Ukip PCC By-Election Candidate

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Jack Clarkson, news of a meeting.

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44 thoughts on “Ukip PCC By-Election Candidate

    • I agree. I don’t want a candidate with an axe at all. From what I’ve heard, I rather suspect that a couple of the candidates are not to be trusted with one.


  1. “Insurance tycoon Arron Banks, 48, was arrested over given an official warning over his pursuit of 33-year-old Jo Featherby, who he first hired as an 18-year-old waitress. Mr Banks, who wants to stand as a Ukip candidate, was unveiled by Nigel Farage earlier this month as the party’s latest star recruit

    Police confirmed: ‘A 46-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of harassment on August 9, 2012. He was issued with a harassment notice and words of advice.’

    A Ukip spokeswoman said: ‘He’s done nothing illegal.’

    Read more:

    Perhaps Mr Clarkson could tell us whether he thinks ‘harassment’ – sufficient to require the issue of an official harassment notice – is illegal or not.


  2. What about the Labour candidate I’m a vicar not a politician. What he was a Sheffield Councillor and deputy leader to D avid Blunkit I am led to believe so that don’t count then of course not he’s Labour so what does a labour Deputy leader know about advising a police force no more than a low grade ex Barnsley Council officer and look at the position that as led South Yorkshire police in
    For my money I would sooner have the experience of a copper with the old police values of a community beat bobby who knows what’s what and can’t be hood winked by the Command Team
    The problems with South Yorkshire police lies with the ex and present command team and political correctness and fear of the race card


    • Unfortunately for you, your ‘old school copper’ was a member of the most proven corrupt police force in the country; a force where ‘community beat bobbies’ colluded in lies and cover -ups to avoid being held to account for their brutality and denial of civil liberties in Sth Yorkshire mining communities, a force where ‘community beat bobbies’ lied and colluded in the criminal negligence that resulted in 96 deaths of the Hillsborough disaster. And if he happened to be one who wasn’t directly involved in either (can he prove this?), you will never convince that he didn’t at least know about what was going on but kept his trap shut to protect his mates. Come off it, he achieved the rank of inspector so he’ll be well in with the ‘command team’.
      So its reasonable to suggest a member of a police force who makes a virtue of having worked here, might well know about what was going on on the streets of Rotherham with CSE. If he didn’t, well he cant have been a very good copper. And like all coppers, he will be well in with his old colleagues long after he left the force, especially as – as is the norm – he then used his skills and experience to work in the private security industry. Or is he like the councillors – he just ‘never knew’ ?
      No Mr Vines, you couldn’t have put up a less credible candidate.


    • Caven, I sure you would naturally prefer to have a member of your political party as PCC, – there was no need to mention money that hardly enters into it.


  3. Forensick X You say the fact that he’s an ex SY Police officer hardly fills one with confidence does it? The words Labour, Sky pilot and deputy leader to Blunkett mean that he will be a solid supporter of PC and Multiculturalism and that gives me a distinct feeling trepidation. It’s Labour’s adherence to those two discredited political tenets that have got this town into the mess it’s in!


  4. The words Hadfields (yes I am that old) Orgreave, Hillsborough, CSE and more come to mind whenever I see the the phrase ‘ex senior South Yorkshire Police Officer’. What are Mr Clarkson’s views on all of those in another question that needs answering. .

    I actually witnessed and reported on the first three and whistle blew on the latter. What did Mr Clarkson do; not a lot when I was living back in S6 – his old stamping ground in a coat of many convenient political colours.

    And Mal – its not a question of ‘takes a thief to catch a thief’ – it’s a question of ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes’ as we said in S6 – and Mr Clarkson is too clsoe to the guards to effectively sort them out – and has too much related baggage.

    SKT xxxx


  5. SKT: I agree with much of what you say and you appear to have far more knowledge of Mr Clarkson’s past than I have. My knowledge of him and his past his zero. As for your who guards the guardians quote, one question that the candidates should be asked at the debate the Star is organising is do you support the Home Affairs select committee’s call for a recall law for errant PCs?


  6. As usual ukip are being put down as if mr billings is squeaky clean no mention of when he was on sheffield city council as deputy leader i am sure everyone will have something to hide somewhere


  7. malcontent says:
    October 20, 2014 at 4:51 pm
    Where is your evidence that SYP are the most corrupt force in the country, and do you have any evidence that he personally was corrupt, or is it guilt by association!?
    I would have thought that the Met: was the most corrupt:

    Well I don’t recall the Met being responsible for 96 deaths which they have then spent decades lying about do you?
    And I don’t recall the Met organising a conspiracy of lies on the scale of Orgreave.
    That’s not even mentioning their utter dereliction of duty re CSE.
    Pretty corrupt if you ask me – but do tell me which police forces are worse?
    I’m not saying this Clarkson character is corrupt – but just like the Rotherham cllrs, he needs to be able to explain where he was, what he knew, what he did about it, etc etc etc.
    Or is he given a pass because he is a Ukipper?


  8. Forensic X: A lorry load of files relating to corruption in the met that were “deliberately shredded is by anybody’s reckoning a lot of corruption files! The cover up at Hillsbrough, the stealing from dead bodies and the claim for compensation for trauma by some police officers were all indefensible. But the gate that was opened whilst being a mistake or a misjudgement, was done with the best of intentions, to try stop the drunken scousers that had stayed in the pubs too long and were behaving like animals in their attempts to get in from being injured. As for the conspiracy of lies that followed Orgreave are you certain “all these officers” were from the SYP. Whilst I did not take part in the battle of Orgreave I was close at hand that day and many of the police officers I listened to were from forces other than SYP! You really have no evidence that SYP are the most corrupt force in the country do you! And just for the sake of clarity let me state, as I have done before, that I am not, and never have been, a member of any political party!


    • You appear to have swallowed a copy of The Sun and have it stuck permanently in your craw, to come out with this long discredited, and dishonest claptrap. Everything you say here is poisonously wrong. But hey, when did truth ever get in the way of prejudice.


      • It takes one to know one and whatever I am. I along with every one else who has read “your prejudiced drivel” knows you’re engaged on a smear job! The link I gave was from the Independent not the Sun and just what’s your paper that cornucopia of claptrap the Morning Star!


      • Mal,
        Your Indie quote referred to Operation Othona. That wasn’t the statement of yours that Forensic was referring to, as I am sure you well know.
        Btw, as someone who spent much of his life in London – I find it very hard to believe that any force could be as brutal and criminal as the Met.


  9. Mr Mr Clarkson joined South Yorkshire Police in 1976 and retired as an inspector at Deepcar in Sheffield in 2006. He held a senior temporary post in Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham during the 1984-5 miners strike. Both the location and time is very telling. After retirement from the police he also worked for Rotherham Victim Support. He was on duty as a serving police officer at both Orgreave during the miners strike, and at the Hillsborough disaster.

    Mr Clarkson has said “a great deal of change” is needed at South Yorkshire Police and that
    “Only UKIP can guarantee that political correctness will not get in the way of investigating crimes, and only UKIP can promise one law for all,”

    How does this statement sit with the following regarding changed statements and unreliable police evidence that occurred while he was a senior police officer?

    I would like to say to Mr Clarkson that it wasn’t political correctness at Hillsborough and Orgreave; it was an organised cover up to avoid the truth of the police force’s failings at senior level; an institutional attitude of denial that persisted with the issue of CSE in Rotherham. Did they not learn?

    I would also like to ask Mr Clarkson’s what his actual involvement at Wath during the Miners Strike was? What was his role in the alterations of statements at Hillsborough – indeed was his own altered? Can he fully and openly and truthfully account for what he did / did not do in two of the most outrageous misuses of police power in South Yorkshire and will he publish this information now?

    Furthermore I would like to ask him – will he support the call for a full inquiry in to the police’s role at Orgerave on the scale of Hillsborough? I suppose he will – since he claims he “can promise one law for all,”

    For me Mr Clarkson has too close a relationship with a discredited police force. We need new blood not the old guard; and by that I mean the ones who guarded the truth from the public for so long – and still do.


    PS: On a lighter note can he clarify his role in this and tell me happened?

    PPS: in my opinion it was a plane and everyone got over excited.


  10. No Mal I don’t think PCC’s should be recalled. I think they should be abolished full stop; why tinker with a role that is so open to abuse – whoever gets elected – when what is needed is the abolition.

    SKT xxxx


    • SKT: I would agree PCCs should be abolished, but whilst they are in existence- remember the Tories would keep them – and there is the possibility of the holder of the office failing the public we should be able to recall them. Just one niggle on your earlier post on Jack Clarkson you say, “How does this statement sit with the following regarding changed statements and unreliable police evidence that occurred while he was a senior police officer?” Surely an Inspector is a mid-ranking officer rather than a senior one.


  11. Sally
    I have known Jack Clarkson a no of years and as far as I know at the time you refer to
    He was a relative new police constable
    He was not involved in the miners strike or Hillsborough
    And as a newish police constable he would have not been involved in any cover up
    He was just a beat bobby who was committed
    Please don’t condemn because he is UKIP wait and see what he does if elected then condemn


      • RR you seem to think labour can do no wrong for a start lets have the rmbc councillors involved in the scandal suspended by the labour party and removed from the council you know as well as i do from reading the jay report we still have councillors who still deny all knowledge but knew what was going on what message does that send to the electorate not a very good one also you seem to like sarcasm from reading your posts i would have thought you would have all the answers


  12. All labour Councillors who was at the 2005 seminar or was part of the children’s scrutiny board suspended or put on the back bench
    Including the ring leader Stone are still labour Councillors still taking the money still allowed to vote for what the party tells them to vote for
    The Labour Party in Rotherham have investigated and done nothing
    And for the Leader To say on the radio he does not know what or who the party are investigating or why they have supposedly suspended members shows he is no leader just the party’s highly paid puppet what a joke you just could not make it up but panto is almost upon us
    As leader of UKIP in Rotherham if my party was investigating any of my members I would certainly be well involved in the investigation and the decision
    How can his position be tenable a leader with no power or respect now we know who is running Rotherham
    The back room boys from The Labour Group un elected bully boys and control freaks


  13. MR Turner was at the 2005 seminar – any disciplinary there? Who knows? But hey ho.

    As for the local PCC elections it was nice of Caven to defend Mr Clarkson, as party colleagues of all hues tend to do, but it doesn’t answer my points – which were actually aimed at clearing up some very important questions – not party politics. Neither does it explain the rather convenient Wath ‘Duty’ 84 – 85. Considering the location and the time scale it does indicate he was involved in some way and it is strange his duty only lasted the length the of the miners strike. Unless he was on cleaning duties or something – you never know. A coincidence? An unlucky coincidence? No coincidence? It still needs explaining.

    Personally I don’t care what party Mr Clarkson is in now, it is his role in the issue and periods stated earlier I would like HIM to explain. The reasons being SYP as a force have a lot to answer for and haven’t to date. And also I just don’t think a former police inspector who was serving during Hilllsborouh and the Miners Strike outrages and more is the person to clean up the police force. Too much baggage in my humble opinion.

    As for the actual voting procedure in the PCC I was thinking as I decided on who to vote for on the form I received today – with everyone having to make a 2nd choice whether the English Democrats (if it gets to that stage of course ) may have a boost. I would have preferred a straight choice. Or a box I could have ticked that said I don’t want a 2nd voting choice the others don’t appeal. Indeed considering the ‘transferable’ system’s operation – something I have never liked because you have to pick A,N.Other you don’t want to or not be able to vote – I think the selection could (in theory) be blurred). An independent would have made a 2nd choice simpler of course – but who apart from ‘party animals’ can afford to stand.

    All in all this election is a shambles and seems to be viewed more as a political bi election and a chance to make a political point by those involved rather than who should make the SYP answer to the population . (Policing isn’t about politics and never should be – but no one seems to get it) I’ve had 3 parties knock on my door (The English Democrats haven’t yet) and none of them spoke about the PCC or policing for that matter in much detail – they just related the party lines, mentioned their parties a lot and guffawed without listening. Something I found less than inspiring.

    Finally, re the PCC’s future – although I accept Mal’s point about what happens if the Tories gain power again – please please no – I just think the post should be abolished – which to be fair is a point I feel both the Labour and UKIP candidates agree on. Still we are suck with it all – and I just hope whoever wins remembers the post is NOT about politics or scoring political points – its about cleaning up the local police hierarchy and putting things right.



  14. Why are UKIP activist happy to have friendly poses with leading Britain First activists?
    Would it mean even more EDL and Britain First marches, intimidating locals and costing hundreds of thousands if UKIP win the PCC election?
    What have our UKIP councillors and PCC candidate got to say about this?


  15. Brian Todd: Yes about the same comment as Labour councillors have made about the CSE that went on for years whilst they turned a blind eye! Has Stone made any comment yet? He’s still drawing the expenses for being a councillor and doing and saying nowt! Why haven’t you got any thing to say about that scandalous state of affairs.


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