Saggy & Sajid – Some pictures as requested

A collection of pictures sent in over the last 24 hours, grateful to you all.

Saggy, his ‘best friend’ Sajid Bostan and Sarah Champion, who may well be regretting this photo opportunity.



6 thoughts on “Saggy & Sajid – Some pictures as requested

  1. Does anyone in the Labour party look into the backgrounds of the individuals asking for a photo-opportunity with their local MP?

    If I was a member of this MP`s staff I would be asking lots of questions about any individual knocking on the office door with a camera in hand.

    Someone should give this MP a lesson on who is who in Rotherham.

    Well one thing to be thankful for it’s not a photograph with a local Taxi firm.


  2. Having a criminal record, thuggery, mob mentality, falsifying credentials, backing up family and friends when SHTF, keeping it in the community, oppressing freedom of speech and many more really do get you recognised.
    I can’t think of any good deeds……..
    Nope still can’t think of any maybe they are financially backing the MP.


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