8 thoughts on “Dave Smith’s response to Jo Burton

  1. Child sexual exploitation is far too serious for people to be playing silly political games with it.

    Might I just ask under which legislative powers is Anston Parish Council considering and discussing this issue?

    To the best of my knowledge – which may be limited and incorrect – a Parish Council has no duties nor responsibilities relating to child protection, in the same way that it is has no duties nor responsibilities relating to foreign policy.

    Shouldn’t the Chairman just rule that any questions on this are out of order?

    Mr Smith’s comments seem akin to him complaining about a refusal of the local library to sell him the beefburger he’d asked for!


    • Very dubious morality there Robin, sorry Janet. I’m sure the 1400 kids who’ve suffered the most horrendous and life changing crimes will be more interested in bringing the Cllrs complicit in failing them to task rather than Parish council protocol……and let’s face it when have APC ever adhered to that. The chairman already rules out answering any questions which he deems “out of order”…..essentially any questions which highlight you are your chums incompetence.

      As an anstonian, I want answers on APC Cllrs knowledge on CSE and those complicit brought to task.

      Anybody with a modicum of decency and intelligent would be utterly disgusted by your comments, but those who know you of old won’t be suprised.


  2. Jo Burton is also a Borough Councillor. She was Vice Chair of the Young Persons Scrutiny Panel 2007-2008. That is why she is being asked about her knowledge of CSE.


  3. Oh dear Janet you seem to have got it wrong once again, the point is Jo Burton is a Borough councillor as well as a parish councillor for Anston ergo the people of Anston have the right to know what she knew about CSE and why she kept quiet. She represents them which also means she represent their children. If by bringing these councillors to tell the truth is playing silly political games you must have serious issues about what constitutes politics. You are doing exactly what the Labour council of Rotherham have been doing making excuses for the subject of child sexual exploitation being brought up they played the race card; you are playing it is nothing to do with us.
    I would imagine if you were the chair of Anston parish council the public would not get much of a chance to question the people who represent them, you probably would have stone walled them or would that be stonebridged them I cant quite remember now.
    Dave Smith


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