10 thoughts on “Daily Mail – More investigations

    • ‘Gather momentum’ snail pace would be a better description. There are allegedly 18 witnesses to serious criminal activity involving this person!
      What more do the CPS require?


    • Rev,
      What is most interesting about your DM story is that no other newspaper has picked it up.
      I’ll be surprised if it turns out to have legs.


  1. “Ash” Hussain is the cousin of Akhtar, the one whose release he negotiated in return for the return of a young girl he abducted.

    Ash was very close to Akhtar, so close that once when in Hospital Ash gave Akhtars address as his own. Akhtar denies any knowledge of Ash’s crimes, yet given that there were at least 18 girls groomed this seems incredible, in the very literal sense.

    In last nights Panorama TV programme one of the girls he was abusing brought into the equation something else that many of us know has to be involved. Drugs.

    Drugs will start to become more and more prominent in the investigations.



  2. There is a very large Asian involvement in the drug scene in this town. It is time the authorities investigated how some of these people acquired the wherewithal to set up their businesses. If they have been set up using drug money or from the under declaring of their incomes to avoid income tax and vat, the proceeds of crime act should be used to relieve them of their ill-gotten gains.


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