Press Round-Up Friday 26 Sept 2014


Regular Reader’s selection for today, thanks:

After Rotherham, councils are told to review child protection

Doncaster child protection boss caught up in Rotherham sex abuse scandal breaks silence

Bradford: Care home worker’s grooming concerns ‘not followed up’

Nigel Farage accused of exploiting child abuse issue for political gain


8 thoughts on “Press Round-Up Friday 26 Sept 2014

    • there were reports going around earlier that the first four speakers at the UKIP Conference all brought up Rotherham – but I don’t know in what context.


  1. The problem here is that you are damned if you do, because you are accused of scoring points by Labour councillors who are culpable as I myself have , you are damned if you don’t because you are accused of not caring. I have stood as an independent in Dinnington on three occasions and will be doing so again next year. This is not my motivation for demanding that my local Labour councillors step down, my motivation is that they seriously let down over a thousand young people who were raped and abused on their watch. Jane Havenhand senior adviser to Shaun Wright from 2005 to 2010 she was still there when Lakin took over. Simon Tweed adviser to Shaun Wright from April 2008 to June 2010. When Jacky Falvey was a Borough councillor for Dinnington she along with Havenhand and Tweed attended a meeting with Wright where a report on sexual exploitation of children was discussed. Another Dinnington Town councillor whilst a Borough councillor, Philip Wardle, who had also been Lord Mayor, attended along with Havenhand the 2005 seminar where an unambiguous report on child sexual exploitation was given by Risky Business; see Jay report. I believe I would be failing in my duty as a citizen of Rotherham if I did not bring this to the attention of the Dinnington and Rotherham public. Keeping quiet is what allowed the disgusting behaviour of CSE in Rotherham to happen and is still happening, these people have proved that they are not fit people to represent us and while ever people like these are still in office Rotherham can not move on. If this is perceived as political point scoring so be it but it will not stop me from following this through.
    Dave Smith


  2. Hi Dave,I’m not generally disagreeing with your post but perhaps you could tell me how you know that the CSE seminar in 2005 was unambiguous? Do you have a copy of the presentation that was given or a copy of the committee clerk’s verbatim notes of the meeting? If you do not, then how have you arrived at your conclusion?


    • Peter, this extract from the Jay report sums it up nicely, page 110 para 13:45:

      “The following April, a further presentation was made to 30 councillors. The explicit content meant that by 2005 few members or senior officers could say ‘we didn’t know’.”

      As far as I’m aware, the evidence given in the 2005 presentation has not been made public. However, I have no reason to believe the Jay report gives an inaccurate description of the evidence given to councillors. I think “explicit content” can be taken to mean “unambiguous” in this context.


  3. Labour are trying their best to stifle any kind of debate on the Rotherham CSE scandal by using the political point scoring card, it is just the same as the race card and all to keep their snouts firmly in the trough.

    On a separate note, why is Cllr Hussain in the Cabinet?


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