another who knew what story

These are minutes from Rotherham young peoples board from 3/3/2005 and 7/4/2005 these minutes were also given to the Social and Community Support Scrutiny Panel.

This is a list of the Councillors on this scrutiny pane:.
Russell (chair)
Doyle (vice chair)

This scrutiny panel scrutinised social services and other community related boards, as you will see sexual exploitation of young people was discussed at these meetings, both the children and young peoples board and the scrutiny panel.

Take note of page 83 of the March minutes about all the publicity they were going to give to CSE in Rotherham. Who put the block on any of this getting into the public domain?

Who ever it was should never be able to sleep at night.

Dave Smith

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6 thoughts on “another who knew what story

  1. SO – Jo Burton was on this Panel and was in the know about Child Sexual Exploitation from as far back as 2005. She who repeatedly says she knew nothing about it. Keeping quiet about these disgusting practices – Is that how she slithered up the greasy pole to become Vice Chair of the Children’s Safeguarding Board?

    Let us be rid of her and soon.


  2. It says that ALL councillors where invited to the meeting on 5th April 2005.

    While wanting to know what the councillors who attended were told I would also like to know what the councillors who didn’t were told later. And of course what ALL of whwtever hue did in response.



  3. Firstly; Congratulations to Dave Smith for publishing these minutes.They show quite clearly that Burton-amongst others-cannot say (as Alexis Jay points out) “they did not know”.
    The remaining RMBC councillors who were attendees at The Rotherham Children and Young People’s Board on 3rd March 2005 claim they did not know the extent of CSE in Rotherham but………………The current hogwash emanating from them ( Shaun Wright Included) is “We did’nt know”. This repeated soundbite infers they did not know or were aware of CSE at all in Rotherham. The Jay Report repeatedly demolishes this lie and coupled with the minutes above shows these councillors have no integrity, no moral fibre and are dishonourable people clinging to the wreckage of their positions as councillors. They are all equally duplicitous and should not wait until the May 2015 elections before they disappear.


  4. With every drip of information it is clear that at all levels within RMBC and SYP, highly paid individuals did know what was going on.

    Labour Cllr`s, Conservative and Independents all knew, local MPs knew, senior police officers knew and what did they do, absolutely nothing, they all stood back and allowed the systematic rape and abuse of children.

    The scale of the abuse was covered up, threats of injunctions, court action and my solicitor will be contacting you must have been threatened to keep this level of abuse under the radar.

    Why would anyone consider the threat of legal action to stop the spotlight of public concern being focused on this level of child abuse?


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