2 thoughts on “HMIC National Child Protection Inspections – South Yorkshire Police

  1. I don’t think statutory inspection should be an issue of emergency laws or reaction. It should be statutory, regular and standard practice – simple as that.

    For example – I recall when care / social staff were ‘debating’ – well objecting – to senior managers at a voluntary agency about false and manipulated targets – the Senior managers said ‘look we may loose the contract do you really want Government Office in – you all have bills to pay and your own children to care for?” This caused outrage (I am being polite) but the reply from the front line was thankfully “YES PLEASE – tomorrow if possible.”

    The management then tried to bully the dissenters- but one girl – , who was usually very quite – said, “Look – we’ve got nothing to hide – what have you got to hide. What’s the problem with being open?” She was bullied after that – so I – has her named representative (although I worked elsewhere) put an official request for the Government Office to inspect and made a formal complain about the bullying . The sad thing was nothing happened and they never got a reply – even though more requests were made. Apparently we all were informed such front line staff (or reps) don’t have the power to request such inspections. Why I can never fathom.

    Now this ‘case’ wasn’t about CSE – but I know such similar concerns were raised re CSE in many quarters and also ignored. (And the same bullying took place as well) Within the Social Care field many senior managers, directors and Chief Execs have a lot to hide and a lot to gain from hiding it – and bully to do so, Such regular ‘field staff focused’ inspections would hopefully remove such bullying and the imposed barriers to effective and improved service provision many mangers impose; it would also improve transparency.

    In short – if any inspector wants to know what is the full picture give the front line and whistle blowers real legal and work based protection and ask them what goes on. ‘Inspections’ won’t get the truth from those at the top in management positions in Rotherham (all sectors) – they just try and hide things. It’s called self interest. And we have seen what the perpetuation of self interest led to in our Borough and elsewhere.

    SKT xxxx


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