Akhtar…a spider at the centre of the taxi trade web

In 2002 a raid on Risky Business office, files held there were shredded. These files formed the basis of a report that revealed the extent of CSE in Rotherham. This report named names, schools and other places where young girls, and we now know maybe boys, were approached.

It also named taxi firms involved in both grooming and the transportation of young girls for the purposes of their prostitution. Taxi drivers were critical to the industrialization of CSE, moving girls around sometimes even between towns.

Much has been made of Akhtars aggressive role in the Council, however what mustn’t be forgotten is his senior role in the local Taxi business.

For many years he was leader of the Taxi Drivers association, and himself was joint owner of a private hire firm. He is notorious among drivers for somehow getting himself a highly lucrative disabled taxi permit. Very cheaply.

Akhtar is now denying having knowledge of the extent of grooming until 2013, and by implication how taxis were used in the abuse and prostitution. Personally, I find this incredible.

Since becoming aware of the CSE issue on a couple of occasions when in taxis with drivers I could trust, I pretended to be a concerned father, and asked if there were firms my daughter should avoid?

On both occasions each driver confirmed that dangerous firms existed, and one driver named two firms to avoid. I didn’t recognise one, and the driver told me the owners had closed down one firm after developing such a bad reputation that they were coming under scrutiny and losing business.

They had re-emerged under this new name.

Now the question for Akhtar.

What did you know about the uses of taxis for CSE in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when you were the single most powerful and influential Taxi driver in Rotherham and co owner of a firm?

When you were de facto leader of the taxi drivers, When you were their lead representative on licensing committees, including representing drivers faced with loss of license for reasons of crimes including sexual assault.

The world of the permanent, full time taxi driver is a small one. They meet up at the office, and regularly and when hanging around waiting for fares. They gossip, discuss rates, difficult customers and human nature being as it is, girls. Among the Pakistani community this world is even smaller, with jobs and even taxis being shared. Where whole families have rights to work in certain firms.

So Akhtar. In your role as the biggest spider at the centre of this taxi world web, a man known to be mildly paranoid and a control freak, please tell us what you knew?

Were you in any way associated with the firms named in that shredded 2002 report? Don’t tell porkies Akhtar, I know the names of those firms will emerge,

While writing this I heard on radio the astonishing tale from a former driver, about a taxi firm he worked for with a Council Contract. To register a fare undertaken on behalf of the Council they were given passwords that would be appended to an invoice to the Council, this guaranteed payment.

The Taxi firms and drivers abused these passwords and on occasions, he said, that the passwords were used to bill for prostitution runs involving young girls.

Akhtar, did you know about these passwords?

Did you work or were you a partner in a Taxi firm that held such contracts?

To all Councillors, is there, was there a free to you arrangement wherein you could charge taxis to the Council?


ps thanks to Andrew Norfolk for another exclusive in the Times about the shredded report.

By the same author:

Labour, Biraderi, Corruption and Child Sexual Abuse: Joining the Dots

Once the Mirpuri/ Pakistani community in Britain started to politically organise its leaders found the UK highly fertile ground for the introduction of political practices imported from their homeland.

Specifically I am talking about the close links between organised crime, politics based in caste and clan and the protection of the misogynistic male dominance within their own community; inevitably this ended up protecting sexual criminals.

Read on… https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/labour-biraderi-corruption-and-child-sexual-abuse-joining-the-dots/

59 thoughts on “Akhtar…a spider at the centre of the taxi trade web

  1. Several Years ago I used the same taxi firm for many years until one evening, after a good night out I made my way home; again using the same firm as I always had. The driver, was Asian, spoke to me in a degrading way which made me feel uncomfortable. I got him to pull over on a main road not too far from where I lived. I opened the door only to find his arm and hand catching my bust and saying quote ‘you and I go for kiss and cuddle in back of car’ un-quote. I pushed him away, yes he banged his head on the window off the drivers door but I really do not care. He made me feel uncomfortable and dirty as well as worrying me as to what could have happened. I quickly made my way home, turning a different corner so he did not know where I lived. Yes I reported this to the owner of the firm as well as the police. He told the police I was coming onto him. The owner of the firm told me he was noted for it and to report it which I had. He was finished and went to work for another taxi company, who I would never use. I see taxi’s parked around Clifton school early mornings, lunchtimes and when the children are to leave. Is this for a legitimate purpose? The council have allegedly refused the fencing off and the main entrance gates being put back on Clifton School. Why? They will not even permit a chain to go across the main entrance, according to an employee of BB, but yet taxi firms park in there in the evenings when it is dark. This appears to be somewhat strange, but since the reports from the Times, well done Andrew; it all seems to piece together. Regarding the council, and any other authority who have buried their heads in the sand, I feel should resign as they are in a specific position and have not had the back bone to speak out about what has been happening and no doubt, for much longer than the years stated. Much of this has happened in the area of Eastwood, now most of the property is allegedly owned by a certain Rotherham Cllr S Ali, surely he knew what was happening?


    • “certain Rotherham Cllr S Ali”

      Is this Councillor Shaukat Ali who has got £500,000 funding for Project to help Roma community integrate?
      The Project Manager for this project is Mr Shaukat Ali who has been appointed by Shaukat Ali himself. He is allegedly going to be paid £50000 from the £500000 funding received according to the local Eastwood Asian community who Mr Shaukat Ali represents.

      Conflict of interest?
      Any due scrutiny/safeguards to ensure funds are going to be spent for the purpose allocated?

      Why has Mr Shaukat Ali appointed himself as highly paid Project Manager?


      • conflict of interest ,cllr ali owns loads of house’s in eastwood his sons also own shed loads in eastwood , this man is not the right person to be dishing money around .


  2. They all knew and should all be sacked with immediate effect, like all others who hold authority and were in that position during this time. Like the poor now young woman said, they are not sorry for what has happened to her or the others but the fact they have been caught and there is much more to come. As a young woman I too relied on taxis and used the same firm until one evening an asain person as I was getting out of the taxi put his arm and catching my bust with his hand said “come have kiss and cuddle in back of car”. Only glad I was strong enough to push him away, resulting in him banging his head on the window of the drivers door. I felt degraded, dirty and very nervous as to what may have happened had I not got away like I did. He was reported to the owner of the firm and to the police by myself. The latter said that he had said I was coming onto him and that it was my word against his. So another one gets away and was moved onto another firm who I never used and never would. The other point regarding taxi’s and school girls, is the fact that the Council have refused BB to fence off or even put a chain across the main entrance of Clifton School. Taxi’s are noted for parking in there at night as well as around the school early in the morning, the afternoon’s when they are out for lunch as well as at the end of school day. Now are they all there for innocent reasons? I as well as others have many doubts as the pieces are starting to fall into place and it is always the same taxi firms.


  3. it is the dirty taxi drivers they should be locked in there taxis and burnt for what they are doing.

    Edited for language, we’re not that kind of blog!


    • Pure bull anonymous I bet u didnt have the money for the fare or you just were feeling up for it.you must be one of the biggest dumbass ever and the biggest bullshitter.


      • C’mon Anon, let it all out, tell us what’s on your. Mind…there is nothing we like more than big a chunk of bigoted ignorance and justification of criminality.. Condemn yourself out of your own mouth. Here’s you chance….disgust us.


      • Now Now Anon would you be the person this woman pushed away and reported??? Read the whole story as another male I think you are the ‘dumbass’, whether she had or did not have the money does this give him or was it you the right to assault her? and make suggestions like ‘come give kiss and cuddle in back of car’ – No it does not, and I have seen many of drivers around Clifton school as well as some who come onto the staff within a coffee shop at parkgate. It is quite obvious what they are up to listening to the way in which they speak to these girls. So Anon you dumbass was it you or are you one that could be named very soon for other reasons?


  4. I recently heard about this situation and was dumbfounded! This is like the Priest abuse scandal here (U.S.). Why has this not made worldwide headlines? Every taxi driver waiting outside schools needs to be investigated. They need to have their logs scrutinized. I never realized Great Britain was rotten to the core.


  5. From the comments of Anon on another post, it is quite obvious he is a Pakistani Muslim and typical of his type. He is the only one who uses the term dumbass (probably the only word he can spell correctly) He is obviously a bigoted woman hater who has tried on previous posts to justify what the filthy, Pakistani Muslims did to the poor, unfortunate girls in our Town. Quite frankly I think he should be identified and exterminated.


  6. Some years ago a young woman was raped in Dalton by an Asian driver of a taxi she had flagged down late at night – a very dangerous thing to do!. She reported the offence to the police giving them a description of her attacker, as well as informing them that the taxi had the name plate “Gold Star” on its door. On investigation by the police the owner of this taxi firm claimed the name plate had been stolen and denied all knowledge of the rapist and no one was brought to book for the offence! Since then I have made doubly sure that if any female member of my family needs a taxi she does not use this firm and now with all the revelations about Asian taxi drivers being involved in this horrific and prolonged child abuse I along with many other people in this town will try to get them to avoid, if they possibly can, using any Asian taxi drivers! Taxi licences have been given out far too easily to criminals – Akhtar is an example of this – a convicted thug like him that kicked an puched innocent members of the public should have permanently lost the right to be driving the public around!


  7. These are the councillors who are incumbent and who attended the seminar in 2005. They were given all the information of what was going on and did nothing about it:

    Cllr Stone
    Cllr Ali
    Cllr Atkin
    Cllr Ellis
    Cllr Gosling
    Cllr Havenhand
    Cllr McNeely
    Cllr Swift
    Cllr Turner
    Cllr Whelbourne
    Cllr Wooton
    Cllr Wyatt


    • Missed one particular scum cllr Hussain. Out out out. Boycott A1fast 4s martini gold star These drivers see it as legal to just pick up without booking therefore passenger no insurance cover. Not to bring up what the low life muslim trash do to the pure english women. Justice will prevail, but the scars are now there. Sorry does not solve this.


    • I saw the picture of the seminar document in the Advertiser with the list of names of Cllrs that attended, and I think that each and everyone of those should be asking themselves some very searching questions. Those who still hold elected office should also be seriously considering their position on the Council.

      I thought it was interesting that UKIP has called on all serving councillors who attended the seminar to resign. Presumably this includes Cllr John Turner (ex Tory) who was recently elected for UKIP. I assume Cllr Turner will be handing his resignation in on Monday.

      I also note that the saviour of Rotherham, Peter Thirwall, was at the same seminar. What did he do on this issue? Presumably he won’t be seeking re-election.


      • Whatever he did he couldn’t have done less than the Labour Councillors could he?. These smug, arrogant, self-serving excuses for public servants and who for the most part had the greatest opportunity to do something about it and totally failed 1400 children, and remember this was a number that Professor Jay said was a conservative estimate!


      • Dear Mal, correct me if I’m wrong, but Peter Thirwall was a Labour Councillor back in 2005. So he was part of the Labour Group, and therefore is included in the group that had the opportunity to do something. Whether he is “smug, arrogant and self-serving” is for others to say, but you’ve used that description.


    • considering all the names above were at the seminar, can we really believe their collegue Mr John Healey knew nothing of this horrendous problem. If it was the case that he knew nothing about this, which i doubt my opinion, is he really the right person to represent Rotherham in the houses of parliament?


  8. There should be mass protests in Rotherham. Schools should be closed so that all can attend. I have not heard any outrage – just typical Brit grit. Come on folks! Now is the time to get emotional! ATTICA! ATTICA!


    • Evidence? ?? Whats your evidence you clowns.some dumbass yabbing off about some fantasy made up story of her experience with a cabby is FACT.dont make me puke.whats on my mind son is all the bull that most of you racists come out with.ps are you threatening me anonymous?im really scared. Come and try it please.lolol.you keyboard racist sobs.


      • The people who are being racist Anon are the muslim taxi drivers and the people the young women are taken to. Racism has been treid and tested but what you fail to realise is that it works both ways. Surely you have had your free education and are no doubt making from probably driving a taxi? Well from your comments many will assume that is what you do. One hopes that you ensure they are booked in prior to the journey, that your tyres are of standard and you are taxed and insured and do not use another person name, as was once witnessed an asian driver did in a taxi by myself and my friends, changing the drivers card twice until the one with the drivers face was on. ALL OF WHICH IS ILLEGAL. You really are a fool with a problem with women who will defend themselves against male asians.


  9. Andrew: your comment is disingenuous to say the least I ‘m not trying to defend any one for the inaction of the resposible people over this absolute outrage. Peter Thirwall, a man I do not know, may have been a Labour Councillor in 2005, but every one knows he has been at odds with the local Labour councillors for years! Give him some credit for trying to expose the many wrongdoings of these people over the years. He was one man that tried to expose them and you definitely have some kind of personal grudge against him


    • Mal, disingenuous?, not at all. My original post says that all at that seminar should asking themselves some very searching questions as they were made aware of what was going on. Those still in office should consider their position. There are some who were at the seminar who are no longer in office, Colin Barron and Peter Thirwall for example, who may put themselves forward as an election candidate at some future date. They were also made aware of what was going on, and so I think they should consider their position too.

      What gets my goat is that there are some people who have been presented/like to see themselves as some sort of people’s champion. Frankly getting yourself chucked out of the Town Hall doesn’t wash with me.

      With respect to Peter Thirwall, I’ve no recollection of ever having seen any comments in the press from him on this most important matter. He may of course have been making noises about it that haven’t been reported.

      In terms of grudges, all I can say is pot, kettle, black.


      • Andrew: I’m not trying to defend Peter Thirwall or any other councillor for what they have done, or failed to do whilst in office. It’s just that I thought you had a secret agenda and I still think that. As for you saying, “in terms of grudges, all I can say is pot, kettle, black.” I have no problem with that at all. I have many, what I believe are “justifiable” grudges, the clue is in my pseudonym, which I only use because I am very aware of the very real vindictive and unprincipled people in this town who would not hesitate at torching your car if they objected to you expressing views they did not like. I should perhaps mention that we had Akhtar the thug as a ward councillor for 10 years!


    • Mal, I’ll leave it at this and say that my agenda is against all of those who were at the seminar and who should have done something.

      Totally understand your concerns about those who are vindictive.

      Best wishes


  10. For your reading Anon racism cuts both ways and i would believe the person you slated ealier before as i believe she speaks the truth because the Taxi driver was noted for this type of behaviour and was subsoquently moved on for, his behaviour oh by the way she had the relavent money to pay for the said fare. So do us all a favour with your biggoted views read the facts then go an do one.


  11. Councillors Hussain, Shuakat Ali and the former drug lord of Eastwood known as “Sid” who was banged up for 22 years last year for importing ecstasy tablets, are related and of the same clan.
    The drug lord “Sid” is nephew of Councillor Shaukat Ali


      • Didn’t Sajid Bostan say we have fixed the Council, we have fixed the Advertiser, and we have fixed the police. There are Pakistani members of the police in Rotherham and remember what has been said by Wil Ewart about them and their Biradari clan system – favours that are owed get called in by fellow clan members!


    • Would this be when Hussain left the country to the one of his heritage with money from the country he works, well should work in?? This annoyed many other cllrs but yet they still keep quiet. They forget they work for the people of Rotherham


    • I would not and never have trusted any of them. Cllr Hussain is purely out to get himself in the Houses of Commons and maybe the next step the EU. He was interviewed by Toby Foster (Radio Sheffield) the previous friday and was angry, now why would this be? Because he has only just found out about this grooming and further sexual exploitaion? NO because he is the one up for the vote next year. He shuld be sacked as well as all the other Cllrs who held positions and still do. They knew what was happening and did nothing, they work for the people of Rotherham and have run the place into the gutter.


  12. Just thought readers might be interested to know that on Monday night on BBC1 Inside Out at 7.30pm is about Sajid Bostan and Goldstar Taxis. He was approached by BBC to do a documentary as part of the World Health Organisation highlighting the effects of sugar and was challenged to cut his and other drivers intake. Apparently the documentary maker worked with the Rotherham Institute for Obesity when preparing the programme.


    • So how much money did he make from this? That is one of several taxi firms I will not and many others won’t use due to the reputation they have. Global, who were caught regarding sexual assault finished, or at least that is what they want people to believe when really they are now fast 4s, and work closely with goldstar, martini and certain drivers of A1 who have a preference to work in the evenings? Now why would that be? I recall getting into an A1 taxi only for the driver to be speaking via his head phone in his own language, now that is racist and would be intimadating for any woman/girl. I will not allow my friends daughters and my relatives to use any of these firms. I and my work colleague have also observed the martini taxi drivers and the others gather and talk their language very loud in costa coffee, parkgate. They are allegedly getting their customers from there which could mean like has already been said, the passenger is not insured? They should have their licences revoked!


      • If you, or anyone else has evidence of breaches of the conditions of which a taxi licence is granted, why haven’t you reported it to the the licencing authorities.They can’t do anything against the perpetrators unless they know about it. Unless people come forward with evidence these criminal people who should not be earning a living by conveying the public around will continue to get away with it.They like the child abusers, which many of them are, then become brazen and they think that the can do what they like with impunity!


  13. eldon rd playing fields ,years ago before the gate was in place was used as a taxi parking lot the muck left behind was shocking , used condoms .


  14. Andrew, it is my intention to respond to your criticism when Rik puts up the appropriate blog.
    You will have noticed that I blog, write letters and campaign in my own name which allows you to criticize me freely and whenever you feel like it. Perhaps you would be prepared to let me know your name so I can establish where your grudge for me comes from. I have obviously pissed you off in the past, so give me the chance to know what I have supposed to have done.
    If this issue on CSE was so widely talked about as far back as 2005 I presume you will have heard about it, so tell us all Andrew what did you do about it?
    I do get annoyed with the likes of you, who sit back, do nowt and moan about those that do.
    I seem to have been fighting injustice, nearly full time, for the past forty years, only to be criticized by some upstart like you. Tell us all Andrew, when have you fought against injustice?
    Oh and by the way, don’t worry about me standing for election again. I gave up my future in politics by blotting my copy book, fighting the campaigns you criticize me for.
    Thank you Malcontent for coming to my aid.


    • Deborah needs to be investigated from licensing.
      Before committee hearing some people knew they got their license back

      Deborah has many questions to answer


  15. I have stated before and I will say it again. EVERY single councillor and Senior Official (of RMBC and associated private / charitable agencies) from the period of 1997 – 2014 (perhaps before) should prove what they officially did to question what was going on. And if they stopped complaining /bringing up the issue – why? No soundbites – official proof needed.

    They should all provide written evidence (and be questioned publicly) – whether Labour, Conservative, Liberal, BNP, UKIP or Independent or any party that had a representatives during this period. .The same applies to the seminar or any similar events – meetings. We all now know (partially) what Mr Akhtar, Stone, Wright and the rest did and didn’t do. It’s time the focus and investigation went further.

    Now to Mr Thirwell’s reply to Andrew. Mr Thirwell Andrew is correct. You should state publicly (not just on here) what you knew and what you officially did (or didn’t do). You say you have campaigned on many issues – that is correct – but the question is what went on at that seminar and more concerning CSE. What did you do to raise the issue at official levels and beyond and why didn’t you report this back to the public? (This question isn’t for you only its for all) Real evidence please.

    I have a further question to ask most seem to be ignoring for political expediency too. Mr Vines (who was an Independent Councillor during this period) worked with Marlene Guest on Council Watch. Marlene Guest (who’s politics I abhore) stated /states that Council Watch knew of this scandal and what was going on. She says she knew all the facts as dd Council Watch. I would like both of them (and other members of Council Watch) to prove to us all what they officially did or didn’t do.to bring this matter to the OFFICIAL authorities. And if they did so what they did to take it officially further. (Or not) I would also like to know what they didn’t do and if so why? As ever soundbites not permitted – evidence please.

    John Turner should give a full account too. Channel 4 news interviewed him live on Monday night outside the Town Hall. .He looked apprehensive and reticent to criticize. I would like to know why? And again I would like him to prove – with evidence – what he did or didn’t do. Again no soundbites.

    This process of ‘digging even deeper’ should also apply to Mr Kimber, Mr Howe, Ms Thacker / Ms Bailey (And the Young People’s Services / IYPP Teams / Social Services,) , Ms Sharp, The South Yorkshire Police, the so called Community Leaders, Senior Managers / Directors at RMBC and the associated private / charitable care agencies / contractors and the Human Resources (damage limitation) teams of all involved. (Indeed RMBC and all agency HR’s should be made to hand over all details of complaints they had so the authorities can see how they handled them – I know the did have complaints for certain)

    A full independent inquiry should also be made in to the bullying and harassment techniques of all concerned too – Many staff suffered hell and intimidation for bringing CSE out as an issue the Inquiry missed this.

    Now I, as always am starting from a stance regarding the named (above) and all of innocent until proven guilty – or innocent for that matter. (Posses’ are not for me) But not enough questions have been answered, the inquiry – public focus has been too shallow – and limited.and some previously not named seem to have escaped the process of justifying what they knew,did or didn’t do as well. .

    The citizens of Rotherham are rightly outraged by what went on and what was covered up. But I feel the digging has to go deeper. More names will come out – and then – real action is needed.

    As always – to all – keep up the fight.


  16. I see Akhtar has closed his Twitter account down to all but his close brothers and sisters, no doubt due to the avalanche of tweets from individuals declaring their full support for him.

    It would be very interesting to see just who is standing shoulder to shoulder with him; maybe they could be asked questions about what they knew about the abuse.


    • I have only recently become aware of the scale and magnitude of the abuse that has and still is taking place!
      Rotherham Police and council had and still have a duty of care! We, the now minority in Rotherham pay our taxes and this is what we are dealt in return! I have lost all faith in South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council and will be trying my best to move from this hellhole where our women and children are not safe due to years of ethnic immigration.
      Such a shame as Rotherham had a very nice Town centre and a very good community spirt. I for one do not venture into Rotherham unless absolutely necessary and also know women avoid it due to the stares from gangs who hang around the new mini markets!!!!

      One thing is certain here…..I will no longer be using taxi firms with Asian drivers nore will I be shopping in their stores! They as an insular community have nothing but anger and hatred for Great Britain……so why live her, why set up here if they can’t abide by out rules!
      I am in no way a racist, this is a statement that is driven by pure passion for British beliefs……if this is about racism ask the gangs who raped all these girls and women how many white gang members are part of this!!!!


  17. For any justice to prevail and fair application of law no matter who you are all in authority at the council that had anything to do with the issue at hand and all proclaimed community leaders should be scrutinised by an independent inquiry.
    There has been foul play by the named councillors and community leaders all the community in rotherham no matter who you are must petition the government to take steps to bring all to account and justice.
    I was reading an article about how the politics from Pakistan have been imported into uk ie how favours are owed because certain people are promised seats. If there is any truth then maybe local residents should not be allowed to stand in their area as things cannot been done fairly and we will always have things hush hush and brushed under the carpet.
    There must be a transparent process for all.
    If councillors and mentioned people on this website don’t step down then there is always the doubt that things will never be fare and just.
    How can these people stay in power after all that has happend?


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  23. Rotherham still happening in UK , who is supporting this abuser ….social worker and police …who can catch them no one becouse they are gov. Professionals …..even. Court support them becouse simply they are professional assume the things they write and write report to cover up the truth to help abuser. Problem is here at last abuser in jail . But who helped them and cover up the truth they are still working as a professionals waiting for next one .it is Visil blowing situation ,they are the real criminals ,believe or not it’s happening in cambridge in UK


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