Mahroof & Family – Taking advantage of us all?

It has taken until now to decide how to cover this story, as it  involves the ‘duping’ of our local Newspaper of record, the Rotherham Advertiser, by skillful manipulators determined to mislead us all. Rothpol does not blame anyone for this, least of all the Advertiser and it’s reporter.

The Advertiser, along with it’s readers, have been duped!

I refer to the story at the bottom of page 6 carrying over to page 7 and the main story on page 7.

Starting with the story entitled, ‘Plea to unite against grooming gangs’, readers will know that the ‘British Muslim Youth’, is pure and simply a con!

It’s only existence appears to be in the minds and imaginations of ‘Moofy Hussain’, Muhbeen and the family!

It’s purpose would seem to be to create an illusion of Muhbeen’s bone fides, to those foolish enough to believe them and provide a source, for the Advertiser of a story, some ‘rentaquotes’ and some photos to fill the columns.

The second aspect of the deception operation, concerns the ‘human interest’ story at the top of page 7.

My view of this changed, once I learned that the source of the major quotes, Yasmin Hussain, is none other than Mahroof Hussain’s sister! Hardly an unbiased ‘passer by’, but a deliberate ‘plant,’ spinning for all she was worth, the Mahroof/Muhbeen line!

In short, the people of Rotherham have been deceived by a group of arch manipulators simply putting on a show!

We have all fallen for one aspect or another of the sophistry that lies at Rotherham’s heart, and now, we mean to expose it!


8 thoughts on “Mahroof & Family – Taking advantage of us all?

  1. I am regular reader of advertiser but I am fed up of the newspaper giving so much coverage to the Hussains, do they have shares in Advertiser. If Advertiser keep this up they will lose loyal readers as this week for the first time I have not brought the paper that can be so easily be manipulated. Wake up please


  2. Does not matter if you are white, black or brown anyone promoting, encouraging or even considering supporting this group is out of their mind.
    I plead with you all please to read into RothPol posts and then make some enquiries before thinking of voting these councillors and any new candidates into office.
    Shame to fall into the same snake pit as before about Rotherham.


      • Mahroof is married to Sabirs sister.
        Queen Mubeen is Mahroofs nephew.
        Sajid Bostan is married to Ex Mahroof sister in law, who happens to be Sabirs sister.
        Sabirs other sister is married to owner of the biggest taxi firm in rotherham who Sajid works for.
        Sajid has fixed his Family apart from Police, council, bbc radio sheffield and The Advertiser.


  3. “Sabirs other sister is married to owner of the biggest taxi firm in rotherham who Sajid works for.”

    No, she is married to brother of owner of the biggest taxi firm in rotherham who Sajid works for.


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