More Duplicity on Sunday

A reader spotted this and wanted others to see it too:

This consists of an apparently unwarranted attack upon Emma Hoddinott, by one of Mahroof Hussain’s most loyal foot soldiers.

Known a ‘Saggy’ to his mates, Zahir Monir is a Labour party member, with aspirations to be a Labour Councillor one day.

Inquiries indicate, that Zahir does not do things without ‘guidance’ from his controllers. This one may back fire badly on Moofy, oh dear!

18 thoughts on “More Duplicity on Sunday

  1. Let’s not forget that United Multicultural Centre used to call itself All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA). Until the real APWA threatened legal action and forced them to stop using their name. Hence the name change to UMCC.



    • I have no idea what PGOC is. CC Officer – Community Cohesion, perhaps?

      Rather interesting that he is also down as an Independent Advisor to South Yorkshire Police Authority / PCC from 2006 – Present. I wonder how exactly he advised SYP and the PCC. Did he know about the grooming of children in Rotherham, from members of his own community?

      Or Doncaster for that matter, considering he also lists one of his roles as Youth Support for Doncaster Integrated Family Support Service from 2002 -present.

      Regardless of what he may or may not have known it would seem he’s destined for greatness, he was selected for the Labour Party candidates program last year. So it won’t be long before he’s named as Labour candidate for a ward in Rotherham. I would guess Shaukats seat, but we’ll see.

      Food for thought.


      • Not manufacturers of catering clothing. They provide catering to anybody stupid enough to place an order. Hygiene is not their strong point.

        Mostly though, Pumposh Enterprises is basically a sweat shop which used to be located in the back of United Multicultural Centre. The first thing you’d see when you walked through the door was Pakistani women working sewing machines. Bear in mind that UMCC is a registered charity. Pumposh is a commercial enterprise.

        I believe they moved to their own building across the road eventually.


      • Check out the accounts of UMC on charities commision website which is tax payer funded charity and note £000’s (thousands) worth of transactions from UMC to Pumpoosh Enterprises LTD which both happen to be controlled by Parveen Qureshi with clear conflict of interest and creative accounting.
        Some of the Trustees and Directors are ‘Yes’ people who in some cases are semi-literate women who cannot read English with no clue to what documents they are signing to and agreeing to on behalf of P Qureshi.

        Time for Inspector Knacker to be called in to investigate and expose this fraud on Rotherham tax payers.

        Parveen Qureshi has received funding between £200000 to £500000 annually in the last 6 years. In one year she got a new car according to the accounts. The account state no one is paid more than £60000 at UMC.

        How can Parveen Qureshi justify paying herself such a large salary without any Job Evaluation from a charitable organisation that is funded by the rax payer?

        Is Parveen Qureshi the main beneficiary of the charitable works of UMC to the community?

        There is a lot more to expose and tell.!


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