The now notorious seminar of 5th April 2005

Some evidence never before seen by readers. Thanks to our spotter who for the moment wishes to remain anonymous:

Towns Shame


25 thoughts on “The now notorious seminar of 5th April 2005

  1. But it does tell us St.John attended the meeting, a fact he denied at APC last week.
    It also confirms Atkin’s attendance.
    “No one can say they did’nt know” (Prof.Jay)


    • Sorry Colin, I was there and in the interest of being fair all round, ISJ didn’t deny he attended the meeting, he said it was a matter for a Borough meeting and not a parish Council meeting. Rightly or wrongly, he didn’t answer that question but he definitely didn’t deny being at the meeting.

      I for one would be very interested in finding out EXACTLY what was discussed at this seminar to see how many people were actually told the full extent (if they were indeed told everything) or was it another (in my experience of RMBC) of selective information being given and the truth being covered up from those that matter. Don’t forget that in the world of RMBC everything is fluffy and honky dory and things never go wrong (not).

      The Badger


    • Peter not everyone reads the Advertiser or can even get it. This particular document, at least confirms the attendance list (disputed by Ian StJohn and maybe others with bad memories) and is therefore important.
      Focusing on one issue, highlighted in the Jay Report, to the exclusion of others, is typical of the diversionary tactics used by Labour to deflect blame from the shoulders of the culpable!
      Please try and be patient with us mere mortals.


  2. It tells us Iain St.John was there. When asked about this at Anston Parish Council, Monday last St.John jumped to his feet and said it could not be discussed at the meeting -This is another Labour Councillor (The other being Jo Burton) who is refusing to answer questions on Child Sexual Exploitation. These two councillors knew about Child Sexual Exploitation – We want answers.


  3. Councillor St.John was asked at the last Anston Parish Council Meeting if he remembered attending a seminar in 2005 on Child Sexual Exploitation. He refused to answer and when asked by myself to say yes or no he replied that he would speak to me in private. I told him that I would speak to him publicly not privately. After the meeting was closed Cllr St.John approached me repeatedly insisting that I speak to him privately. I repeated NO not privately only publicly, resulting in Cllr St.John storming off and telling me I had had my chance.


  4. Is the meeting quoted by Colin Tawn and Christine Sadler the same one? If they are, my judgement is that CS has the more validity. CT please back up your comment or back down! Future comments from him will be treated with due caution.


  5. Hold hard there cowboy!
    You do not question my integrity on a public forum. You are not qualified to do so and I do not have to justify myself to you..
    I asked St.John AFTER he’d spoken to Christine Sadler. My question to him was simple ” Did you attend the 2005 seminar?” He replied “No” and hurried off.
    End of.
    Before you post any further criticisms I suggest you attend an APC meeting.


  6. Its all on Film, go to “Anston Parish Council Watch”, Watch the way, when asked if he attended the 2005 seminar, that he leapt to his feet. Rather odd, Councillors normally reply to questions sitting down. Some have said that this is his way of intimidating those who question him. Note also in the film that he also stands up and leans towards another Cllr (Cllr Jepson), when the Cllr is speaking, talking over him and thus using intimidating tactics.
    The questions to both Cllrs Burton and St John will not go away, so either answer the questions or OFF YOU GO


  7. I did Colin and you and Christine are right Sinjin did not want to discuss this in public, but then does he want to discuss anything in public other than to attack councillor Thornton or members of the public. Anston is in the same position as Dinnington time for the nest of vipers to be removed.
    Dave Smith


  8. Current Councillor J Dalton was offering training days to teachers to spot and recognise children who had been groomed/sexually exploited after Rotherham grooming gang was jailed a few years back. There was a website set up offering course for $120 per day by Dalton.

    The question I ask is what did Dalton know about the level of CSE that she set up training courses in detecting and preventing CSE?


  9. here is the details and price for training course:

    This one day course is for Teachers of Secondary and College students, Educational Support Workers, Voluntary Sector Project Workers, Social Workers, Youth Workers and other Professionals working with young people.

    On this course you will,

    Have awareness raised of
    •Child Sexual Exploitation
    •Grooming processes
    •Spotting the Signs
    •Internet and multimedia grooming
    •Safeguarding and the law

    Engage in Practical Activities for use with Young People
    •A session looking at a series of activities and resources to use in your work with your client group

    Course Fee £120 including lunch

    £95 if paid in advance

    A further £10 per person discount for organisations sending more than one participant.

    Email us to be kept informed of future dates and venues for these courses or to arrange to have a bespoke version of one of them delivered at your organisation;

    >>>Did Councillor Dalton speak to Professor Alex Jay about her courses to tackle and raise awareness of CSE?

    Will she disclose who in RMBC took the training?


    • Questions need to be asked to Councillor Dalton about how her role as the training business is based from her home address and her husband is involved in the business.

      one question I have is what expertise and experience do those doing the training have?

      how many professional including those employed by RMBC undertgo the training?

      How many elected councillors undergo the training?

      what did the Dalton’s knew about the level of CSE for them to prepare and offer such training?


    • I started to receive the email spam/flyers after the trial and conviction of the 5 men grooming gang in Rotherham. I believe this was in 2010. At that time I thought it odd that a gang has been convicted and jailed and then training is being offered to Professionals in Rotherham.

      With hindsight now were people aware of the levek of CSE at that time?


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