Harry Smith talks to us all!

I have just watched one of the most amazing speakers I have ever seen, he is just a very quiet spoken man from Barnsley who is over 90 years old; he was speaking at the Labour party conference.

He was delivering a message about the NHS ostensibly to Cameron, but I think the message should resonate with all career politicians especially Labour.

He talks of his child hood and his family history in Barnsley, and if it does not move you to tears you have a heart of stone.

We should all take inspiration from this man he tells us why we should be fighting to make the world a better place.

Go to David Cameron is Killing Britain, believe me it will be well worth it.

Dave Smith

11 thoughts on “Harry Smith talks to us all!

  1. Labour allowed the NHS to get in the state it is in today and then had the temerity to bankrupt the Country completely and expect the new government to improve it. Blair and Brown have a lot to answer for so don’t blame Cameron.
    I remember the time when we had no NHS and Mum & Dad paid 1 shilling a week into a doctors fund so that we could just have the basic medical care therefore I will defend the NHS with the last breath in my body. Labour can’t and won’t improve it because they won’t have the finances, they know it and you know it and until this Country is back on it’s feet financially, improvements are impossible. Labour are the last people able to return us to financial stability, they never have done in their history and never will do. They will always spend money we haven’t got.


  2. It was a fine speech and moved me to tears as well. He came from the finest of all generations – a better one than mine with its hatred, greed and self interest dictating all. I wish there were more like him left. I heard similar recollections from my Dads, Mom and older members of my family. I also heard many about the washer women of the terraces – individuals who ‘assisted death’ when the bills and health and age dictated. Terrifying. Never again.

    As to ANON’s claim don’t blame Cameron – I do. He and his free marketeers are currently trying to sell it off to the USA and elsewhere . Look to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the effects it will have on the NHS for that. The NHS can never be safe in Tory hands and its decaying everyday while they are in power. Trust Cam the Sham with NHS? I’d rather take my chance in front of a firing squad.

    I was born with several disabilities and life threatening conditions – in fact I technically died at birth and once more since. As a result I have used the NHS weekly since. My experience is that under the Tories – before and now – it suffers badly.

    The Thatcher / Major years were a nightmare and its becoming so now again. But they again they were just being Tories and carrying on their oposition to the NHS.

    At the onset of the NHS – most Tories and the conservative BMA hated it and opposed it with a passion – Churchill himself personally called upon consultants of their time to vehemently oppose the introduction of the NHS – nothing has changed – they just use more professional soundbites to tell their lies and cover their venom.

    In 1951 the Tories even attempted to dismantle it, and set up a committee led by the Cambridge academic ‘Government Friendly’ Claude Guillebaud to look at how effective the NHS was. Thankfully it concluded the NHS was very effective and working well. The Tories were furious – it wasn’t the result they had envisaged – but it effectively killed off their attempts to get rid of it. Until Thatcher came along that was. And then Cam the Sham.

    Under the Tories Services have always decreased and patients suffered. They don’t care – the simply want to sell it off. Probably to the bankers and hedge funds that caused the world wide crash in the first place. Although you seem to think that was solely Labour – such is their apparent international reach throughout the modern capitalist world – not.

    SKT xxxx


  3. The words from Harry that should send a shiver down all our spines are, “my history could become your future” not a truer word spoken. All the main political parties are to blame for not only the NHS but the welfare state as whole, Blair’s New Labour turned the party into the nearly Tories. Remember when Thatcher died and Cameron stood at the despatch box and said “we are all Thatcherites” when Miliband attempted to refute it all Cameron said was, “name one thing that Margaret Thatcher introduced that Labour has rescinded” , answer silence. The Labour party that Harry Smith was talking about was the one that brought us the NHS, the welfare state, nationalised coal, gas, electricity, water, steel and the railways. This lot are not even a shade of pink near to that Labour party, look what they have done to Rotherham, my Father and my Grandfather would be ashamed at what has been done to their party; the one they fought so hard to build. The working class needs to take back it’s party and get rid of the public school career politicians, without this Harry Smiths words will come true his history could become our children’s future. Remember Edd Balls speech at this Labour party conference, they will carry on with the same austerity measures as the Tories, so why the hell would you vote for any of them?
    Dave Smith


  4. Good post Dave.

    One of my main gripes with Labour’s approach to the NHS when last in power was the target culture. Dr Carlisle often writes about this in the Star -he had a letter in Friday re this again and he’s spot on. The target and business culture within the NHS has the same negative affect as it did in the CSE Scandal. No one seems to want to change this. Personally I think it should be abolished. Why?It does not show actual performance related to need – just imaginary performance related to stats.And we all know were a reliance on stats leads.

    My gripes with the Tories AND UKIP re the NHS are many fold. But basically the Tories see it has a free market and UKIP haven’t got a clue – or hide their privatization intent (Ie Mr Nuthall). As for the Liberals – that changes whoever they speak to. All in all – nationally of course – I trust Labour more with the NHS. They have the better record with the service in my opinion and its safer with them. Although some may disagree.

    Of course locally on other issues my vote isn’t has solid: it varies. Although none of the big 2 locally in Rotherham inspire me with confidence or got my vote last time.

    SKT xxxx


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