Moofy has broken one of my rules!

Have shared this with readers for what it really tells us about Moofy:

It’s only when you look at this page that it begins to make any sense :

Moofy created the entry , keeps it updated, and deletes any amendments anyone ever makes. – including one that says that he is also known a “Moofy”.

It breaks wikipedia rules. -they are not a vanity site)

Until now I hadn’t really understood what was particularly wrong with him, but now he has broken one of my rules!

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11 thoughts on “Moofy has broken one of my rules!

  1. 1. Not much ever makes me angry, but… and it takes time to get a take down on such abuse of the most useful reference site.
    2. Of more immediate importance is that Thacker is out from RMBC. — I’ve sent Rothpol the links.
    (I was happy when I saw that, until I saw the wiki article.)


  2. I wrote this on another post and it was ignored so il try here 🙂

    So please tell me why no light is being shone on this matter , rothpol has admitted that it jas come to light A1 taxi drivers have been convicted for grooming, A1 holds all the children service contracts still and yet this isnt publicised ? Why not it seems as though you have your own political agenda and you only seem to shine the light where u see fit and not where it really matters!! IF YOU was just here to speak the truth then speak the truth against jeff williams ray watson A1 organisation or are they exempt because they are your kind?


  3. Is the muslim youth confined to kashmir or mirper?

    Was he elected as the leader or self appointed?

    Is it a genuine body?

    Is it part of a constutionally organised national network?

    Please tell us mubeen


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