33 thoughts on “How Labour are dealing with the UKIP threat

  1. Rothpol you do need to have a health warning with some of your posts, I nearly died laughing at the thought of Healey and Flint being part of the team

    Healy and his role with the Rotherham CSE and Flint will only attend an event if she has her photograph in the paper, oh dear Labour does have a problem!


  2. The party is over for Labour, taken for granted the good will of the working class people for ages. Shown their true face when these voters needed them, fainted ignorance and blame others. Even though UKIP isn’t a real,alternative it’s better than the current crew.


    • No, no its not better, just pretending to be something different when they are just right wing Tory chancers with no policies. If you want genuine alternatives, consider the Greens.


  3. The trouble is the only way Burton could deal with UKIP in the ward council election was by lying, saying that UKIP would privatise the NHS. Funny because the Labour government created PFI and Charitable status, which has bankrupted the NHS and privatised through the back door. UKIP would always make the service free at point of contact, bring back free eye and teeth checks and look at providing services using private contractors if it improves the service and reduces the costs. Aren’t the Labour party going to charge you to see a doctor. “I just wish UKIP had attacked Jo Burton on the CSE scandal, she was 2nd in command to Shaun Wright. UKIP’s best defense would be to attack the Labour party. Play them at their own game.”


  4. Labour has to reconnect with the working classes. They have drifted completely away for their ethos. Too many Party Members, Councillors and MP’s making a career out tof politics with no experience of life or a ‘real job’ It is full of academics who would not recognise a working class home if it jumped out at them.


    • I agree with most of what you write, but… in reality the Labour party are today definitely not full of academics.
      (far to many Oxford PPE grads, but they’re not academics – just compare Ed Milliband’s wiki entry with that of his Dad’s and you’ll easily see the difference.)


    • How sweet of you Yffar:
      1. A 2009 Guardian piece reporting something that George Osborne said.
      2. A 2012 Comment piece in the Telegraph – written by a Tory MP
      3. A shock horror story from the Daily Fail, reporting what some Labour has-been had said.
      This is actually where he said it: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/mar/31/10-pounds-each-save-nhs
      – in a comment piece in the Guardian.
      A commentor on Walker there, noted:
      Lord Warner Health Minister from 2003 to 2007
      Lord Warner had specific responsibility for reform of the NHS – overseeing the introduction of more private sector involvement. Since he stepped down from that role he has taken on a directorship with UK HealthGateway and is chairman of the Government Sector Advisory Panel for Xansa plc – a leading provider of business outsource services to public bodies and holder of the £1bn NHS’s shared business service centre contract, providing accounting and finance services to the NHS. Lord Warner is also an advisor to Byotrol (a provider of micro biological health treatments), Apax Partners Worldwide (a private equity firm, with strong connections to the Government and which has invested heavily in health providers seeking contracts with the NHS), Deloitte (an accountancy and consultancy firm, with large incomes from government agencies) and DLA Piper (a legal firm, which, like Deloitte, specialises in advising on private contracting to the public sector). Lord Warner remains influential within the NHS as chair of the NHS London Provider Agency.
      I think you will find Wikipedia is somewhat more authoritative than anything in your quote-mining, but it was nice of you to try.


  5. Looks to me as if the so called guardians of the NHS the Labour party has snouts in the trough former ministers setting out a very lucrative life style ripping profit out of the NHS.

    Warner and his chums are the very reason why the Labour party has lost the support of its traditional grass roots.

    A very uncomfortable comment by RR, especially if you are a sub paying member of the Labour party who will be asked to go out and canvas support for this so out of touch party.


  6. As far as the NHS is concerned my grandfather fought like hell to build it he was a founder member of the Labour party in Sheffield and he and others like him would be utterly disgusted at the antics of these so called Labour politicians; both nationally and locally. They have all failed the working class by first of all like the Blairites wanting to deny class divisions, having us believe there is no such thing as class. But most importantly creating career politicians, even those who started life as working class, such as sir nutkin, soon forget their roots because of the financial gains they receive. This has a lot to do with why councillors in Rotherham stayed quiet over CSE, they were more concerned about losing their lucrative positions than they were about the rape and abuse of our children. It is about time that the people of this country woke up to the fact that tribal party politics do not work. Even lakin when speaking to the parliamentary committee admitted that a major factor in the failing of RMBC to deal with CSE was that Labour had too big a majority. It is now time for the electorate to wake up to the fact that party politics do not work and they looked more carefully at independent candidates.

    Dave Smith


    • ” This has a lot to do with why councillors in Rotherham stayed quiet over CSE, they were more concerned about losing their lucrative positions than they were about the rape and abuse of our children.”

      I couldn’t agree more. The crazy thing about that Dave is that, if they’d been straight about the grooming gangs from the start, and dealt with them accordingly, they’d be public heroes and there’d be no way they’d have lost as many seats as they have (and look likely to lose next may) to UKIP. Instead they’re running around like headless chickens, blaming everyone but themselves in their efforts to hang on to those lucrative positions.


  7. To casual observer its amazing that anyone with anything to do with the Labour Party would have the nerve to show their faces in Rotherham after what they’ve done.

    Whats even more amazing is that anyone would even consider voting for them.

    The Labour Party’s cover-up of child sexual abuse makes them an accessory to the crime and yet no one has been prosecuted.

    The core Labour Party infrastructure remains in place and all the while it does the victims are being treated with contempt. Despite all the years that have passed and all the inquiries that have taken place, these victims have received no justice.

    This is not the Labour Party of our fathers and grandfathers and we remain hopeful that those people in Rotherham with any conscience at all will put their traditional voting habits to one side and get rid of the sick people that have brought shame on your town.

    PS. I expect Labour’s rebuttal unit in the form of RR to respond with some excuses but there are none that I can see.


  8. RR was right to post the correction – obviously many on here only want us to read what they want to us to read and are very selective . RR isn’t – I suggest they read his post again.

    Mr Maltby Blogger – oh dear oh dear oh dear – so anyone who doesn’t criticize Labour 100% is a Tory or condescending. Although you are the expert in the latter. You may not realize it but you are.

    MB – You have been on here long enough to know RR is fair in his criticisms of all parties – and has kept us informed of so many developments on a variety of issues most miss. So someone doesn’t agree with you – well here’s a suggestion – add to the debate intelligently and offer counter evidence rather than you usual diatribe and insult. Must do better.

    Personally, I tire of posters that offer no solution and simply just rant. But hey that’s democracy – as is having your say. Something I think many don’t understand.

    If you want a site that simply bows to all UKIP say and do – go to the UKIP site. Otherwise accept some have differing opinions – and some of form our opinions without blinkers or hatred. Rotherham Politics is a good site that allows debate – and hint – hint – hint – real debate is based not only a counter view but evidence to back it up; read the latter and think about it.

    I criticized Labour on here: and UKIP, the Liberals – Respect and The Tories; I have also backed all the parties named on certain specific issues when I have seen fit However, its strange how the ranting bullies only come out to play if someone congratulates Labour on something or points out the failings of UKIP. (Although to be fair Respect are not far behind in that matter) Message to those who want to close the debates down

    1 – most actually active in UKIP may not like some of my (and others) points and questions but they answer and debate in an adult manner. For that I thank them, If they can do so why can’t you?
    2 -people like me who don’t slavishly follow UKIP or any party ain’t going away.
    3 – get used to the latter.
    4 – really get used to the latter

    SKT xxxx

    As for the claims many at the top of UKIP don’t want to privatize the NHS have a word with Paul Nutall.; it’s his little dream.


    • • UKIP want to introduce charges to use key NHS services, including your GP.

      “We will allow mutual providers, including GPs, to charge a flat fee”
      Jonathan Stanley, UKIP health spokesperson, June 2013, Public Sector News

      • UKIP want to increase NHS privatisation and would allow people to “opt out” altogether.

      “I would like to congratulate the coalition government for bringing a whiff of privatisation into the beleaguered National Health Service.”
      Paul Nuttall UKIP Deputy Leader, July 14, 2010 – http://www.paulnuttallmep.com/?p=712

      “We will improve patient choice by introducing ‘Health Credit Vouchers’, which will enable people to opt out of the NHS public healthcare system entirely if they so wish.
      UKIP Manifesto, April 2010, p. 7, http://www.ukip.org/media/pdf/UKIPmanifesto1304a.pdf

      It seems fairly clear to me.


      • Unfortunately Janet, neither of your two links now work. 2010 is so so last century to neUKIP.
        but try here for the 2010 UKIP Manifesto.

        Click to access UKIPManifesto2010.pdf

        ” Over time, UKIP will replace Hospital, Foundation, NHS Care and Ambulance Service Trusts with equivalent franchises
        • Encourage County Health Boards to put out to tender key NHS services ranging from Long Term Care to local hospitals and GP surgeries. This will be done by franchising key services
        – run on a fixed budget – to charitable associations, not-for-profit and profit-making private companies, partnerships and individuals. This will bring in private sector efficiency and innovation, while fixed assets, responsibility and direction remain firmly in public hands
        • Improve patient choice by introducing ‘Health Credit Vouchers’, which will enable people to opt out of the NHS public healthcare system entirely if they so wish. UK citizens will apply to their GP for vouchers that can be paid to the private health insurer of their choice”
        … and, as if my magic, here is the Nuttall blast from the past:


  9. Just noticed this one as well.

    Quote by Daniel Thomas “PS. I expect Labour’s rebuttal unit in the form of RR to respond with some excuses but there are none that I can see.”

    I treat that comment with the contempt it serves. If only you knew what RR and many on he have done to address and expose the CSE scandal. I suggest you apologize or do a little research.

    Keep up the good work RR – you have done more in a day to help expose the truth than most who shout on here could do in a lifetime.

    SKT xxxx


    • Thank you Sally, I appreciate that coming from you. I’m pretty lucky that never have had to endure the battles that you have had.
      ( I’ve only ever spent 3 months working inside Local Authorities – and that was only because Cipfa were picking up my invoices.
      Leeds City Council IT and Lambeth Housing).
      I rather relish having once been called the “rudest person on Rothpol”.


  10. RR,

    hey I take insults without informed debate as a compliment lol And I’ve had my fair share over the many years I’ve gone against the grain or shouting mob.Keep o being the fair you and ignore them.

    As for Mr Nutall’s closed down link I screen saved it the time. But it was very revealing – and not only what it said but how he closed it down.

    Ahh the Cambrian dissenter lol – I’ve seen that on other sites – and not all as good as Rothopl . The way some people get their ‘click’s never fails to suprise me.
    SKT xxxx


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