lets not forget…

Nothing has been heard of the results of the Selective Licensing Scheme consultation


Sheff has one in place now for Well Hall.

Nothing has been heard of the internal inquiry into the removal of the kids from UKIP fosterers.

There is now a comment facility  on the Jay report.


but , the webform that you must used to comment doesn’t allow one to attach a Doc, Docx Pdf file  or any other file. And there is no alternative e-mail address to use.

5 thoughts on “lets not forget…

  1. Rose McNeely was the Councillor/Cabinet lead on this.

    She basically dropped it in return for Mahroof and the Kashmiri vote at the the 2014 elections – you’d better believe it, as when confronted she didn’t even deny. Still not clear if the price was to drop it for a short time,having deceived the Kashmiri voters or permanently thereby deceiving the rest of the voters.

    Of course, it stinks.

    Rose is one of those many Rotherham Labour Councillors who get re-elected for hearing, seeing and speaking no evil. It was the same with regard to keeping her mouth shut and doing nothing about the Wellgate Riots in August 2013.

    The result is that for all the rubbish she and the others spout about equalities it’s the raw greed that gets their support, not sympathy for the immigrant. The result is we have no intergration or law and order policy worthy of the name.



      • Thanks Wil, as someone who knows your real identity I can say that the work you are doing is worthy and lets hope there is a clear out of current Labour councillors and good members like yourself take their place. Reclaim the party!


  2. the scheme goes to cabinet this month but with whats going on in rotherham it could be next month. i think we already know the outcome , non starter, with any luck the landlords causing the problems will be locked up soon


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