British Pakistani: Abuse is ‘brushed under the carpet’

We now have a range of representatives from the Rotherham Muslim community going around saying they didn’t know the “extent” of Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham.  And that there isn’t a cover up issue within the Muslim community.

I’m writing a more full feature but in the meantime, for those who will try to discount my work as racist here is a little introduction;  listen and learn from Sarah

AS for those who truly racist, don’t append your bigoted and racist bile to my blog, write your own articles, then people can see your for what you are.


14 thoughts on “British Pakistani: Abuse is ‘brushed under the carpet’

  1. By seeing what happened in Rotherham as racist puts us in the hands of the vile racists in the EDL and other such fascist groups. It was a failure of the council and its managers plus the police to deal with this situation, and the depraved perpetrators, the fact that they are mainly Pakistani does not make the crime any more worse. Ethnicity does not carry much weight in this crime except that it was used as an excuse by the powers that be to cover up the crime and for them to do nothing. If we simply use race then we go down the blind alley of the illusion that white British males do not carry out such despicable crimes or that Pakistani males don’t abuse their own females; which we all know from past evidence is not true. We the public have three duties to perform, if we know who the perpetrators are we should report them, we should make sure that the girls that this has happened to are getting proper after care, lastly we should hound out of office those we know knew but did nothing.
    Dave Smith


    • The EDL was warning about this and everyone was calling them “racists” (whatever that word means). Maybe a little “frog swallowing” will help to clear the mind?


    • Sorry Dave, you are wrong, ethnicity is the key to these crimes as they were carried out on such an industrial scale. Yes, child abuse is everywhere in this Country but not in any way on the scale, here in Rotherham as described in this report. Transporting these poor children around the north of England by these animals for the gratification of their friends and probably for money is far beyond any of the general abuse which, unfortunately does happen elsewhere.
      Don’t forget, their ethnicity allows them to marry a child as young as 2 years old, have sex with them from the age of 9 and the female child is owned by them if they marry them. Their culture allows them to beat and often kill their women if they bring “dishonour” on the family, they force the women/girls to have genital mutilation and force them into marriage.
      Nothing to do with their ethnicity????


  2. For years BNP were reporting on these matters but were classed as RACIST,now the truth is finally coming out against the pakistani child abusers the three main partys still refuse to do anything about it


  3. There was a cover up in muslim community where the victims were muslim girls. No one from the girls families wanted it reported as it brought shame and dishonour to the families affected. So the abusers got away with it.

    I would hazard a guess the so called and now most vocal “communeety leaders” knew about child sexual exploitation and did nothing!


  4. So because the EDL and BNP, two fascist organisations, so called reported this, some how makes them none racist organisations, what utter garbage. This is the problem with making this a purely racial problem, these idiots come out of the woodwork.
    Dave Smith


    • Sorry I have been misinformed …… I thought that all the headlines in all the national papers and actually the worlds papers and also all the TV news channels stated “Pakistani grooming gangs” …… But BNP telling people all that time ago there is a problem with Pakistani grooming gangs is racist….. I am confused …. I thought the whole problem was about Pakistani grooming gangs so why can’t we say it ?. The problem is not just in Rotherham but in towns and cities up and down the country does that make everyone that mentions it racist ?. If everyone dropped their political banners and stopped looking to point score and came together as people and solved this problem together the town would be a better place. So much for the Rotherham slogan … One town one community .


    • Sorry again Dave but by stating this is NOT purely a racial problem, you are sweeping it under the carpet which, I know is the last thing you want. Leave the EDL and BNP out of this, most of them are mindless morons, but we MUST accept that it is a Pakistani cultural/racial problem because, without doubt, reading this report, it is. The Pakistani culture is diametrically apposed to our British culture, standards and beliefs and these people should be FORCED to accept the British way of life or leave!


  5. Whilst this was a factor, where does it say in the Jay reports conclusions that fear of being acused of being racist was the main reason for this to go on? Not read through all the report, but my impression was about sexist culture within the police and social services, where the girls weren’t believed, or seen as consenting to their abuse and exploitation. If the guilty were racially targetting, how come Asian girls were victims too?


  6. Get rid of community cohesion role save 20k

    Close Labour Party down

    Close all corrupt bme centres in Rotherham

    Taxi drivers to pay full tax not fiddle it

    Cancel Diversity festival

    No multi cultural events

    Everybody vote Green Party

    Taxi licenses given out every 5 years


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