. What is it about your citizenry that would allow this person to remain in office and not in court? Arriving at his office with torches and pitchforks seems perfectly appropriate. These young girls were nothing less than sacrifices to some type of sick racial detente.


    • Hatsor/Natsor
      Having spent some years living in the US, I still really don’t understand what goes on there; so how could your almost by accident reading of a news item in the UK press make any sense to you?
      Why was Michael Brown killed? Why do I see so few white faces in the demonstrations protesting against it?


      • Thank you for responding. The Ferguson situation was reported around the world. I know someone living in a remote region of Guatemala that heard about Ferguson. But where is the outrage, media coverage, etc. Why are not the citizenry demanding justice for these vulnerable girls? It is the lack of outrage that I find mystifying. That is what does not compute.


    • There is a HUGE amount of fury, believe me, but the news media in this country stays miles away from anything that might potentially lead to anything that could be considered “racist” or that could be seen to have the potential to stir up racial tension…. and so the justifiable rage is being played down hugely in the media. Those who are justifiably angry are being accused of being racist and of political point scoring in order to shut them up. It is exactly the same tactics that the local authorities employed very zealously and to such disastrous, but incredibly effective results in covering up labour’s total appeasement of the brutally violent and repeated and ongoing mass gang rape of white working class children, by Muslim perverts.

      Pretty much all we can do to actually effect change, is wait for the next elections and vote them all out and vote for people who have the testicular fortitude to sort this vile racist mess out.


  6. We have a similar situation here in Anston. Parish councillor, Cllr St John, who is an Ex RMBC Mayor and only left RMBC in 2011 was at the 2005 meeting. Is he going to say he did not know anything ?. Paper work also shows him as a Member of the Children`s Scrutiny Sub Committee in 2004.
    We also have RMBC Cllr Jo Burton, who is an Anston Parish Councillor who has sat on the Children`s committees, denying at Parish Council Meetings that she knew anything. Both were serving after 2005, and therefore come under the report as knowing what was going on. Neither has put their head above the parapet and shouted it was wrong.
    Time you both went, OFF YOU GO.


  7. Having just listened to Toby Foster on radio Sheffield from this morning he makes a good point to Hussain the councillor, 50% of the councillors attended the seminar and not one of them discussed it after with any of the other councillors; and you expect us to believe you. It also turns out that the list of councillors who attended this seminar are to be reported to the Labour Party exec, that really reassures me that things will get done I don’t think. It is down to us to hunt them down at our local council meetings and get them out. If anyone needs the comprehensive list I have it.
    Dave Smith


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