Has Caven Vines called it right?

I was alarmed by Caven Vine’s (UKIP) support for Mr Kimber in the Advertiser. I must assume Caven was misquoted or partially quoted.Otherwise Caven is way off the mark.

I have said it before and will say it again. Much of the blame lays with the unaccountable and unelected officers, executives and directors. If anyone simply concentrates on the elected officials, and fail to challenge Mr Kimber and his like, they not only miss the point but leave the problem in place.

In my own related complaints to RMBC Mr Kimber and his staff (under his direction) over the last few years have been a major obstacle to any investigations I and others have requested. Indeed their attitude as been very aggressive to shut down all processes, using avoidance, semantics and a total disregard for presented evidence. Indeed his department have been nothing more than the equivalent of a institutional firewall – only with the limited settings of dismissing concerns and issues raised through a slow but determined policy of evasion and institutionalized cover up.

Far from being the vanguard for decency and truth Mr Kimber (and his underlings) have systematically denied access to justice on this issue and many other related staff / public complaints. His department have systematically ignored procedures and evidence, as well as failing to act. Mr Kimber is not ‘the help’ we need, he is part of the disease that has infected and destroyed local democracy and accountability.

Caven, I hope you have been misquoted. (It can happen) Otherwise explain why you place so much trust in the man who has done so much to shut down debate and internal / external discourse, and the man who shamed . the citizens of Rotherham by his disgraceful ‘deny all’ head in the sand performance before the Parliamentary Committee.

Now this is a more general observation. As for elected officials I would like EVERY elected member of the council who served during the period 1997 – 2013, of ALL parties, (and independents) what they did officially to address the issue. Denials or ‘I said this’ are not enough – proof must be provided – and soundbites will be challenged and seen rightfully as mere political posturing. In addition I would like details of what went off at the seminar discussed. It may have been just a general seminar – they occur – it may have been very specific – but a lot of names previously not disclosed have been revealed and details seem sparse. I and others want real details please. To those that were there. who come on here -or want to come on here – clarification is not just needed but expected.

Finally, to our American Cousin who ask what the citizens of this town have done. I would like to say everything possible. Some have lost careers, physical / mental health and futures to expose this. The vast majority did not know. Now they do they are outraged.

However, I thank you for your international support, and I in turn offer mine to you to ensure Michael Brown and his community receive the justice they deserve in what seems to me an outrage that echoes the social conditions and lack of equal right of Deep South Segregation. It looks like another Martin Luther King (if there aver could be another MLK) is needed over ‘The Pond’. But good luck and may justice prevail. Finally, it may take time to get justice. But marching with pitchforks is not the way. Posse’s tend to hang the wrong person and should be left to old Hollywood cowboys. What we here want is the guilty to pay fully. That system may be slow but it is the correct way to do things. The truth is (partially) out now – it’s time for the wheels of British Justice to start turning and ensure every safeguard is in place so that that while CSE will sadly continue to happen all over the world, at least in future the victims are not ignored.

SKT xxxx

18 thoughts on “Has Caven Vines called it right?

  1. Parveen qureshi does a interview great recently.
    Can the council have their rent back for 35 years which is peppercorn
    Councillors had great food forgot to charge rent


  2. Caven posted on rothpol and all he said was that Mr Kimber should be given “some credit” for commissioning the current report, which, may have simply been a delaying tactic by Mr K in the hope that things improve under his watch or it may have been a sincere attempt to get at the truth. Only Mr Kimber really knows. But Caven hardly gave him unqualified support as the headline in the advertiser seems to imply. Rothpol posts have often implied the Advertiser is fixed but their editorials were pretty scathing about everyone this week although i wonder if their reporting compounds the problem in Rotherham by giving too much “say” to people associated with the present difficulties and not enough comment from more dispassionate and independent observers. The difficulty is that we seem to need a complete clear out in the civic structures of the town and a fresh start. So we need to start giving a platform to potential new civic leaders so, when the time comes for the electorate to have their chance, they are better informed. Yes, i suppose I include myself as one of the potential new guys, but I am sure there are others like respect, tusc and ukip.


    • I saw a video online (Telegraph i think but not sure) of Kimber’s response to the report where he says something like “this report shows i am part of the solution not part of the problem” and also says “i” or “me” about 60 times.


  3. There is an unhealthy culture in RMBC and a contempt for the public. In a [fortunately] unrelated,a and much less important, matter, they told me there were no records from 6-year period about a full council decision and instruction to officers to implement – which they didn’t. Councils don’t work like that, so I assume everything was just shredded so nothing remained to disclose under FOI. Prof Kay comments on the instances where records could not be found. Hmmm.


  4. It’s been said elsewhere, but bears repeating – much of the blame also lies with the voters who kept on returning the same people to office, election after election, despite all the clear evidence of their incompetence.


  5. Caven has certainly quickly filled the cushy slippers of a cllr in this rotten borough.

    Vines is the latest New sycophant of kimber the failed ceo who has done his dammdest to kick this into the long grass, ignore the abuse, no proof, backedhis officers / cllrs past and present to the hilt.

    As for moofy, akhtar and their family they are lying rats who must have been aware of these horrific crimes – as self proclaimed leaders of the kashmir communities.


  6. Can we call for the resignations,of people’s positions by a vote of no confidence,I would like those persons who are academic and politically aware if possible to answer please , and see if their is anyway to remove all of the present councillors who are mentioned for not doing their jobs properly. And any other Agency’s included. I myself wish I was more academic ,as I think this situation Rotherham now finds itself , needs the the sharpest people to act Now. Also a Review of the whole system by a Independent group .

    Other Towns and City,s are watching what happens in our Town. We need strong leadership. And I don’t see this right now.


    • Interesting point DR. What was disturbing about the minutes of the Council Seminar in 2005 was not just the number of councillors present or not present nor the lack of action thereafter, but also the lack of any real creativity in the response at the end of the seminar. Nothing about screaming at Parliament for greater powers, involving the third sector or the wider community, nothing about seeking wisdom and best practice from other areas (both geographical and academic/professional disciplines), nothing about encouraging Police to “go after” known abusers in creative ways within the law. Eg Al Capone was untouchable until a little old lady suggested looking at his taxation affairs. Police could surely do loads more to collect solid intelligence on these individuals and thereafter, make their lives a misery by checking their cars for roadworthiness, looking closely at taxi licenses, looking into their tax status, carrying out environmental inspections on their businesses, doing paperwork in squad cars outside their houses, standing patrols of their known haunts, following them down the street, or simple enforcement of under age sex laws. Make their lives a misery until they crack. Let them know they are under scrutiny. No doubt this would be an infringement of human rights but so then, flush them out into the open: support victims in bringing counter claims of human rights infringements, make suspected perpetrators come to courts and make their case, bring themselves out of the shadows into the public arena which is the last thing they want etc There must be a hundred ways of tackling the issues. As you say, you wonder if we have the brightest tools in our collective box on the case.
      I am disturbed by the implications of my own ranting, innocent until proven guilty etc etc but history and common knowledge showed/knew Capone was a bad un. Is this situation any less serious?


  7. Mr vines,you are doing a good job,but please dont give credit to Kimber,he is a lying, worthless, self centred,devious scumbag who is covering up for all his criminals,and taking his vast salary along the way,He did not call for a inquiry he was forced into it from outside partys of the public sector


  8. It is time for the whole of the opposition, UKIP, Tory and independents to propose a vote of no confidence in the Labour council. They may not have enough to vote it through but they could at least force a debate. Wonder where Dodson would vote now he is independent?
    Dave Smith


    • It could be any support from Vines is laying the groundwork for if/when UKIP get in? Why else would he support the chief exec/ senior officers at RMBC who are the ones (and not those on the front line) who had such a big role in this.


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