Andrew Norfolk – The Main Course

From Page 4 of today’s Times. Norfolk’s finest!

Times Page 4r 17 Sept 2014

8 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk – The Main Course

  1. Rothpol, It seems there is also an Times editorial on the subject.
    This is what it looks like from the wrong side of the paywall:
    “Three Down, One to Go
    Shaun Wright should have resigned earlier. It is now Joyce Thacker’s turn”


  2. Hang on, noticed an interesting anomaly here. Hussain is claiming that he is setting up a march on Saturday against ‘Far Right hate crimes’. However he’s been promoting this march elsewhere as a ‘not in my name’ march against sex abuse.

    I wonder if someone has pointed out to him that might not go down well? A couple of broken windows is unpleasant and shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. However I think it may have been noted by some if the Muslim community managed to mobilize after a week when one of their number suffered a broken window after they stayed silent for 20 years over sexual abuse.

    Perhaps this is the reason for the change in purpose?


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