13 thoughts on “Mahroof Hussain – Wikipedia shame, now complete!

    • No! You are wrong, Anonymouse.
      Many of his accomplishments in life are noteworthy – in the context of our town – they just don’t meet the rightly high standards that wikipedia demands. Just compare what he has achieved against what say Dominic Beck – another RMBC Cabinet membe,r has ever done with his life.He has hardly got to standing on two feet yet, without assistance.


      • You may as well argue that Hitler’s accomplishmens were noteworthy – as were Stalin’s, in the context of their time.
        A little more humility, a little less pomposity would be good, dear RR. Those of us who, occasionally, disagree with your views, are not necessarily wrong.


  1. For us that aren’t aware of his many accomplishments, would you care to list a few. You are not referring to him managing to be awarded an MBE for a being on the Council as cabinet member for Community Cohesion for a few years are you?
    We all know how arduous that must have been what with all the gruelling trips abroad that councillors have to endure! Just look how cohesive this town is today thanks to his efforts!


  2. How did ‘Moofy’ manage to receive an MBE after just 5years in
    Local government it beggars belief when others have spent a lifetime in voluntary work without recognition while he did a job which paid a reasonable renumeration


    • Parveen Qureshi and Moofy’s both paid, cohersed, prompted and even badgered those that could get them a recognition.

      Please if you are one of those that knows this to be true I dare you to come forward.
      Even if it was a whisper here or there to get it kicked started.

      Nazir Ahmed did the same and now has become untouchable but his own ignorance has run him down and in the eyes of the honest people of Rotherham and wider have seen his true side.

      What goes around comes around.


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