The role of ‘useful idiots’ in Rotherham

Towns like Rotherham, have numerous charities, local groups and clubs that invite on to their controlling boards, people who lend their reputations to these organisations.

Rotherham seems to have far more, than it’s fair share of these charities and related organisations, the only purpose for some, appearing simply to provide employment for family members and have no discernible charitable activity beyond this!

These organisations then trade on this, as evidence of their bona fides.

Such people, in political parlance, are referred to as ‘useful idiots‘.

Would advise all of Rotherham’s ‘useful idiots’, to consider their positions with regard to whether they are being exploited in this way?

If you should feel compelled to resign, after realising your good name is being exploited for the personal gain of others, we would like to hear from you, Email Rothpol.


2 thoughts on “The role of ‘useful idiots’ in Rotherham

  1. Useful idiots, how apt!

    Akhtar was able to use the race card time and time again because he recognised that the majority of his Labour colleagues were severely lacking in the intellect department.

    The majority have a low level of academic achievement and come from low skilled jobs; they were ripe for political manipulation.

    Not clever enough to see through Akhtar and his chums they fell into line taking the PC agenda hook line and sinker, useful idiots indeed.

    The sad part of it all is that their lack of challenge allowed local Pakistani grooming gangs and their national handler’s free range in Rotherham.


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