Press Round-Up Wednesday 1 October 2014

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Another far-right group is to march through Rotherham – this time Britain First.
I know nothing about this blog, but it seems to know a bit about Britain First – I’d never heard of them,.

Richard Barnes joins UKIP
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Contrary to what the London Evening Standard says, this is not a defection to UKIP from the Tories.
He had lost his seat in the London Assembly in 2012, and was later deselected by the Tories. In 2014 tried to contest a Hillingdon council seat as an Independent rather unsuccessfully.
UKIP describes him as a Terrorism Expert – but I don’t think his role in the development of report on the 7/7 bombings can qualify him for that title.
But he made it onto Wikipedia, when his only memorable life event was having his twitter feed hacked.
I have a personal interest in following the on-going trains-boats-planes-and-cars crash of The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP’s Universal Credits – his brightest idea ever.
Today it’s head Howard Shiplee resigned, even tough his contract was not due for renewal until May 2015, but…


25 thoughts on “Press Round-Up Wednesday 1 October 2014

  1. Re the proposed March in Rotherham. Britain First is one of the extreme organisations MS Collins has re tweeted comments from in the past. It would help if she redressed this apparent ‘liking’ (I think that’s the term) of this organisation’s views and made full published and public statements saying they are not welcome, why they are not and that their hate inspired preaching’s and opportunism do not help the victims in any way. I know she reads and tweets RothPol regularly – so please take note Ms Collins and do the decent thing. The ordinary citizens of Rotherham deserves it.

    RE The Universal Credits. I have long believed Iain Duncan Smith is the most inept and least gifted of all our politicians. (I can be polite) In my opinion he is also one of the least honest and accountable Ministers / MP’s (Check his alleged CV lol – from the world of fantasy it is formed)

    His overall management of the whole benefit system has been a shambles from the onset. And it’s not just the IT system (which he constantly blames) that is at fault. Introduced from top down, without a real plan, consultancy and criticism has been discouraged, ignored and hidden. It has no direction. Furthermore his (for it is his) whole ethos has been based on potential short term political gain, cover up and soundbite rather than what is really needed. Hence the total and utter failure of his crazy schemes and dreams.

    I speak to benefit staff nationwide at all levels – they all loudly warned IDS’s model was unworkable, that it took no account of the real (not theoretical) operational and systematic considerations, the time scale was mad, the investment in the necessary resources woeful, the staffing levels pathetic and the management system and support needed totally ill thought out. They all pointed out the oh so obvious fault lines, the complexities, and actual solutions, but were ignored or told to shut up. It was either IDS’s way or be damned. Instead of heeding these warnings (from the people at all levels that work in the sector) IDS simply directed that the pace (without alteration) of the project should be rushed even more no matter the consequences. Politics, career and its self protection were his only considerations. Such is the nature of his out of depth and inadequate style of self interested management. The failure is all down to him. Nothing more nothing less. Although he will not, and hasn’t got, the humility to admit it.

    The problem is that IDS sees claimants – whether in work or not – disabled or able – as a problem – not a human issues to be addressed or people to help. He sees them as statistics and simply a social experimentation (we all know where that go us in Rotherham) rather than looking at what is actually needed. Yes it may make sense to many to overview and change a system so it works better for all – claimants and staff – but what doesn’t make sense is how IDS seems to believe that his his ‘little baby’ is the answer. He should step back – say I go it wrong – we need to examine it again – in full public view – and start anew. Either that or step down. Though again I doubt if he has the humility to do so.

    The number of ‘heads’ that have resigned or moved on so quickly is a scandal in itself. This level of ‘slippage and turnover’ is the kind you usually seen in failing football teams not a public service . No long term plan exist, no real road map is present, and as for consistency and performance, in footballing terms the UC model is heading for multiple relegation and this is all down to his ill thought out and poorly implemented ‘pet project’ and (lack of?) management style. . “Sack IDS, sack IDS , sack IDS, should be the chant.

    Too to many decent law abiding people who happen to claim benefits have suffered unnecessarily because of his arrogance. Too many will continue to do so if he is allowed to ‘carry on regardless’ unquestioned. Like his chummy chum chum Lord FR(E)AUD with the Bedroom Tax – IDS just hasn’t got a clue. And the biggest scandal is – they haven’t got the honesty to admit it.

    Message to both – look. listen and learn – it’s the system that’s falling apart – not by chance – it’s your ineptitude that’s making it crumble at the core. Rip it up and start again. (I think that’s a pop song by the way)

    SKT xxxx


    • SKT, Field Marshal IDS Phd, MSc, BA and bar is in the opinion of a contact of mine who works for him in Westmister, “Just not very bright”.
      Yes, the staff in the Job Centres etc are very demoralised. Maybe because of my background I always look at any organisation in terms of its computer systems, if the work then the staff can do worthwhile work. But the systems the DWP front line people are woefully out of date – costly to maintain – and make the day to day job of th front line staff near impossible.

      Today many organisations are nothing more than computer systems with us humans sitting on the end of them. Think what banks have become. Any idea of how many people work for Mastercard or Visa – it is very few – but lots of computers, working 24 hours a day.
      The book to read, and well worth reading is “The blunders of our Governments” – Antony King and Ivor Crew. – copies are going for £7.31 on Amazon – sold by the Book Depository – who are my favorite UK on-line boookseller. if you buy it from their own site ( ) – then they get all the income. I’ve was giving out copies as christmas presents last year. It puts everything in context.


    • Sally, I enjoy your blogs on this sight. I have read the mission statement of Britain First ( available to anyone who wants to read it)
      When travelling through Britain when on holiday from New Zealand and chatting to folk on buses, trains and pubs etc , I find that ordinary folk say the same things that Britain First are saying. The masses of British people are worried and don’t know how to fix it… Politicians no longer know how to fix it… It’s too big…The trouble is that all people and political groups are open to corruption. It’s the history of the human race. As I have said before if I don’t pull out a weed at its root it will take over my garden and what was once beautiful is now a mess that will take some hard work and ruthless means of getting it back to something beautiful again.
      It is not helpful when bloggers like ‘anonymous’ disqualify a group because they had the cheek to pass bibles to Moslems. Presumably it would be OK to peddle Labours literature wanted or not… People like him scare me… His own biased underskirts are showing the dangerous philosophy that Britain’s salvation is in the hands Labour. Had that been the case Rotherham would not be inundated with other fired up political groups marching through the streets and ‘ compromising the income of the town shops.’
      Simply put; when Rotherham cannot take care of it’s people because of political corruption then some radical group will attempt to do it for them…It’s just the way it is and always has been. All we can do is learn to deal with stuff before the horse has bolted.


      • Linda, I just don’t think you have any comprehension of just how far to the right Britain First is, closer to Golden Dawn than Front National (in the European context) – I know nothing of NZ political parties. Tell me, how many days have you spent travelling around the UK by bus and, train, and in pubs in say the last 4 years. I’ve performed at least one of those activities daily in that time, and I can only recall one conversation – on a train from Sheffield to Doncaster – where anyone talking to me expressed even a UKIP view – when a “foreign mother and son” sat opposite us – he frowned and said something like “they’re everywhere now!”. He clearly didn’t speak any French – they were in fact French tourists.
        Bty, your final paragraph is perhaps far too simplistic to be begin with the words “Simply put”,


      • RR, You are quite right, I do not have any idea how far right the Britain First party are or if they are dangerous to stable humanitarian society… I was not recommending them as a solution; far from it… What I am trying to say ‘simply’ is this. Labour Council , Social services and Police in Rotherham abdicated their responsibility and ‘accountability’ thus far and this eventually results in fired up people or fringe political parties doing exactly what they are doing because of it. It’s cause and effect…My complaint re ‘annonymous’ comment that Britain First is a politically far right group and giving bibles to Moslem community is not enough to condemn them. If the media account that they poured beer outside a mosque and barged in a Moslem place of worship uninvited , then that is what condemns them in my view. We may be on the same page RR in concern that replacing one hopeless group with another will not solve the deep problems that trouble Rotherham.

        My holidays in Britain do not give me a full picture of Britain today I agree, but people are very keen to talk to tourists who use to live there in happier and safer days. My days living in Rotherham are still some of the happiest days of my life and it grieves me to see what has become of it. My parents were able to let me dance at the Odd Fellows Hall when I was 15 and 16 years old… Don’t think I would let my granddaughters do the same in what has become Rotherham today.


      • Linda,
        with your final point I totally agree. I was born in 1942, in a small Lancashire cotton town. Having not been there, exept for short visits since I was in my late teens, I was horrified when was reported on as the centre of the recent Rothdale CSE cases. Heck at 16 I had an weekend evening job in the coat room of the Rochdale Carlton:


  2. Britain First, a particularly nasty right wing group, with origins in the bigoted politics of Northern Ireland, this is the group that passed out Bibles at Mosques, they have a down on all Muslims.


    • I own a buisness in Rotherham and this is impacting on me financially as lot of my Muslim customers dont come in to town centre when Far Rights mob are here. People are being stopped from making a decent living by groups who have nothing to do with Rotherham


      • Try explaing that to the young kids ant their families that have been raped,tortured,abused and killed by muslim packistani peodofiles around Rotherham,I’m sure they will have a lot of sympathy for you because you are losing a bit of custom,look what they have lost,you are so SELF CENTRED


    • Everyone and every political party/group have a right to freedom of speech,it may be wrong it may be right,and by the way are you saying certain Muslims don’t have a Down on Christains,we are being sleepwalked into everything we do,say,eat,wear,etc its offensive to certain muslim groups,look how many time’s white british people have been called racist for speaking out against certain muslim groups,but when its the other way around a Blind Eye is turned as we have seen in Rotherham for the last 15 years.


      • “Everyone and every political party/group have a right to freedom of speech,”
        It doubt if you know this, but what you are referring to is Article 10 – the right to freedom of expression – of The European Convention on Human Rights, in UK law it is enacted within Human Rights Act 1998. See here:
        Note the sentence that begins : ” The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society …,”.
        “Freedom of speech” is not what you thought it was – is it? .


  3. yes and you wont get any joy form shaukat ali ,he’s gone very quite on the subject of pakistani grooming gangs its common when problems occur shaukit goes off to pakistani for a few months .


  4. Sit in your comfortable armchairs and whinge about the worlds wrongs if you like. At least some people are actually doing something. Some people are actually saying the things that YOU dare not say.

    Perpetrators need to be confronted face to face and YOU will NEVER confront them. Some people will enter the dragons den and YOU will remain in the safety of your pathetic local chamber or become a pathetic keyboard warrior.

    If Britain First don’t make a stand then who will? YOU?

    Not the EDL, BNP, NF.


  5. I may actually go down and see how Britain first conduct themselves on Saturday. I find it difficult to understand how they are far right, I have seen their video from the last march and they behaved impeccably. They have massive support on facebook, I think there were 2.3 million talking about them.. We have had 10 convictions following abuse of 1400 girls in Rotherham, some of these girls were abused by more than 100 guys. When are we going to see arrest of those who committed the crimes and those in the council and police who protected them from prosecution. Apologists should be ashamed, but then again many belong to the “Common purpose” ideology.


  6. Having looked at the Britain First site, a number of sites charting the background to this fascist group and the profiles of their key people, they do look like a very nasty right wing bunch.

    I recognise that Godwin`s Law will be trotted out after my next statement, they do remind me of the Nazi party with Hitler at the helm!


    • You may be quite right in your concern anonymous but the point I am trying to make in this matter is that by the ignoring and abdicating of responsibility of council, police, and social services they have indirectly invited fringe groups to Rotherham. Unless this is acknowledged and dealt with locally, then history will repeat itself in Rotherham,,,


  7. LW you make a sound point.

    The very reason the far right are marching into Rotherham is because of the lack of action by the police, the Labour controlled council, inept senior managers within RMBC and out of touch MPs who all allowed the abuse to take place.

    The highly organized gangs of men of Pakistani heritage who carried out the abuse had free reign within the town and possibly still do, even today.

    Compare and contrast the robust action from the police reported in the Sheffield Star on how they are addressing the rise in hate crimes within the town, the local police commander is taking a zero tolerance approach to the matter, has increased visible police patrols and individuals have been charged

    So how many men of Pakistani heritage have been charged with child abuse, how many spot checks have been made on taxi drivers, are takeaways being monitored?

    Factor in the role played by key members of the Pakistani community, the taxi drivers and so called community leaders and you have all the ingredients for the far right to flourish.


  8. Anonymouse, how could you! …I kidda feel that they’d love being compared with the SS, that’s why the reference I used was Greek Golden Dawn or maybe Mussolini’s mob – who were after all the main reason why Hitler lost the war – they were on his side not ours.
    Watch :
    Read :
    rather than this:


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