Andrew Norfolk – Poses the difficult questions

Thanks to Regular Reader for this full scan of Andrew Norfolk’s piece in the Times newspaper:


13 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk – Poses the difficult questions

  1. to digress:
    At least RMBC collects my bottles and newspapers tomorrow. 🙂
    I dislike web Paywalls and those that put them up.
    I can read the text of Andrew Norfolk’s articles usually a day after publication via Infotrac, which is free if you know how and where to enter it, and I know how to get behind the paywall on several newspaper sites, but Murdoch sites are impossible to penetrate. So late afternoon I went and bought a copy of the newspaper just so I could scan this article – after I realised that Rothpol didn’t have a scanned copy.


  2. Let’s remember these little gems from RMBC!

    A report published 2010

    Revealing the fears over the racial element to the abuse, a 2010 report from the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board said the crimes had ‘Cultural characteristics … which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity’, but warned of ‘sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships’.

    Reason stated for not publishing serious case review from December 2011 Safeguarding minutes:
    Community cohesion impact.

    From the same December 2011 minutes:

    Phil Morris and Zafar Saleem are to meet with Inspector Aziz next Tuesday to address any community tensions likely to arise.

    So what did Insp Aziz recommend?

    What did Cllr Lakin know and do?

    What did lead for community cohesion Cllr Hussain know and do?


    • Mal thanks,
      but it doesn’t even mention the method I use to get the full text of the stories. 🙂
      I’ll try what they discuss, but I’m not interested in the pictures !
      As I think you possibly know, I don’t do conspiracy theories , but there is a lot of history of Murdock and the security firm that is or was part of his empire – going back to how Sky TV destroyed all its early competitors in UK – that security firm is really top quality!
      Certainly someone published how to clone the cards of other early pay-to-watch TV suppliers in UK – and cloned card were soon available on ebay and other sites – it destroyed the competition.
      ( I had a professional interest in it all at the time .I’m glad I’m long time retired now – working in fraud and security for a credit card company takes you unto a really ugly part of the world.)


  3. R/R: the second post on this topic mentions Phillip Morris, “Phil and Zafar Saleem are to meet with Inspector Aziz next Tuesday to address any community tensions likely to arise.” I have also seen the name mentioned regarding the Boston Castle ward meetings, though some spell the name Moss rather then Morris so I can’t be certain of the name but it has also come up several times by Robin Symonds.


      • Ah they are different people are they! I thought it was a bit strange that the SY Probation Trust Business Manager Phil Morris was at a Labour ward meeting dustup, My fault for confusing the two. Mea cupa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!


  4. My apologies R/R If I had checked your link first I would have found he is referred to as SY Probation Trust Phil Morris Business Manager . Any one who bothers to read my posts will know I some times shoot from the hip without checking either my spelling and grammar or on some occasions the facts!


    • Being dyslexis, I also fail on the spelling and grammar tests, but fact checking comes natural to me – I once got paid to do it by one of the Press Agencies. In the US “fact checkers” are part of the editorial team of all reputable news papers – but in UK the MSM either rely on Reutors and PA, or simply don’t care about it. All we have doing it independently are the good guys at .


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