Guardian – Andrew Norfolk interview

Sent this link by a friend.

This is a very interesting article in the Guardian, not to be missed:

AN Guardian 29_09_2014

2 thoughts on “Guardian – Andrew Norfolk interview

  1. Without the investigative journalism of Andrew Norfolk, Labour controlled RMBC would have continued to cover up the child abuse carried out by gangs of men of Pakistani heritage.

    Akhtar would have retained his seat and would have been well on the way to becoming leader.

    The Jay report would never have been commissioned and children would have continued to be transported across the country using Taxis to meet their abusers.

    Well done Andrew Norflok!

    Rotherham Labour need to be held to account at the elections in 2015.


  2. Nor must the brave whistleblower who gave the files to the Times, and whom Rosa Klebb wanted to have hunted down and liquidated, be neglected when the praise is handed out.

    Rotherham is obviously no exception and clearly this vile nexus – the imported politics of Pakistan, corrupt Labour politicians, councils, apparatchiks and media is one that is repeated across the Midlands and North

    Which is why Sarah “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” Champion MP has said that UKIP is a major threat to Liebour across these regions.

    I would have given much for the whistleblower’s chances of survival if the files had been given to the Rotherham Advertiser


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