15 thoughts on “Labour’s PCC Candidate Literature

  1. At last a light in the dark nightmare that is Rotherham. Dr Allan Billings is the first sign of hope I have seen in this whole terrible situation. One thing is clear… Politics can’t fix it, the police couldn’t fix it, Social services couldn’t fix it but this man appears to be above the mindless allegiance to corrupt party politics .
    If I lived in Rotherham today , this is the man I would be looking to bring the process of justice and healing…..


    • To Linda Wheeler

      (SY) PCC posts are political posts, as all candidates are sponsored by their political party.
      Hence the Labour ‘brand’ and spin on Rev Billing’s manifesto.

      I am sure all candidates will do the same..

      Interestingly, as the Labour candidate he is going to be ‘the man with the mission’ to rectify the 15 years of CSE in Rotherham which took place under a Labour controlled council.

      See Professor Alexis Jay’s evidence today at the Select Committee today.


      • To Linda Wheeler. If I am right, Dr Alan Billings is the ex-deputy leader of Sheffield City Council from the Blunket era yet he states he is not a politician. This, I believe is the same old Labour; lies, lies and more lies!


    • Probably because the £5,000 deposit is beyond the reach of most would-be independent candidates. Then there’s the cost of campaign materials.


  2. Hopefully they will be scrapped in 2015?

    Alternative is that tesco or some corporation or corrupt individual could fund a candidate for own vested interests.

    Look at other side of the pond for proof


  3. I believe the Chief constable should be elected by the public, from a selection of suitable candidates and this PCC is a total waste of time. I am torn whether to vote, but at the same time we could send a strong message to Labour.


    • Yes I think the same rothervalley. I want a change from labour and I think it’s time another party was given a opportunity. Wich one is the big question ?


  4. They are all the same after themselves. Why do they defect to other parties, because of self interest not the people they are supposed to represent.


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