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  1. I opened the link, and read on until I got to: ” I believe the King and Queen should be elected every 4 years as the Lord Mayor of London.”
    Fact: the Lord Mayor of London is elected annually.
    I think the blog-author is intending to refer to the Mayor of London – currently played by Boris Johnson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayor_of_London.
    As it happens the Lord Mayor of London made it into the Fail on Sunday this week.


  2. Thatcher and her fellow travellers said the service sector would replace manufacturing! When it’s a mixed economy that we need, manufacturing as well as services. As with energy supply we need to obtain our energy from many sources. We should never put all our eggs in one basket as we did with the economy and as Germany and others have done on becoming dependent on unstable Russia to supply their energy needs.


    • Hi Mal,
      Do you know of a source of quality data on just where UK imports it energy from ?
      This is the best I can find – produced by the US Gov.
      I totally agree that we need a better mix in our economy, … yet one side effect of the move from manufacturing to services was that our national energy needs diminished significantly.


  3. The Blog author writes “have named this blog after the Strictly come dancing film about the guy who wanted to dance in a different way and was ridiculed. Like ballroom dancing politics needs to be brought into the 21st century.”
    “Strictly Come Dancing” appears to be a TV series.
    The film being described is probably “Strictly Ballroom”


  4. From Wikipedia:
    “Although the manufacturing sector’s share of both employment and the UK’s GDP has steadily fallen since the 1960s, data from the OECD shows that manufacturing output in terms of both production and value has steadily increased since 1945”.

    “However, manufacturing employment fell faster in the UK since 1998”.

    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and his fellow travellers took office in 1997.


  5. The usual pompous response from Regular Reader, who always seems so very pleased with him or herself.
    What exactly is wrong with “quote mining? The idea of a quote is to highlight pieces of information that support the point that the writer is making.

    And by the way, aren’t all opinions preconceived? Perhaps he or she meant prejudices.


  6. Sorry R/R, you’re right it was Brown and not Blair who invited Thatcher to number 10 for tea, but both of them were along with Mandelswine had bought into the Thatcher creed, as evidenced by Mandelswine’s comment that he was incredibly relaxed about people becoming filthy rich under New Labour! They were the architects of New Labour and the “third way” and whatever that was it certainly wasn’t Labour!


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