Day Twenty Three – News Round-up

Too good for anyone to miss:
This is the first article that contributes much to the discussion going on in most homes in Rotherham. Sarfraz Mansoor  is the first to point to a potential way forward based on a different model than hitherto.
Neil Wilby’s Twitter is interesting today:
A selection from Regular Reader:

These have some relevance

See the comment by “UKIP”

Previously seen on your blog in a comment by Tim Wells

this has little relevance, but interesting

11 thoughts on “Day Twenty Three – News Round-up

  1. This is doing the rounds on Twitter this morning…
    Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman admits many/most Labour MP’s knew about CSE Abuse among young children for years:


  2. The next person in line has to be Jacqui Collins. Are we seriously to believe that in the two years she has been in her (highly paid) post she never saw a single report, file,agenda or minute concerning CSE? She never heard or was told anything that would lead her to investigate these crimes?
    Who was (is) she protecting? She is not only the Legal and Monitoring Officer she also has 46 other people working for her in the legal department, and nobody knew or heard anything?


  3. To ‘EldersofZyklons’ –

    You’re subtext to your blog – ‘ Exposing the Jew world order game and their vile chutzpah’ demeans any comments you make as irrelevant concerning the citizens of Rotherham’s search for justice.

    As does the term ‘ Zyklon’ in you name – I guess it related to this – if not explain Why?

    Shame on you – and sbweb 1975 for using such links on a civilized site.

    Now I will get back to trying to bring the guilty to justice in a civilized manner.


    • Well spotted Sally Kate,
      Hopefully Rothpol will take our comments as a HeadsUp.
      I certainly don’t want any words of mine appearing on such a sickening cesspit of a site., or ever to see that discussing icon/mini-me again.


  4. Thanks Rothpol for anything you can do.
    Any of my intellectual property that appears on the web has my copyright notice attached – so that I can legally insist on take-down for any unauthorised use – even on a US site. But when it comes to blogs the US “fair usage ” rules apply to use of selective text (which would include a blog posting) – as long as there is a credit/link to the original text.
    At least my mini-me has his back turned, so can’t see that site :-).


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