United Multi-Cultural Centre – Questions for Parveen Qureshi

Check out the accounts of UMC on charities commission website which is tax payer funded charity and note £000’s (thousands) worth of transactions from UMC to Pumpoosh Enterprises LTD which both happen to be controlled by Parveen Qureshi with clear conflict of interest and creative accounting.

Some of the Trustees and Directors are ‘Yes’ people who in some cases are semi-literate women who cannot read English with no clue to what documents they are signing to and agreeing to on behalf of P Qureshi.

Time for Inspector Knacker to be called in to investigate and expose this fraud on Rotherham tax payers.

Parveen Qureshi has received funding between £200000 to £500000 annually in the last 6 years. In one year she got a new car according to the accounts. The account state no one is paid more than £60000 at UMC.

How can Parveen Qureshi justify paying herself such a large salary without any Job Evaluation from a charitable organisation that is funded by the rax payer?

Is Parveen Qureshi the main beneficiary of the charitable works of UMC to the community?

There is a lot more to expose and tell.!

60 thoughts on “United Multi-Cultural Centre – Questions for Parveen Qureshi

  1. Everybody knows that Ms Qureshi has long been claiming that she (for example, teaches 100 women English but claims for 500) it’s how she bought her Merc bought the Corner shop on Carlisle Street as well as the empty property on the Spring Street. This is because of her special relationship with councillor shaukat.
    weird how you forget of these kind of criminals because they’ve being doing it for so long so it seems normal. You should see her lavish house too…


  2. Thousands transferred to Pumposh Industries and yet according to their accounts they have virtually no money and no assets to speak of. Wonder where it all went to?


    • The Charity Commission is the organisation that deals with such matters. But having read the post above my own feeling is that whoever wrote the post has little experience of reading, and more importantly understanding, Charity accounts.
      As but one example; it is a requirement for charities to state the number of employees earning more that £60,000, but it implies nothing about the salaries of anyone working for the charity when no employee is earning that figure. Then you might look at the total salaries paid line, which is also shown, along with the number of employees and pension contributions etc.


      • Why is it in other charitable organisation such as Yorkshire Trust it states in the accounts no one is earning more than £40000 instead of £60000?

        Mrs Qureshi employees her niece at UMC.


  3. If persons who are close to a Charity, are in receipt of Funds, then they become “connected persons”. If a person is deemed to be a “Connected person” then specific rules and regulations apply. In some cases the Charity Commission may well have to be informed before certain transactions/procedures are put in place. The only way to get this sorted, is to collect the evidence, write it down and make a formal complaint to the Commission. Its a simple process.


  4. I found this personal attack on Parveen Qureshi both unfair and inaccurate. The board of UMCC ( of which Mrs Q as an employee is not a member nor are any “semi illiterate women “) is the decision making body and has ultimate responsibilty including an annual independent audit of accounts . . For the benefit of the person who made the pathetic insinuation about her lavish house I am sure that her husband who until he retired was a consultant at RDH would have been capable of providing a family home


    • Perhaps some of the past trustees and directors of UMC should be interviewd in English by independent people and then one can assess if some were fit and capable to comprehend the duties and responsibilities of their positions and whether they could freely and independently discharge them according to law.


      • All UMCC Trustees are competent people and don’t need interpreters, dont make assumptions and insult women who may be of Pakistan heritage as -semi illiterate women’


    • It states in the accounts:

      “None of the trustees received any remuneration during the year and none of them were reimbursed expenses.”

      The Trustees were also the Directors of UMC and we assume none were paid anything in kind for their services according to the above statement in the accounts.

      So people in the community have it wrong about the employment status of some of the Trustees/Directors at UMC?
      Unless of course some of the trustees volunteered for 30 plus hours each week at UMC without any pay?


  5. UMCC has alwaya got funding on merit and Cllr Ali or any other councillors have not in anyway influence any funding going to this organisation. The accounts are audited independently. Before you print rubbish and slander someone who has made a significant contribution in empowering Rotherham women get your facts right


    • Can you explain why Independent Auditors did not challenge the transactions between UMC and Pumpoosh LTD?

      Why did the UMC Trustees write off £1347 owed to UMC by Pumpoosh LTD in 2010 accounts?

      Did the individuals as Trustees not have Fiduciary duties and responsibilities to comply with?


  6. Accounts printed here: http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Showcharity/RegisterOfCharities/CharityWithoutPartB.aspx?RegisteredCharityNumber=1099066&SubsidiaryNumber=0

    Check them out for yourself.

    It appears that the UMCC make regular payments to Pumposh. The accounts say “Pumposh Enterprises Limited is a company which is subject to common influence with Mrs P Qureshi occupying senior positions in each entity. ” But these payments don’t add up to the between £200000 and £500000 alleged above. I’m with RR on this one, someone has got their sums wrong.

    Pumposh Enterprises Ltd seem to have very little in the way of capital or assets, which is why I wondered where all the money had gone to. It seems there wasn’t any money in the first place.


  7. A few years ago there was issues about accounts of UMC. It was alleged one employee had left and taken the account books. Now looking at the fees paid to the auditors in the UMC accounts why is there a one off special fee paid to the auditors of £20000 in one year but other years it is £2500 – £3500. This can be checked on Charity Commision website.

    Now what extra service did the auditors provide to UMC to claim such a high fee which was paid by taxpayers funds?

    Thus is genuine and valid question which I ask as taxpayer.


    • Anonymous ?
      What year was the alleged theft of the account books? Is there an independent source for your allegation of this. (It would explain a lot!)
      I’d really like to get to the bottom of the allegations in the topic header – and in an objective way – so I welcome any well documented and well founded information. The original piece was clearly neither of these, and I hope that Rothpol will in either dissociate himself with the article or provide some information from another non-anonimouse source that “”stands it up”.
      The funds of charities are their own funds not “taxpayer funds”. Many are”restricted” in that they are proved for one specific usage and by law must not be used for any other purpose.
      The accounts show 2 columns – one for restricted funds , one for non-restricted funds.


      • It is alleged Mr Suleman who runs Yorkshire Trust pays himself £35000 per year.

        Has there been an evaluation of the charitable benefit delivered to the people and community by these charitable organisations which were set up to serve them?

        What has been the value added to the Rotherham people by these charitable organisation by the projects run by them?

        Time for people in the Rotherham community to stand up and speak out.


      • Yorkshire Trust Mr Suleman even ran trips that consisted of all family members.

        If you want proof them look at the post for Mobeens Hussain and his party for the group in launching the British Youth Forum.
        It is on RothPol.
        Every single one is a family member either on trips or the working parties or even the board or directors.
        I’m sure this truly set a good example in how to do things.


    • Diversity forum has Mr Abbasi on the payroll.
      Shoukat Ali and some guy named Khan that lives in clifton from what my sources tell me.
      These people are raking it in without doing the hard work.

      Somebody somewhere must know something.


  8. Tassibee.manager pays herself a huge salary and pension and on her board are illiterate women, she has no employees except herself. look at the accounts. How does she justify her huge salary


    • Someone needs to get their facts right, have you actually spoken to anyone at Tassibee, as Im sure there are employees other than the Manager. Tassibee is there to support ALL women and families, and they do some good work.

      None of the trustees are illiterate, so where did that come from?

      The accounts are published in the Annual Report, easily obtained, have checked and they are all above board, audited, and filed with the commission and companies house.

      What has Tassibee got to do with Mrs Qureshi?

      Seems to be a bad case of Chinese whispers…….


      • The commenter was only expressing opinions. The size of a salary and the literacy question, are in the eye of the beholder.
        Rotherham Politics and readers are entitled to express opinions and ask questions. That’s the way to get at the full truth.
        Finally, do Tassibee have a web site you didn’t say? Please supply a link?
        One note of caution, readers may wish to know that a computer linked to Tassibee was used by Anonymad. Strange that?


      • The asian community don’t need groups to console them because they are the minority in Rotherham.
        They need education and extra schooling for adults and children to make a real difference.
        These groups including Tassibee are playing on the need to to do this and that.
        They need to show what they are doing to educate and enlighten the community of Rotherham.
        I have been told that they run youth groups of girls and Asians only.
        Is this true?


      • Was Tassibee founder Khalida Luqman was a former associate of Parveen Qureshi who split from and then went on her own to set up Tassibee?


  9. @Anonymous
    “what about tasibee and the manager paying herself a huge salary and pension, how is that justified? by her illeterate trustees”

    Can you provide any details or evidence of ‘a huge salary’ and ‘illeterate (sic) trustees’
    No responsible person diverts funds from a charity (irrespective of its aims) but there are several allegations of inappropriate/unethical behaviour by Parveen Qureshi in this thread none of which so far is backed by any evidence. I am not an apologist for Qureshi and like most people I do not automatically suspect another person of wrongdoing because of her/his ethnicity.
    Let’s have some hard facts and evidence about the financial controls at UMC and Ms.Qureshi’s involvement in any (alleged) misdeeds. Then we can judge (Objectively) and comment


    • Facts have been quoted, and it is the facts from the Charity Commission and Companies House information, that lead to the asking obvious questions of Mrs Qureshi. Mostly concerning her simultaneous leadership of the UMC and her ownership of Pumposh Enterprises Ltd and the potential for conflict of interest? Perhaps she might like to explain? I am sure I can find space for her response.


      • She needs to explain why UMC has written off £1300 owed to UMC by Pumpoosh Ltd according to accounts on Charities Commision.
        Why did the Trustees and Directors allow this if they are exercing their responsibilities and duties properly and according to law?

        Did Mrs Qureshi not think it proper to settle this debt herself?

        Further why was £20000 paid according to accounts to former auditors of UMC in 2009 yet £3000 was- paid to have the accounts audited in that year.

        What exactly was this payment for when there was a separate payment for auditing the accounts in the same year.

        Some of the Trustees / Directors were employees of UMC/Pumpoosh LTD yet accounts state none of the Trustees/Directors has received renumeration?

        How can this be right? Is the statement implying none of them received payments for being Trustees/ Directors but were being paid as employees?

        If so how can the Trustees exercise their duties and responsibilities independently and avoid conflict of interest?


    • Utter nonsense.
      Some of the people raising concerns about their conduct as well as getting shafted by them happen to be brown also.

      In regard to couxillors why the wall of silence by likes of Shaukat Ali and co after the publication of Jay Report into CSE.


    • All these asian set up orgaisation needs to be investigated due to corruption.
      This could be another cover up after CSE.
      I bet the organisation in power will not investigate due to, it could lead to racial tention.


      • Race has nothing to do with it. There needs to be monitoring of funds being applied for the purpose they have been allocated for.

        With some of these organisations some of the people overseeing the charities have conflict of interest and ordinary people do not have accessible avenues to complain and blow the whistle.

        Rothpol provides a forum to air and discuss the issues and concerns.


  10. The story in the community is £500,000 grant from the Lottery has been given to integrate the Roma community in Rotherham. It is alleged that Councillor Shaukat Ali is Project Managing this endeavor and is being paid for his time and labour.

    Recently some members of Roma community wearing visiblejackets were seen in Eastwood picking up litter (last week).


    • the big questions still remains , what has the half a million been used for ? and who has it ? has cllr ali been buying more properties in eastwood with it to “help” the roma to integrate ? .nobody in eastwood gets money for litter picking .


  11. Was showkat ali there litter picking with them,? putting his time and labour in to it
    How do you know its his organisation doing the this work and not another organisation


    • This should answer some of your questions:


      Distributing Body Big Lottery Fund
      Good Cause Health, Education, Environment and Charitable Expenditure
      Recipient Name Rotherham Diversity Forum

      Project Name This new project has been developed from a recently ended RC project and an Awards 4 All pilot project. It aims to engage YP from new migrant communities to integrate, socially adjust, feel safe and have the opportunity to be involved in Positive Citizens

      Grant Date 20/08/2013

      Grant Amount £497,706

      Local Authority Rotherham

      Region Yorkshire and Humberside

      UK Constituency Rotherham


    • Has there been a grant from lottery of £500000 for Roma community?

      Which organisation had received this Lottery grant in Rotherham?


    • Was there a lottery grant of about £ 500,000 to a charitable organisation recently?

      Which oranisation received this grant?

      Is Shukat Ali not the manager of this organisation?

      Hope you are not left in any doubt now.


  12. http://www.lottery.culture.gov.uk/GrantDetails.aspx?ID=RC%2f2%2f010301422&DBID=BL

    Distributing Body Big Lottery Fund
    Good Cause Health, Education, Environment and Charitable Expenditure
    Recipient Name Rotherham Diversity Forum
    Project Name This project will increase the capacity of Rotherham Diversity Forum to alleviate the effects of hate crime and increase inter-community cohesion. The project aims to provide an interlinked, integrated support service to those who have been victims of, or
    Grant Date 11/08/2009
    Grant Amount £324,741
    Local Authority Rotherham
    Region Yorkshire and Humberside
    UK Constituency Rotherham


  13. http://rmaari.rotherhamdiversityforum.co.uk/Aims%20&%20Objectives.html

    Picture of Shaukat Ali and states “Manager”

    From bio of Councillor Shaukat Ali


    “In 1998 I joined the former Rotherham Racial Equality Council as the co-ordinator for MAARI – the borough’s Multi-Agency Approach to Racist Incidents. This later became part of the Rotherham Diversity Forum, where I continue to help on a voluntary basis.”



    In latest accounts report it states Mr Shaukat Ali Project Manager


    • Shoukat Ali, Parveen Qureshi, Mr Abbassi and some on ebY the name of Khan from clifton.
      Some one who attends the centre regular has mentioned, not sure if this is correct.

      Would some one clarify.
      I’m not racist but all names mentioned asian and all involved in the council or the community leadership status at some point or the other during the exploitation of young people.
      I can’t believe that none of them knew nothing of what was going on.


      • The same people who work at diversity foram and MAARI used to work for Racial Equality Council.
        They work under different names.
        The guy from clifton is Parvaiz Khan. Shaukat Alis right hand man.


      • Thanks for that.
        Just like business that if things get out of hand and too many questions are asked then let’s change the business name or even better to avoid tax let’s move it into another name.

        Same people doing the same old things calling themselves leaders to rake in the money.
        This money would be better spent educating the roma people not helping them to claim benefits ( a programme I saw on television ).
        Now you mention it this guy Parvaiz Hussain has a lot to answer for did he know of any wrong doings while he was the right hand man to Councillor Shaukat Ali.
        And these are the people the rotherham community call leaders and put their trust in.
        At least local and national parties in government can be voted out and a democratic process can take place with these organisations no one knows what is going on behind closed doors.


  14. Akhtar and his families corrupt control of REMA and Unity Centre, together with the Unity Nursery and all associated companies and charities, a nice little earner? Make no mistake!
    As usual, my advice is ‘follow the money, there’s plenty of it sloshing around!


  15. from recent accounts report of Rotherham Diversity Forum about Project Manager Shaukat Ali’s work:


    ” SHAUKAT 08/03/2013 Magna Conference (Child Exploitation) 09:30 to 15:30
    RMAARI representation, share information with other agencies. ”

    Councillor Shaukat attended with other agencies.

    What was the outcome and information to be shared?


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