Diary Dates – Council & Cabinet

Two meetings that should be of interest to readers, especially given they have turned the cameras off.

If the Labour Group continue to oppose the cameras, we should film it ourselves!

Next Council Meeting
Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 2.00 p.m.

Next Cabinet Meeting
Wednesday, 15th October, 2014 10.30 a.m.

If you know of a meeting or event in need of publicising? Drop us a line Rothpol.

Published previously: Openness, transparency – not in Rotherham Labour!

10 thoughts on “Diary Dates – Council & Cabinet

  1. Thanks Tom for this link to TSEC ( Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada) The Rotherham Police, Social Services and Council must ask other professionals such as the TSEC to judge whether this crime does constitute a crime against humanity. It ticks all the boxes to me as such.
    Please read TSEC@TomTSEC lik and judge for yourselves folks.


    • Linda, the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada appears to be just one man with an conspiracy obsession – particularly in regard to the Muslim Brotherhood. Google can only come up with 30 results for this organisation – all to similar sites and which is probably the number any random set of 4 words would generate for google.


      • Thank you… Will check this out RR. Internet a good resourse eh… The TSEC may or may not be a bona fide organization… We need to be discerning, which was a missing element in the Rotherham professional organisations for years.

        Incidently, James Cole was only ‘one ‘ man trying to draw peoples attention to what can accurately be described a massive crime against children. Not something we expect in a civilized society.. We need to be mindful that often it can be one brave lone voice that draws our attention to injustice . Just because everyone believes something doesn’t make it true; and just because a few believe it doesn’t make it false. I like the old saying ” one man and God is the majority”
        I can hear a few sniggers at that quote from the other side of the world… Time will tell.


  2. @RR Just done a preliminary look at one web sight TSEC and nothing spooks me yet. Just viewed one person stating the obvious. Can’t see why he should be called obsessional conspiritist. I wonder if I am viewing the same sight as you. I will keep looking. As I say , some things have a ring of truth and some things don’t. Council meetings at Rotherham for instance don’t.

    I think it dangerous to simply label people negative names ( ie Conspiritist, )so they will be dismissed by the masses as irrelevant to the discussion. There needs to be detailed argument as to why someone can be called an obsessional conspirator theorist. I don’t think that applies to the gentleman I just viewed on the youtube TSEC sight. We need to be careful with our labels eh. I include myself in that one…..Thanks for the dialogue RR


    • Linda,
      – please use google to look for “crimes against humanity”, look at what crimes have been prosecuted (wikipedia has a list).
      – ask yourself who could be brought to such a court from Rotherham, when so few have so far appeared in any court in UK.
      – and then maybe google for Gukurahundi – what Mugabe did then has never been prosecuted.(I was in Matebeleland in ’83, maybe that’s why I use it as an example – and there are others on my personal list.).
      James Cole – I’ve been wondering why such an explosive story has not been picked up by the Mainstream Media (MSM). I checked for any followups when I got up this morning, found nothing ‘cept this, read it all the way through:
      – notice how one person queries it’s validity, and then how a acceptance of it on another forum (Rothpol I would think) is used to confirm it’s validity.
      So I ask again, why has it not been picked up by the MSM? even as it stands, it’s ideal material for the so called Redtops.?


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