Day Twenty Four – News

News Latest: There is a van going down Moor Lane South Ravenfield, with a loud speaker calling Rotherham Council Out repeatedly!

From the Star:


Healey denies Times report:

Odd set of candidates

All I can see is that Pick was a Barnsley mbc bureaucrat


16 thoughts on “Day Twenty Four – News

  1. It hadn’t registered with me that the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel meeting was this morning.
    It isn’t in the RMBC Webcasts either.


  2. Joyce Thacker goes off work on sick leave, Rotherham Council confirm
    “The employee said: “I think some serious questions need to be asked about this. The email was just sent out by Martin Kimber saying Joyce Thacker had gone off on long-term sick with immediate effect. Of course she’ll be on full pay. It’s unbelievable.” “


    • How can they immediately say she will be on ‘long term’ sick? The job of the council’s HR dept is to liaise with the employees medical advice to find out what is wrong, what the prognosis is, what can be done to ‘support’ the person to get her back to work as soon as possible, and to ensure the alleged sickness is genuine. They cant possibly know yet if its long term.

      If they already have a ‘long term’ diagnosis (unlikely), then an agreement should be reached that her contract is terminated, as she is frustrating her contract.. If the diagnosis is that this woman will never work again, there will be an agreement to pay her pension early. If she is deemed likely to work again, under no circumstances should there be early payment of pension. Neither should going on sick leave be seen as frustrating any disciplinary action – she would need to be informed that an investigation will be conducted and her absence will not preclude this, or any subsequent decision to instigate formal disciplinary action. Inability to attend would not stop them finding against her (or exonerating her), and taking appropriate action – up to and including dismissal.

      The treatment of this woman has to be fair (if only because the Council will end up paying huge amounts of compensation and costs if they get this legally wrong) – but it has to be SEEN to be fair. And thethey need – for the satisfaction of the community – to be seen to be rigorous in the investigation. And now they MUST confirm that such an investigation is to take place, conducted by a neutral party ie. a senior officer of another organisation.


      • Mmmm another Rotherham director of social services goes on ‘long term’ sick leave Never to be seen again but will pop up in another area soon.


      • Yes there are a lot of questions Forensic X.
        I don’t think she being on long-term sick leave RMBC can even request that she should step down/ agree contract termination – even to ask to discuss it with her would put RMBC in legal jeopardy .And remember that her illness may well be stress related – so it would not be appropriate to begin disciplinary action.
        The more appropriate action to take is to appoint and interim (from outside RMBC) into her position.
        “The treatment of this woman has to be fair ” under the law.


  3. How has this man Pick been chosen? If he worked in the PCC’s office, he is obviously a Labour sycophant as no one but no one other than a Labour member was allowed anywhere near Wrights inner sanctum. This, once again shows the disgrace of the filthy dictatorship which is the political scene throughout South Yorkshire.


    • Pick was ‘Treasurer to the PCC.’ I always thought a PCC at £85k was poor value, then I found he had a Deputy on £40k and now a Treasurer. How many more snouts are in the PCC’s trough and how much is the office costing us?


  4. RMBC if not careful could find itself mired in a protracted and messy Shoesmith type HR dispute with a number of senior officers.

    They need sound, robust outside HR/legal advice if they are to avoid eye watering financial settlements for unfair dismissal etc.


  5. Joyce Thacker on long term leave/sick. Watching MP Vaz speaking to Kimber at the select committee, he was virtually ordering Kimber to investigate her. Has she been sent on the sick whilst she is being investigated, this is the sort of thing Civil servants do in order that a person under investigation cannot interfere with any enquiries.


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