Reflections from a witness to an outrage! The Photos

It has taken a while, but now I can now bring readers the Photographic evidence of the disgraceful and outrageous scenes outside a Labour Party meeting.

I am wishing to identify those involved from these pictures. They are of variable quality but certainly clear enough to make those present identifiable. Already have Sajid Bostan identified. The balding heavy set guy, in pale blue white shirt with back to the camera from pic 3, was just a passer by.

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I republish below, the original posting to remind readers.

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Reflections from a witness to an outrage!

Rothpol has received this from a witness to events outside the Town Hall last night. Clearly alarmed by what she saw she felt moved to write:

Outside the Town Hall: Bullying and intimidation

I was walking past the town hall last night, and saw the most bizarre and unpleasant goings on. Four big Pakistani men surrounded a lone white guy in his sixties, shouting at him and stopping him go on his way.

They were encircling him and taking it in turn to scream insults at him; racist bastard. Lying f****r and so on and screaming at him when he tried to say anything. I wanted to help but to be honest I was scared.

He was obviously wanting to get away, but they worked like a pack of dogs, blocking his progress & still screaming at him. At the corner of the Town Hall building there was always one of the bullies blocking his path. I realised he was trying to avoid pushing anyone out of his way, and justifying their hitting him and claiming self-defence. He confirmed later that this was what he thought.

Eventually a couple of others in a group coming out of the Town Hall went to help him and someone pulled out a phone camera and took pictures of what was happening.

The white bloke shouts at one of those blocking the way “smile you’re on camera” and pointed to the bystander taking photographs. All of the assailants looked at the camera, then at each other, and moved away as quickly as they could, disappearing around the corner and out of site.

The white guy was clearly shaken and one of his mates suggested they go to the nearest pub. The guy agreed saying he was concerned that if they saw him go to his car they may well vandalise it later.

Being a slight acquaintance of one them I followed them to try to find out what it was all about, and tried to earwig the conversation. I still can’t figure out exactly what went on, but it seems the incident was a spill over from an extremely nasty meeting of the Labour Party’s Boston Castle Ward. Some Pakistani men who hadn’t previously attended Ward meetings turned up, and after some chaos, they started to verbally abuse and threaten the guy I’d seen on the street (I now know his name but don’t want help anyone who might still be planning to have a go at him).

The guy got up to leave the meeting and was followed by the gang I later saw abusing and bullying him.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the politics here, but I got the impression that the bullies I saw are not nice people. Imagine my surprise when I found out they were Labour Party members abusing one of their own.

I know there were more who saw this and along with myself at least two offered to act as witnesses and presumably there are the photos taken by the bloke with the camera, plus potentially CCTV.

Heather Evans

32 thoughts on “Reflections from a witness to an outrage! The Photos

  1. Picture One, Left to right: Mohammed Rashid aka Bashir, Sajid Bostan head shown just, Arshad Ali and the man with the cream trousers is the brother of Rashid, name escapes me.


    • Sajid Bostan has criminal record and served time in prison and was given taxi badge.
      I have no faith in the licencing department they will ignore him like they have done before.
      Will labour party revoke these four thugs membership?
      Mahroof Hussain was the once who hand picked who would attend this planned meeting.


  2. Ah our ‘old friend’ Sajid Bostan! That’s the man who told me they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” In Sheffield too, by the looks of it?


  3. Now you have the photographic evidence that something had gone on, did the gentleman that receive this abuse not report the matter to the Labour Party?


    • OMG these people have cornered him?
      You can see clearly what there intention was to cause him serious damage, if the passerby didnt interfear these people could have done serious damage to the poor victim.
      What will they do play the race card and get away with this?


  4. must be a racist. rotherham labour party terminology for a racist is anybody who believes lawbreakers should be prosecuted whatever race or creed on said:

    ? labour party members, those old labour party members that strove to make Rotherham a better place to live and work in must be turning in their graves when they see what has become of their beloved party


  5. If they were screaming obscene abuse at him whilst obstructing from making his way along the pavement a criminal offence has been committed! If there is evidence to substantiate this then complaints should be made to the police, the licencing authorities and the Labour party! Hit them with a treble barrel shot!


  6. Depends upon how much you trust the Police…sadly no longer a taken…

    Should be a lot of shame faced LP members about who have tolerated this stuff..

    Woof Justice


    • If you make a complaint to the police and there are witnesses to back up your complaint, the police are duty bound to at least investigate the complaint and if they take no further action on the complaint then they have to give you their reason/s for failing to take the matter further. If you are not satisfied with the reason/s they have given, you can then make a complaint to the IPCC and such complaints are something the police do not like!


    • Mahroof’s thugs at work then! Mahroof is just one part of a three headed criminal enterprise.
      Labour are dealing with Akhtar and Ali, why have they not dealt with Moofy?
      His own community want him gone and are rapidly losing faith in Labour to help remove this tyrant from their backs.
      Moofy is a charlatan, who along with his with his own enforcers from the Taxi trade are controlling a criminal gang with the sole purpose of acquiring power and in so doing, growing rich in the process.
      Remember the Taxi trade is as the heart of Rotherham’s criminal problems with prostitution and the drugs trade being just two aspects, facilitated by their co-conspirators on the Council.


  7. like to know who is behind the supply of drugs in eastwood, friday saw drugs raids in eastwood and doors chainsawed ,which pakistani bully boys are behind all this ?


  8. The culture of ‘impunity’ is coming to an end! Once Moofy and his mates are looked at carefully he will become a liability as he is simply the third part of the same criminal gang,


  9. ‘Picture One, Left to right: Mohammed Rashid aka Bashir, Sajid Bostan head shown just, Arshad Ali and the man with the cream trousers is the brother of Rashid, name escapes me.’

    Picturee one seconded.
    Mohammed Rashid aka Bashir his son was convicted for something I’m not sure what and some of his cousins.
    Related to Mr Suleman who ran the centre on Fitzwilliam Road that has been mentioned on RothPol for his dealings.
    Sajid Bostan criminal record runs the lenth of the arm and beyond and that is only what people know god knows what else they get up to.
    Arshid Ali worked with and has strong links with Mr Suleman in the centre an excellent example of a bearded guy that is supposed pray 5 times a day and be an good citizen of the community.
    The beard is all a front and point proven and then muslims as well as others on here say the imams had nothing to do with anything.
    I bet someone will come along and say we’re not all the same but should this guy equally not know better and now knowing what are the community going to do, let it be public then you imams and community leader will prove the rest of us wrong.
    All are supporters and right hand men to
    Mahroof Hussain
    Lord Nazir Ahmed
    Shoukat Ali
    Jhangir Akhtar
    Mrs Qureshi
    Mr Abbassi
    Parvaiz khan and many more I have been told.
    If I did something of a sort to an asian member of the community no matter what I would be labled as racist and would not get away with it, I would have been made an example of.
    How much more proof do the authorities need to take action.
    Like someone said before that crime these days pays otherwise these people would not get away with it.


  10. Labour should be banned from Rotherham, FULL STOP…..How much more…. Its not just Labour Asian supporters. All of them whatever colour are bad as each other….Labour is just bad, bad, bad


      • Democracy doesn’t come into it when crimes of this magnitude have been committed. The only sure way of stopping these Pakistani criminal councilors is for all those of voting age to get out and vote in May and for god and Rotherhas sake not to vote Labour. I would advise you Stookful to read Danny Lockwood’s brilliant book “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury” and see what is happening there and everywhere you get a Pakistani stronghold within the local council.


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