Coverup again in Quotes?

Interesting debate heard this week.
Misinformation to deflect from the council and police culpability and coverup and deliberate failure is alive and well.
This week a labour party activist tried dismissing it and said well its happenin everywhere.
Then when challenged over Rotherham….”they brought it on themselves. “
That when challenged that they were young girls who were plied with drugs, beaten up and gang raped it was then also their parents fault for letting them hang about.
Then using racism that it was all the immigrants fault and that Pakistani was taking over the town and council. This despite only about 4%.
They defended any notion of wrongdoing by cllrs.
But the other labour supporter said it was the police and council that were responsible. Suppressing reports. That the labour group should resign or be suspended by the party for covering up criminality and not protecting its children or warning parents of the dangers over last 16 years.
Other quotes have been to accuse Andrew Norfolk of pursuing a racist agenda.
That its Murdoch against a labour council. Its other journalists jumping on bandwagon to stir the pot up again.

5 thoughts on “Coverup again in Quotes?

  1. There are a few key public relations defenses being established by Councillors to whitewash their involvement:

    1. we didn’t know the true extent
    2. it was the officers
    3. Since variously….2009, 2013 or pick out a date when they came back from holiday, things have been much better.

    All lies of course,and remember most cllrs are not very bright, so they get caught out and in time they will be kicked out.



    • It is not only councillors who are not very bright.
      This quote from Champions twitter thing:
      “No one has been named in the report so how do we know without investigation who covered up?”
      She must have read a different version of the report to the rest of us.
      For the 3rd time-for the benefit of Champion-Prof.Jay said ‘No one can say they did’nt know’.
      Which part of ‘no one’ does’nt Champion understand? Sure we can all be pedantic and say ‘but there are no names mentioned’. If this dumb Rotherham MP read the report correctly and all the other evidence that has come to light it should be obvious you don’t have to be a highly paid MP to know who was involved.
      it is not supposition or scaremongering to publish what we know. The names are from public documents Madam.
      Or did you miss that?


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