Some reading to catch up on

I am grateful to our reader, who didn’t want fellow readers to miss out on this important written statement from Eric Pickles:

Or this Wikipedia page:

3 thoughts on “Some reading to catch up on

  1. Louise Casey will hopefully have a broader remit than Prof Jay and ask the right questions.
    Jacqui Collins is in the frame this time surely?


    • and Colin, most importantly, Louise Casey won’t be relying on the good offices of RMBC,
      (remember the piece on here about someone mailing the “confidential” Post Box number, and receiving a response from an RMBC employee, whilst the “condential” email address was simply on an sub-domain of the RMBC site.
      I first came across Casey 12 or so years ago when she was with Shelter – she took no prisoners even then. I just can’t wait for her to get started.


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