Emma Hoddinott – An interesting exchange

Grateful to our spotter who ticked the no publicity box.

Caused me to lift more than an eyebrow, what do you think?

Twitter Emma 13_09_2014

33 thoughts on “Emma Hoddinott – An interesting exchange

    • Judging from Hoddinot’s tweet the ‘self serving, parochial, deluded, closed and arrogant culture’ of Rotherham’s Labour continues to attempt to maintain the status quo.

      Not long to go to the ballot box. The people of Rotherham will drive that fact home to her and her sycophants.


  1. Still arrogant! Didn’t Hoddinott enforce a press silence on her fellow councillors following the first Times article and leaked report? Brass neck springs to mind!


  2. The cabinet re-shuffle reminds me of a football team that has eleven bad players the manager leaves and they bring in another manager. They keep the same team of no hopers but the knew manager shuffles them around and they still lose. Making Lakin leadership the new manager with the same team of no hopers means they will still fail. I wonder which part of the local people don’t trust Labour councillors don’t they get. It would have been better to bring in the independent councillor and one UKIP councillor into the cabinet at least it would give some semblance of change; instead of the usual partisan order of things.
    Dave Smith


  3. Pleased that I had not had my tea before reading the sycophantic comments from Sioned-Mair Richards.

    Reading other Tweets from Mz Hoddinott if looks as if she is rubbishing her colleagues suggesting that the new team are a much better crowd and she will take action.

    I must have missed something; I thought she was on the council at the time of the first Andrew Norfolk articles.

    She would do well to learn some humility and reflect on her lack of action to stop children being raped, tortured and abused or is that acceptable in new Labour circles as the victims were from the working class poor and not like us in Wickersley.

    The again with an MP like Healey who down played an investigation into the crimes and may well be one of the MPs Wright eluded to what can you expect from a ward Cllr.

    If I was one of the opposed cabinet members or suspended members I would be taking her to task, no doubt her comments are a barbed dig at Wyatt who with Akhtar helped bring the public’s notice on the adverse comments about her on the scab blog.

    She needs to tread carefully, leaks of e-mails, texts following the Times articles 2012 may well come back to haunt her.

    So much for Lakin carrying out any due diligence before appointing her.

    No doubt when her role in failing to take robust action does surface the NEC will have ensured they have a damage limitation strategy in place and another stooge ready to replace her.

    People in glass houses should not throw stones.


  4. As I read it , someone called Sioned-Mair Richards tweeted congratulating Hoddinott on her new role, and Hoddinott replied.
    Then Gillian Radcliffe jumped in and with criticism of the Council, and somewhat bitchily Richards replied to her, I see now that
    Councillor Hoddinott was elected a councillor on 3rd May, 2012 and is a member of the Health Select Commission.
    Now a Steve Mace has come with a very sensible suggestion and Brenda Gunning adds “S’pose you knew nowt about anything,not coming from Rotherham etc etc Please Tweet your qualities for the post”.
    As far as I can see Hoddinott has behave properly.
    Whilst Gillian Radcliffe was Head of Press & PR, South Yorkshire Police, 1991 – 1997 (from Linkin)
    She is known more recently for this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-19584628
    Councillor Hoddinott was elected a councillor on 3rd May, 2012 and is a member of the Health Select Commission. That she doesn’t come from Rotherham is neither here nor there.


  5. Don’t forget Gillian Radcliffe is a failed SY PCC candidate and on her original candidate statement she said “I served as communications lead on the senior management team in South Yorkshire” in other words she was a spin doctor for South Yorkshire Police. Hardly an unblameworthy history herself then!


    • I know that, in Rotherham, communications management is the equivalent of “spin”, but never in my career. I have always worked to make public sector organisations more open, honest and accountable. Rotherham could use a bit of that and I am certainly no apologist for South Yorkshire Police, who have behaved very questionably throughout this matter.
      Some might recall that, more than two years ago, I offered my campaign expertise to the council free of charge, though this website, to mount a public awareness campaign to help prevent further child sexual exploitation. I was turned down flat by people who clearly had protection of themselves as a higher priority than protection of children.
      Would you like to attempt to explain how my history is “hardly unblameworthy”? My integrity is very important to me and I don’t take lightly any suggestions to the contrary. Of course, you’re not brave enough to identify yourself in making potentially libellous comments, are you? Anonimity is a convenient cloak for cowards and those with something to hide.
      We had a lot of this kind of empty innuendo when I had the temerity to try to stand against Shaun Wright as PCC. It’s typical of the protective pack mentally to play the player not the ball.
      Finally, I accept that, despite my intention to stand as an independent candidate against Wright two years ago, I failed to achieve that because I simply didn’t have the money to mount a countywide campaign. I’m not sorry that I tried and nailed my colours to the mast. What did you do to make the situation better for the children of Rotherham?


      • Gillian. I don’t know you, but it is easy to fall into the trap of critcising people by looking at their background. I accept that I did that in my previous post.

        I will have to take at face value your view that you “have always worked to make public sector organisations more open, honest and accountable.” Perhaps we (and you) should assume the same of others, and that most people in Rotherham are actually decent people trying to do their very best, usually with no knowledge of the stuff we’ve been talking about, rather than you succumbing to the temptation to quickly criticise anyone with a connection to RMBC. Surely they deserve the same respect as you’re claiming for yourself – unless there is clear evidence that proves otherwise.


  6. “We’ve got a team who want to get our town through this”
    They will be members of the old team then who have jumped up two places to form the ‘new’ team.

    Paul Lakin – Leader of the Council – elected 1999
    Emma Hoddinott – Deputy Leader of the Council – elected 2012
    John Doyle – Adult Social Care and Health – elected 1998-
    Dominic Beck – Business Growth and Regeneration – elected 2011-
    Mahroof Hussain – Environment – elected 2002
    Christine Beaumont – Children and Education Services – elected 2011
    Maggie Godfrey – Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods – elected 2012

    Everyone of them ‘knew nothing about it Guv’. Honest. Trust me,I’m a Labour councillor.
    All of them are a lia(r)bility.


    • But surely Colin some are more of a liability than others. All those from before 2011 need to go, but … wouldn’t it be better to list all living Lab councillors past and present who were around in the years from the late 20th century to say 2010 ? – but look I’ve never met any of these people, but I have met a few of the dinosaurs – both current and ex-councillors, and all they disgust me.


  7. Sioned-Mair Richard is clearly a bad judge of character, a tough woman!

    Don`t make me laugh.

    Had she been tough after the articles in the Times she would have flexed her political muscles and gone on the attack, no, not even a whimper she stood back with all the rest of them and allowed Labour controlled RMBC to squander £250,000 on an injunction against the Times while children were being covered in petrol and threatened with being set alight.

    Some tough woman.

    What is evident in her Twitter exchanges is the total lack of contrition, lack of accountability and lack of appreciation of the sheer depth of contempt in which the public hold her and the rest of the rabble.

    Roll on 2015.


  8. Sioned Mair Richards was an officer in Rotherham before she stood for election for Sheffield City Council as a Labour Party Candidate. Also working or worked for Darren Hughes. Does anything more need to be said


  9. Note also…..Clive Betts in the HoC committee he chaired this week, stated Sion’s name at the beginning of the meeting during disclosure of members interest.


  10. “Scrutiny & Member Development Officer
    Rotherham MBC
    2002 – 2011 (9 years)

    Someone else to add to the list of those who failed the children, some scrutiny officer!


    • Oh my, how the plot thickens. This shows how intertwined these rotten individuals are with these horrendous events. They all need to go. We should not have to wait until May.


  11. Heard Hodinott has tried to be MP all over like barnsley, sheffield and rotherham plus further afield.

    Healy has been busy grooming emma for high places.

    Not a trade unionist but sent to work for unison.to spruce up her cv. Flag of convenience to dupe voters and members?

    why did she not speak out for young girls being abused?


  12. Rothpol.

    Could we have a link to the Twitter account of Sioned-Mair Richard (SMR), I am sure it would make much more interesting reading than the one for the failed leader contender Dugher?

    Another one creeps from under the stone that is Rotherham, why on earth SMR would think it acceptable to attack the PR lead for SYP when she was the scrutiny and development officer for RMBC members during the period when the worst of the abuse was taking place is beyond me.

    Do her constituents know about her role at RMBC?

    Did she know about the child rape crimes?

    If she did, what did she do about it?

    Did she vote for the resignation for Wright?

    Will she be supporting any potential Labour NEC legal action to stifle public debate?

    So much for her opinion on tough women, if she wanted to use an example of tough women she should have highlighted the women who took a stand during the miners’ strike, not some light weight PC, new Labour, did nothing, in it for becoming an MP ward Cllr.

    No wonder Ukip are rubbing their hands with this champagne socialist adding more oil to the fire.


  13. Lakin ,Doyle and Hussain cannot deny ‘they knew nothing’. They are tainted with the same stench of cover ups,denials and incompetence over the CSE scandal as all the others. If any or all of these three claim I’m wrong there is a simple solution: Let them volunteer to open scrutiny of their files,papers,emails, records and minutes of all meetings from 2002-2014 and offer themselves for interviews and interrogation to Louise Casey. If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to lose.


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