Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation

“The Police showed her a map of the north of England overlaid with various crime networks including ‘Drugs’, ‘Guns’, and ‘ Murder’… and told …we’re only putting resources into catching ‘the ring leaders’ …..if they’re caught, your local problem [CSE] will disappear – The Jay Report

“the appeal of organised sexual exploitation for Asian gangs had changed…. it had been for their personal gratification…. now it offered ‘career and financial opportunities to young Asian men ……”- The Heal Report

Speakers have been out and about defending the Kashmir/Mirpuri or trying to lay false trials to lead us away from something even more sinister.

That is, the organised structure of local and national pimping by gangs and the linkages into drugs, slavery, racketeer landlordism, fraudulent charities and weapons.

For example, Akhtar’s close relative Ash Hussain ,named as grooming at last 18 young girls is also accused of drug dealing. The newspaper pictures of him wheelchair bound reflect that he suffered gunshot wounds in a fight with a Manchester drugs gang. Not one of Akhtars sons, he nonetheless gave Akhtar’s as his home address when hospitalised.

Money laundering is on a massive scale to recycle the profits of crime using the Pakistani banks where compliance with international banking regulations is less rigorous and funding Pakastani political parties and candidates.

When the Jay Report was released first reactions and community defences came from the usual triangle of Akhtar, Mahroof and Shaukat Ali. However, so discredited are they that their biraderi is now forced to put out younger, less well known representatives such as Muhbeen Hussain and others from the Akhtar/Ali/Hussain families. Do not be fooled, they are simply the next generation of misogynistic biraderi leaders, whose only value is that they are yet to be discredited.

They will not bring change to the community, nor will anyone selected by the traditional biraderi leadership whose objective is to maintain status quo and cover up the crimes & keep the community quiet.

Their line is playing with words, such as not knowing the “extent” of CSE. Rubbish and a devious attempt to disguise the truth.

“The local Asian community ……. rarely speak about them [the perpetrators].’ The subject was taboo and local people were as afraid the violent tendencies of the perpetrators as the young women they were abusing.”

“there has been a long-standing problem of Asian girls suffering abuse” “The report’s not come as a shock to me in terms that we’ve known about these issues for a number of years now….. It’s just a pattern of abuse that’s being repeated with another sets of vulnerable girls”

– Zlakha Ahmed, Apna Haq

The most amazing dissembler has been Lord Nazir Ahmed, who featured in the Dailly Mail blaming the imams and the mosques for their failure to educate and direct young men.

This is absolute tosh. Blaming the Kashmiri/Mirpuri Imams is like blaming a sheep for the disemboweling of a wolf. They are appointed and paid by the community, meaning the biraderi leaders themselves and they call the tune.

Note that the Jay report emphasised the failures of Kashmiri/Mirpuri Councillors, not the Imams.


*Azad Kashmir is in Pakistani held Kashmir and embraces the Mirpuri community’s homeland.

28 thoughts on “Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation

  1. Imams are not to blame at all, they have no voice or power, its the Mosque committees made up from the same village, relatives who control the Mosques and then the samke disgraceful people come on teleivision and balme the poor Imams. Shameful


    • Cowardice

      Miroof was seen by a mate at show as if nowt had happened. Probably looking for advertiser photographer so he cud open another crisp packet. Rat


  2. Wil, a quick question.
    Are they relying on the banks to transfer funds ?
    I am well aware of the “informal channels” that are used within the south asian diaspora. Via Sikh friends I’ve used them to get money from UK to Kenya and once, quickly to Germany.
    BCCI was the famous “naughty bank” but – it was closed down finally because of its involvement with the industrial scale activities of Panama’s General Noreiga family not the activities of small scale criminals.


    • There is still banks that avoid the regulations. Only last year HSBC were fined $1billion or so for the activities of their Mexico branch.

      In 2012 The Financial Action Task Force (FATF). an international money-laundering watchdog added Pakistan, to its blacklist of nations that fail to meet international standards.

      Then there is Dawood Ibrahim, head of g a 5,000-member criminal syndicate mainly in Pakistan, India and the United Arab Emirates. He has managed to launder billions of dollars through the Hawala financial network.


      • Hi Wil,
        thanks, very interesting
        It was Hawala/trust based networks I had been referring to, Impressively efficient.
        I retired from international banking and its regulation some 13 years ago – and don’t keep up with what’s happening now.


    • Churchill quote very apt Rothpol. You may not want to print my last blog and I understand why. One doesn’t want to create unnecessary panic…. The size of this national emergency grows by the day … Much bigger than Rotherham..
      Churchill I think was a man of vision and a man who could inspire a nation. Are there any such statesman left…. I hope so.
      Though I have lived in NZ for almost 50 years my heart has always belonged to England. I grieve for my country and people…. PS I don’t expect this to go on the blog. With respect Linda Wheeler.


  3. A hard hitting and extremely well put argument Wil. I have no doubt you are bang on the money with what you say. Read p4 Daily Star Sunday tomorrow. I wrote it. And there will be many more where that came from because I will not stop until these fiends are weeded out and exposed for the vile rats that they are.


    • Read your article and could link loads more to these people.

      Jhangir Akhtar is also related to a drug lord in Birmingham. He is related to restaurant owner in Wickersley Rotherham that has turned billionaire over night, his restaurant was the scandal of rats and was closed by the Environment Health for some time.
      Question is where did he make money from and all in short amount of time.

      Mahroof Hussain is related to Sabir ( Mobeens father) who has been mentioned as having a second wife in uk. Apparently Sabirs sister is married to one of the Bostan Brothers ( Sajid Bostan has been mentioned ).
      He has links with one of the mosques where there have been tensions for some time.
      Shaukat Ali is related to the above. Again shot to stardom with a lot of wealth, where has it come from and how?

      Lord Nazir Ahmed has had jahangir Akhtar as his side kick for a very very long time while he was a councillor in his early career.

      Qureshi and Abbassi has proclaimed them selves ever since they worked in Rotherham as Community leaders. Where are they now and why did they not speak up now telling us that it is the mosques fault ( a bit like coppers telling the criminal they are guilty after the SHTF rather than doing the right things ASAP ).

      Why is there a different law for people in position of power and different for others.
      Those employed and responsible for protecting and working for the whole community let people down extremely badly.


  4. An excellent article Will, thank you. It fits in with a piece on Breitbart that suggests each girl is worth up to £200,000 pa to these gangs.


  5. There are many types of Asians and rather than brush us all under the same rug, I wish “the media” would start to distinguish between us. These are Pakistani Muslims, not Indian Sikhs or Hindus.


  6. When will Mahroof Hussain, Jahangir Akhtar, Shaukat Ali, Shabana Ahmed and Nazir Ahmed come clean and tell us the truth?
    With their evidence, the police could act and then we might be able to move on?
    Until we have the full truth about their activities and they are properly held to account for their part, moving on will not be possible!


    • There has been a deafening silence from those you mention. Why? When you think that would be the quickest way to sort this problem out, so that we can all move on?
      Why are they so reticent in view of the revelations in the Jay and Casey reports?
      Are they still in denial and therefore part of the ‘not fit for purpose’ Rotherham Labour Party?


  7. I have little faith in the regulation of bank to prevent ill gotten gains being laundered so these monsters may live like kings (tyrannical kings at that) in some hapless corner of the emisserated third world.


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