8 thoughts on “Alexis Jay Interview

  1. a 12-year-old girl was found to have had sex with five adults (two of whom were let off with a caution) a CID officer claimed that it should not be categorised as sexual abuse because the girl had been “consensual in every incident”.
    This is truly sickening to read so what must it have been like for the victims and their families who turned to the police for help to be fobbed off with such patronising rubbish. That CID officer should be able to be traced and when found he/she should be out of a job!


  2. ” a CID officer claimed that it should not be categorised as sexual abuse because the girl had been “consensual in every incident”.”
    Complete and utter rubbish. A CID Officer should be aware of the law, if not he/she should seek guidance from his/her superior officer.
    The law is quite clear about this: for children aged 10-14 the prosecution has to prove offenders knew what they were doing was “seriously wrong”.
    CHILDREN AND CRIME : Age of criminal responsibility restored to 14.
    17th March 1995.
    It would be very difficult to prove a 12 year old child knew under age sex was ‘seriously wrong’. The adults involved in this should have been severely punished however in La La Labour Land this will never happen.

    I am getting to the point where this sorry saga is making me extremely angry at the sheer scale of these crimes and the patronising bovine excrement trotted out by so called ‘Senior Officers’, the PCC and named councillors who are attempting to brazen this out.
    Let’s wait and see what the voters think and do next May.


  3. the report , 11.11 , one senior officer suggested that some influential pakistani heritage councillors in rotherham had acted as barriers …. who could that be ? moofy ? ali ? akhtar ?


  4. They sure like them young: 11.1 of the report says there were twelve cases of forced marriage that had been dealt with in Rotherham – the highest in the South Yorkshire Police area. Of particular concern was the young age of many of the girls involved. It doesn’t give their actual ages, but just to avoid any confusion Lord “killer” Ahmed prefers to call these arranged marriages!


    • Mal says ” They sure like them young: ” … and then says “It doesn’t give their actual ages”. 🙂

      … and Mal, there is a definitional/legal difference between “forced” and “arranged” marriages.

      … but a very close friend of mine found herself somewhere in the middle of those definitions – and with tragic consequences. (She was Kenyan-born Sikh Punjabi, not Muslim) – like most things, it’s very complicated.


  5. R/R read it again before you sneer the report from which I’ve quoted says,”Of particular concern was the “young age” of many of the girls.” Don’t you get it “young age” actually means young, though as I say it does not give their specific ages. A girl can be described as young without you knowing her actual age can’t she? The rest of your post I think you should be sending to Lord “Killer” Ahmed, who is on record for trying to excuse forced marriages in claiming they were simply arranged marriages! What this really means is the arrangement is that the “young girl” doesn’t have any say in who she is marrying that’s the kind of arrangement these aliens like!


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