Party punish failed Councillors by removing right to banger perks

Who said Sarah Champion MP was ineffectual? Rapid action is her mark in trade. Actually it had to be pointed out to her that lots Labour Councillors lounging around quaffing wine and munching on bangers might not look, er good.

But don’t underestimate the significance of this punishment as Labour Councillors have previously always refused to withdraw any of their perks, even though the Council faced debts of over £400m

“To all Rotherham Labour Party Members

Dear all,

I am writing on behalf of Sarah Champion MP and Darren Hughes, the CLP Secretary, to let you know that in light of recent events, we felt it would be appropriate to cancel both the CLP barbecue this Saturday and the campaign session due to happen this Sunday. It does not feel an appropriate time to be either socialising or running Party-based campaigns.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely, Dawn Elliott,On behalf of Sarah Champion MP”

You couldn’t make it up.


14 thoughts on “Party punish failed Councillors by removing right to banger perks

  1. If she was told to cancel the event-and complied-then why did’nt Wright resign after being ‘advised’ by Labour party HQ to disappear?
    Bangers obviously take precedence over Bunglers.


  2. Good for Sarah, commonsense prevails. Hope that she will be out explaining to the public the misdemenours of the borough councillors


    • “Good for Sarah……………………….”
      Er,excuse me? i read Wil’s post as ‘Champion was told to cancel the BBQ’, she did’nt cancel it because she was overcome by a sudden rush of altruism.


      • …and Colin I read it that someone pointed out the image-problem to her and she re-acted quickly.
        Maybe Wil can clarify.


    • …. or a group of Rotherham Labour members out on a jolly.

      Sarah champing on a sausage? – just doesn’t bear thinking about.


  3. A Regular Reader is correct…cigar to the person who can read. Overall I think we need to inject a little humour into some Rothpol contributors and respondants. After all politics here are so grim that sometimes we just have to laugh a little;)



  4. Pity it could have been the last supper before they all resign or get bullet off labour nec.

    sorry they will also fail to act.

    wheres barron and healy disappeared to??


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