The Star – VIDEO: Muslim protest against Rotherham child abuse held ‘without incident’

Thanks to the ever observant Regular Reader, for spotting this online report.

The Star reports on Saturday’s Rotherham Demonstration.

Click on image  to read in full and to watch the video, maybe the start of some objectivity at last, unless readers have a different story to tell?

Star Demo 21_09_2014

13 thoughts on “The Star – VIDEO: Muslim protest against Rotherham child abuse held ‘without incident’

  1. if the truth be known , i bet most of the pakistanis in rotherham know the name of the groomers why dont they go to the police and tell them ? because their afraid of the pakistani community mr bigs .


  2. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the British Ramadhan Foundation, said: “The grooming gangs have not only brought shame on themselves and the community but have damaged the lives of so many promising young girls. Why does he not mention the boys only the girls ?

    Why not attack the Councillors who knew and not just the RMBC ,Police and Social Services.
    If anything they are trying to cover up for the perpetrators in the asian community and the Councillors including moofy

    Why call themselves the British Muslim youth and not the Rotherham youth are the musliim community trying to alienate us or say they are better than most others in the communities ?


  3. Haven’t you figure that out already, Muslims believe every other race or cultures are beneath them. Hence there belief they can abuse little white girls and get away with it. Thanks to there friends in he Labour Party, social services and the Police they hit away with there disgraceful behaviour for over 16 years, but I think it went on before that, just those in power won’t admit it as ususl


  4. The video’d speech is UTTER, UTTER hypocracy. The Muslim community DOES know the names of the perpetrators but Muslims have a perverted sense of honour and justice and their allegiance is always to their tribe and religion. Hence, they WILL NOT do the honourable thing and name the perpetrators. Instead , they will lie and lie and raise smokescreens such as this demonstration. Contrition is an unknown concept to them , witness the silence of “Lord” Ahmed who, as leader of the Pakistani community, and as someone who has been fully in the know, should have been the first to resign.


  5. I was there and to be honest I would say the number of people was about 120 maybe 150: About a fifth of those were white. One white girl who attended spoke for about three minutes fifteen seconds of which was about justice for victims, for the rest it was slagging off far right groups. Have a look at the banners and signs they don’t mention the victims, just EDL and racists. This was a far left political rally.


  6. We’ll am shock, you honestly believed that the people who organise this event, remember the same people who have denied that this abuse too place, would really be there to show solitary with the victims. Get real


  7. Wasn’t there on Saturday, but the picture in today’s Sheffield Star clearly shows placards with “Justice for the Victims- Don’t let the racists divide us”, amongst others been held up.By what I have seen on line, others speakers expressed anger over the abuse, and wanted justice for the victims, but, quite rightly, in my opinion, opposed the far Right, using the issue stiiring racism and violence in the town.
    How many arrests? How many churches and christian businesses attacked?


  8. Who is exactly the racists here, the ones that committed the most heinious crimes ever against children, but used the cover of racial harmony to continue this evil for decades, that don’t want to except the Britsh way of life, want to live there our way, or the people that protested against these crimes.


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