That inconvenient photo

What were they actually up to on this trip? Understand that this was the, now infamous, trip to Kashmir during the course of which Naz Ahmed claimed on TV, that his conviction and temporary incarceration, was the result of a ‘Jewish Conspiracy’! After which, Labour wasted no time, in forcing him out!

Jahangir Akhtar is pictured but among those on this ill fated trip, not pictured but on the trip were Baroness Warsi, her husband and her business partner as well as Mahroof Hussain, not normally camera shy, on this occasion however, he was?


4 thoughts on “That inconvenient photo

  1. Guido ran this photo and identified most of those pictured. One, at least, very dodgy? If I remember right? He failed to identify our very own Jahangir Akhtar, top left.


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