News and Shorts 11th Oct 2014

If readers see something, not yet posted? Be grateful if you would let us know, Rik.

From the Yorkshire Post:

Ukip’s election game-changer

EACH of Britain’s four main political parties are facing significant leadership quandaries this weekend following an extraordinary set of by-election results that will form the backdrop and context to next year’s general election.

From the Telegraph:

More woes for Miliband.

Now Ed Miliband has the ‘women problem’ as a PM

Twice as many people think David Cameron makes a good prime minister as would say the same of Ed Miliband, with the Labour leader lagging far behind in winning female support, poll shows

From the Star:

Five arrests since shock report into Rotherham sex abuse scandal

From the Staggers:

Labour’s Rottweiler, Michael Dugher making the best of it, is he right?

The by-elections show Labour can be confident of election victory

Our hard-fought victory in Heywood & Middleton stands in stark contrast to the Tories’ collapse in Clacton.

Tens of thousands mobilise against TTIP by Paddy McGuffin


1 thought on “News and Shorts 11th Oct 2014

  1. I’d like to know what Micheal Dugher has been drinking. In 2010 Jim Dobbin had a majority of almost 6000. In this by election that has been slashed to just over 600. On what planet can that be classed as a success? Meanwhile UKIP’s vote has gone from just over 1200 to over 11000, and that was with less people voting in this by election. Yes, labour held the seat, but only just. Hardly an endorsement for Labour if almost a third of their voters have abandoned them, is it?


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