9 thoughts on “Hold the Front Page – Advertiser response

    • I’ve just looked in the 29th August edition, the headline of which is “Exactly who knew what? And why has not a single person been disciplined”. There are 16 pages devoted solely to sport and 17 to news. Of those 17 the majority of articles are inter dispersed with advertising. There is also a 35 page supplement which is predominantly full of TV listing and advertising.


  1. The Rotherham Advertiser is more interested in reporting ‘human interest’ stories and the details of suicides (which is an appalling thing to do – unnecessary intrusion into personal grief) than they are in digging into real stories of corruption.

    How can they have missed what was going on? Was it just political correctness, or not wanting to rock the boat, too close to certain people, or are the journalists of lazy sods?


    • Maybe some level of “political correctness” was presnet in some council appointees, but other motives drove the action the councillors and ex-councillors, police etc. The Tizer is , well is is independent, underfunded, and given that much of its income comes from advertising… well weekly newspapers really struggle to exist in a world of 24 hour day news, other than has free-sheets . Private Eye can come out bi-weekly with a limited web presence, but for many of us it is an essential buy.
      (Because of my personal interests I’d love to have a subscription to this: http://www.africa-confidential.com/news – but at £712 pa (plus VAT at 20%), it’s way beyond my means – for journos covering Africa it is essential reading.


  2. It would seem that cowardice seems to be the order of the day for the Advertiser, I wrote a letter last week giving them plenty of time to publish. In it I named my local councillors, Dinnington, who had been involved in meetings; including the 2005 seminar; I provided the evidence to support my claims. What happened nothing, it would appear that they are frightened to upset RMBC.
    Dave Smith


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