News and Shorts 14th Oct 2014

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From the Yorkshire Post:

‘Bullying’ to blame for Rotherham sex abuse crisis

What to do you do in Brussels when you’re an MEP that doesn’t believe in the European Parliament?



3 thoughts on “News and Shorts 14th Oct 2014

  1. From the Yorkshire Post: Lakin said: “The bullying culture did exist in the council. I have seen overzealous questioning of officers. I have seen where officers have been inappropriate to members.” So what did he do about it? Who did he report it to? Why did’nt he report these instances of ‘overzealous questioning’ to Jacqui Collins under the Code of Conduct?
    As for his assertion he alone was responsible for engaging the services of Prof.Jay; I refer you to the answer given in Arkle-v-Pressdram.
    Of course Lakin has to blame his (lack of) ineffective actions on ‘the cuts’. Why not? It is the lame excuse used by all financial numpty’s. Prof.Jay’s report provides a glimpse of this, detailing how, from the early 2000s, social services were collapsing under the impact of budget cuts and growing caseload numbers. In 2003, Rotherham social services faced “serious vacancy levels.” By 2008-2009, this had become “acute”—as high as 43 percent—with “more than one in every two team manager posts vacant”. Remind me again which party was in government from 1997-2010?

    Lakin does every resident of Rotherham a great disservice; dodging questions,being obstuctive and blame shifting are not the qualities of a good Council Leader, he should instead accept what went wrong, his part in what went wrong and show willingness to accept the flak and if necessary resign from the council and seek re-election. He would not-according to his testimony-have any problems being re-elected.


  2. Yorkshire Post report states: “Paul Lakin has admitted that bullying and inappropriate behaviour at the council was widespread.” Never said anything whilst it was going on though did he or any other councillor!
    Lakin also says’ “ I have seen overzealous questioning of officers. I have seen where officers have been inappropriate to members.” The words Akhtar and bullying are synonymous!
    “Unable to find copies of four years of minutes and notes from child care services and other committees.” They will have long since been shredded, but whilst it may have been a few years since. The committee members were overwhelmingly councillors and it’s difficult to believe they have all suffered from collective amnesia!


    • Malcontent agreed, I don’t know how it can be that 4 years worth of Minutes, and Notes .?can just be missing !
      And if I were in a position of government, I would investigate fully who had any involment of said Documents.

      Follow the paper trail !!!!


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