Muhbeen Hussain tries to re-invent the past?

Mahroof Hussain’s nephew, Muhbeen is really beginning to make himself look stupid with all his attention seeking.

This is a naked attempt to rise to prominence in Rotherham Labour and to secure nomination to the Council, at the earliest opportunity, to replace one of the fallen, Jahangir Akhtar perhaps?

First he forms an organisation that he claims to lead, British Muslim Youth.

Originally inaugurated in Bradford, it was then called UK Muslim Youth, this was always a ‘family’ front, for Muhbeen to pretend he was a ‘community leader’ in the making. The photo of the occasion give this away, as every single person in the photo is closely related to  Muhbeen, Vakas and their uncle Mahroof! Keep it in the family? The following previous posting marking the occasion:

Every Picture Tells A Story?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This photograph was taken at the launch on Sunday, of the UK Muslim Youth! My, even our old friend Vakas Hussain turned up, I see. A right family excursion in fact, what with uncle Mahroof, ‘Moofy’, there as well! Rothpol … Continue reading

Once the Alexis Jay Report was published, Muhbeen was first out of the blocks, all over TV like a rash. He was retailing a version of the truth, that was too incredible for words and has significantly damaged his reputation within his own community and elsewhere.

Last weekend there was a meeting of Muhbeen’s fan club, in the Town Hall. This was nothing more than an attempted subterfuge upon the gullible! Did no one think to check his bone fides

British Muslim Youth has no real existence beyond his families imaginations. It’s purpose was to make Queen Muhbeen look good, whilst providing some cover for his uncle to hide behind. A full on put up job and make no mistake.

Mahroof’s biggest problem currently, is avoiding being suspended by the Labour Party once they realise, that he is just the third leg of a biraderist triangle, that has made something of a speciality of growing rich and protecting the criminals in their own community.

Muhbeen is up to his tricks again this weekend, organising a meeting in the Unity for all Rotherham citizens, it is a charade, and people would be best avoiding going, as this is a naked attempt at image manipulation, to make Muhbeen look good in the eyes of fools.

21 thoughts on “Muhbeen Hussain tries to re-invent the past?

  1. The meeting is on a Sunday morning. I think that might rule out attendance by the vast majority of Christians. Also no invites received although the title of the event doesn’t give it a multicultural feel anyway. The last BMY event was advertised as multicultural event but I am unaware of any official invites being made to that either. Maybe its a generational thing! My daughter tells me what’s happening in her life via Facebook. As far as she is concerned I have been told!


  2. It really is so good to see that people are so very keen to enter public service.. but really the doors to the Town Hall should be firmly locked until this mob rule is sorted out, and until people are thoroughly re-educated into what ‘public service’ is supposed to be.

    It seems pretty apparent that little or no public service is currently emanating from the Town Hall, so it would be no loss to keep it closed – in the short term – and there would be a gain, because the heating would not need to be on if the place was shut.. and Councillors’ ‘perks’ would not need to be paid.

    What are the ‘voters of Rotherham’ doing about the shambles which seems to be usurping democracy?


  3. Wasn’t Muhbeen’s battle cry, ‘justice for the 1400’! If he and his friends told the authorities what they know, it would very likely, have a much greater effect on the obtaining of justice for some who still suffer?


    • British Muslim Youth organisation is no different to EDL?
      They are here for their personal gain to get funding to fill there pockets.
      Uncle Mahroof will get funding for his family.
      Queen Mubheen is puppet of his uncle. His father Sabir Hussain is in charge of Russell Street Mosque and alot of money has disappeared.
      Biggest con family in Rotherham.


  4. this is a naked attempt at image manipulation, I totally agree. Why can’t he shut up now and not milk this anymore, many decent people are still in shock after the Jay report whilst he is trying to build a politcal career from the misfortune of 1400, there is such things as over exposure


  5. Mini-Me (Muhbeen Hussain) has this to say:

    “I really don’t see myself standing elections but @rothpolitics keep trying to convince me. Thank you for all the support xoxoxo”



  6. With Lord Ahmed, Akhtar, Cllr Ali and Moofy as role models and mentors what do expect from muhbeen? Of course the organisation is very artfully and purposely thought and set up as a family affair using ISLAM to attract and fool donors and public!


  7. If you try and research anything regarding this ‘Muslim Youth group’ there is nothing. No news reporters or journalists have ever scratched the surface of this group. I would like to know;
    How many members does it have
    Who/how does it elect it’s leaders
    What is the groups manifesto (it seems by the name to be based around religion)
    Who is financing it

    It seems that from what Roth Pol has published it is no more than the Rotherham equivalent of the Tooting Popular Front with Mubheen in starring role as our very own Wolfy Smith!


  8. surely we can’t disagree that there does need to be representation from the british pakistani community on this horrific results of the alexis jay report but i do find it uncomfortable that it’s this chap who seems to be garnering such focus. have to say, i dont know him personally but come across him at his fathers takeaway and not found him to be entirely personable or generating any sort of warmth. to be fair, he’s a good speaker but i dont find myself pulling towards him. his organisation was launched in BRADFORD, not Rotherham (why??) also on the back of this cse issue, he seems to have had new guys piggy bagging off his success and trying to be more involved and the people who are doing this are really not people who have any real vision or desire to improve things – just to be in front of the tv and acclaim praise. not to do any real major work in the community. there needs to be a group from the british pakistani community created, with no links to politics, but people keen to help and work on the ground level without “prominent”, or people who’ve had support from other prominent people in getting themselves noticed off the ground.


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